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内容摘要:好了Okay 快点 快点 快点Comeon,comeon,comeon,comeon 天呐 天呐Oh

 好了 Okay. 快点


 快点 Come on, come on, come on, come on. 天呐

 天呐 Oh, boy. Oh, boy. 快点


 再快点 Come on, let"s go. Let"s go, buddy. 快点



 来不及了 Come on, come on, we gotta move, we gotta move. 走你


 走你 Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! 不



 不 No, no, no, no, no! 接住了 Gotcha! 我讨厌蛇

 我讨厌蛇 I don"t like it! I don"t like it! 嘴巴


 尾巴 Beak! Wing! Tail! 肋骨 Ribs! 小丁丁 Giblets! 我飞起来了 I"m flying! 不对

 依旧飞不起来 Nope, still can"t fly. 简直无法置信 I cannot believe this. 吸气

 吸气 Breathe, breathe. 食物链底层 Bottom feeder. 小菜一碟 Up and over! 不


 别喊 No, no, no, no. 不要怕

 我只是个小丑 Look. It"s okay. I"m just a clown. 天呐 Oh, boy. 真是太...响亮了 That"s a loud... loud...

 你被我吓到了 You"re very scared of me. 这里

 过来这里 Here, come here. 不要


 那就算了 Nope. Okay. Nope. Never mind. 破壳日快乐 Uh, happy hatchday! 嗨

 伙计 Oh! Hi, pal. 迟到这么久你肯定对自己很失望吧 You must be so disappointed in yourself for being this late. 不


 不 Oh, no. No, no, no, no. 我没迟到

 你看表 I"m not late. Look at the time. 订单上写着中午之前送到 See, the order said before noon. 好吧

 现在你迟到了 Okay, now you"re late. -什么

 -你去哪儿了 - What? - Where have you been? 你这么问很好笑

 我 It"s funny you ask. You see, I was... 你错过了派对 You missed the party. -那是什么

 -这个吗 - What is that? - Oh, that. 我坐到这盒子上了 Um, yes, see, I fell on the box. 这松鼠 Oh, the squirrel? 这是免费的 That"s on us. 我竭尽全力拿稳盒子 You know, I tried to keep my body between the ground and the box, 但你懂的

 我觉得我都有点淤青了 but, you know, I think I got a little bruise. 屁♥股♥上有东西吗 See anything back there? 听到了吗

 亲爱的 Hear that, honey? 我们花钱请的小丑迟到了一小时 The clown we paid to be here

 坐到咱儿子的破壳日蛋糕上了 an hour ago fell on our son"s hatchday cake. 咱儿子的破壳日派对就这么被毁了 That"s why our son"s hatchday party is ruined! 下次你再搞砸

 别给我编故事 And the next time you mess up, don"t tell me a story, 承担责任就可以了 just take responsibility. 哥们

 这不是编的 Hey, man, it wasn"t a story. "我是个起晚的麻烦精 "I"m a screwup that woke up late 还坐到了你买♥♥的东西上" And fell on the thing you paid for!" 这不是编的

 我差点淹死 It wasn"t a story. I almost drowned. 我们这么解决吧 Why don"t we just settle this out -这蛋糕算到你头上

 -你 - and say the cake"s on you. - You. 抱歉

 算我头上 I"m sorry, it"s on me? 不然呢 Well, who else would it be on? 你知道吗

 我... Well, you know, I... 我不确定你会不会喜欢

 但既然你说起 I"m not sure you"re gonna like this, um, but since you asked. 与其像你说的算我头上 Rather than being on me, as you suggested, 还不如糊你身上 this cake is on you! 愤怒的小鸟 你不是想听故事吗 So, you wanna hear a story? 我一路疯跑

 一点都不夸张 I run my butt off, literally, mind you, 去取"无麸质蛋糕" to get the "Gluten-free cake." 麸质是什么鬼 What the heck is gluten? 真有麸质这玩意吗 I mean, does gluten even exist? 你是谁

 Who are you? 滚出去 Get outta here! 这么快

 可蛋糕可是在你身上 Already? But you"re the only one that"s had cake. 什么... What... 真是好吃 Oh, that"s good stuff. 有人想从老爸或老公身上搞点蛋糕吃吗 Anybody want to eat some cake off their dad or husband? 有了这货的脸谁还要盘子

 对吧 Who needs plates when you got this guy"s face, right? 等等

 我差点忘了 Oh, wait. I almost forgot. 走之前

 我应该做个简短的 You know, I"m supposed to do a quick customer satisfaction survey 客户满意度调查

 可以吗 before I split, okay? 所以一星到三星 So, on a scale of one to three stars, 我的表现你们给几星 what would you say about my performance? 还有别忘了

 这松鼠是 And don"t forget, the squirrel was... 免费的... ...free... -很抱歉

 -不要啊 - Sorry about this! - No! 我的错 My bad. 恭喜 Congratulations! 是个男孩 It"s a boy! 嘿

 大浓眉 Hey, Eyebrows. 大浓眉 Eyebrows! 大浓眉 Eyebrows! 失物招领 法官大人

 我们家一直 Your Honor, our family has always

 都采用自然破壳法 practiced natural childhatch. 世界地图

 鸟类法庭 孵化法的风险太高了 The risks of having a scrambled infant are too great. 他应该伴着音乐出生 There was going to be music, 鸟巢本来会铺满刚采摘的美丽鲜花 the nest was going to be full of beautiful, fresh-cut flowers. 他最先看到的本该是 And the first two faces he was going to see 他爸爸和他妈妈 were the loving faces 慈爱的脸庞 of his mother and his father. 那瞬间我们再也无法重来 We can never get that moment back. 女士

 我从没想做你宝宝看到的第一人 Ma"am, I never wanted my face to be the first face your baby saw. 我们在这说些什么呢 I mean, what are we talking about here? 他可能都不记得我了 He probably doesn"t even remember me. 爸爸 Daddy! 不



 别说话 No, no, no. No. Shh. Shut up. 别说话 Shut up. 冷静点 Cool it. 女士们先生们

 我是只有激♥情♥的鸟吗 Ladies and gentlemen, am I a passionate bird? 没错 Yes. 我的确做得不对 Guilty as can be. 那蛋糕很好吃 It was a quality cake. 我很努力地准时送到了 Look, I worked very hard to get it there on time 但他连尝都不要尝 and he wouldn"t even try it! 大红先生


 Mr. Red, we are a happy, happy bird community. 在无敌神鹰的保护下 Under the protection of Mighty Eagle, 我们工作



 相爱 we work, we play, we laugh, we love, 我们的生活没有矛盾和冲突 and we live our lives free from conflict and strife, sir. 很显然我们也爱自己的声音 We love the sound of our own voice, too, evidently. 你可能从没听过这个笑话 Perhaps you never heard the joke, "鸟儿们怎么不会飞" "Why don"t birds fly?" 我来告诉你为什么 I"m gonna tell you why. 因为这里就是天堂啊 Because where else would we ever wanna go? 我每次都被戳中笑点 It gets me every time, guys! 天啊

 好冷 Wow! Not a good joke. 那么现在

 我该如何处理你呢 So now, what am I to make of the likes of you? 看来你有个改不掉的毛病 There seems to be a recurring issue here. 愤怒 Anger. 我不觉得自己有易怒的问题 I don"t think I have an anger issue. 我觉得你才有易怒的问题 I think you got an anger issue. 愤怒是生长在 Anger is a weed 我们花♥园♥里的杂草 growing in our garden. 有杂草怎么办 And what do you do when you find a weed? 我不知道

 但我觉得你知道答案 I don"t know, but I bet you"re gonna tell me. 那就是把它拔掉 You pluck it out! 我滴神啊 Oh, my God. 大红先生


 Mr. Red, when you moved your house outside of our village, 是否注意到没人试图拦着你吗 did you notice that nobody tried to stop you? 路上的行人也许会对你微笑 Birds, they may smile at you on the street, 但这不代表他们喜欢你 but that doesn"t mean they like you. 你知道吗

 我有个问题问你 Hey, you know what? I got a question for you. 你有意识到 Are you aware that that 你穿的这件长袍没有骗到任何人吗 robe that you"re wearing isn"t fooling anybody? 大家只看到你在街上昂首阔步

 法官大人 We all see ya prancing along the street, Your Honor! 然而实际上

 我猜 And you"re, what, and I"m 你身高也就一英尺吧 just approximating here, like, an inch tall? 你

 你在干嘛 You... What are you doing? 看吧 Voila! 什么情况... What the... 爹地 Daddy! 大红先生

 鉴于罪行的严重性 Mr. Red, given the severity of the crimes, 我别无他选 I have no choice but to 只好实行法律允许的最高刑罚 impose the maximum penalty allowed by the law. 愤怒管理课 Anger management class. 杀了我吧 Pluck my life. 今天刚抓的新鲜蠕虫 Fresh worms caught today. 早起的鸟儿蠕虫店 大红先生

 你好 Hey, Red. How are ya? 我很糟糕 Oh, I"m horrible.


 大红先生 Oh, hi, Red. 很高兴看到你 It"s good to see you! -看到你我可不怎么高兴

 -快来买♥♥蠕虫 - I wish I could say the same. - Get your worms here! 举高高 Upsy-daisy! 谢谢 Thank you. 走吧 Let"s go. 你好


 开心吗 How are you, Susie? You good? 不要跑

 不要跑 No running. No running. 拜托 Come on. 午睡时间表进行得如何 Hey, how"s that nap schedule coming along? 天呐 Oh, boy. 你们有考虑过计划生育吗 You guys ever thought about bird control? 左脚



 右脚 Left, right, left, right. 走起来 There ya go. 好了

 哎呀 All right. Oop! 雪莉 Shirley. 你可以的

 姑娘 Girly, you got this. 我们不想你摔倒

 慢慢来 We don"t want you to fall, now. Take your time. 走吧

 就是这样 Here we go. That"s it. 你做到了 Oh, you"re doing it! 开什么玩笑 Seriously? 马上就过去了 I"m almost there.

 出♥售♥拥抱 第一个抱抱免费 不要 Nope. 特♥价♥接毛 美毛美发沙龙 鸽子式 Pigeon pose. 鹤禅式 Crane pose. 好了

 训练结束 Okay, we worked out. 谁想来杯冻酸奶 Who"s down for a froyo? 冻酸奶 Froyo. "无敌神鹰

 自♥由♥翱翔" "Mighty Mighty Eagle, soaring free." "我们家园和自♥由♥的守护者" "Defender of our homes and liberty!" 大红先生 Hi, Red. 里面有你的孩子吗 Is one of those yours? 什么 What? 对

 如果鸟会飞的话 Yeah, when birds fly. "无敌神鹰是个传奇" "Mighty Eagle is a legend." 开心

 微笑 欢迎愤怒的小鸟 你觉得很好笑吗 You think that"s funny? 这才好笑 This is funny! 来吧 Come on! 什么鬼 What? 别看了

 鲍比 Don"t look, Bobby. 愤怒会传染的 The anger might be contagious.

 快走 Let"s go! -他先挑起的


 别回头看 - He started it. - Move it, move it! Don"t look back! 好了 There you go. 看看这里 Oh, look at this. 这肯定很可怕 This is gonna be awful. 好吧

 我猜这是艺术品 Okay, I guess that"s art. 这是垃圾 That"s garbage. 这很异域风情 And that"s exotic. 不会愤怒的鸟 "不会愤怒的"什么 "Free rage" what? -你好


 -你好 - Hi there! Welcome... - Oh, hello. ...来到无限宽容小组 ...to the Infinity Acceptance group. -我是玛蒂尔达

 -好的 - I am Matilda. - Okay. 我十分开心将和你开启这段旅程 And I"m just super psyched to be taking this journey with you! 你会玩得很开心的 Ah! You"re gonna have a blast. 我真的很搞笑 I"m really fun. 大家都这么说我 Everybody says that about me. 大伙们 Hey, guys. 快跟大红问好 Say hello to Red, everyone. 你好 Hello! 你好

 大红 Hi, Red. 你们好

 这群我生命中的过客 Hello, birds I won"t get to know well. 显然有人没看到备忘录

 Hey, apparently somebody 我们一般准时开始上课 didn"t get the memo that we like to start on time 而你们大概迟到了两分钟 because you"re about two minutes late. 下不为例 Don"t let it happen again. 我叫查克 Hi, my name is Chuck. 很抱歉你刚来就让你难堪 I"m sorry we got off on the wrong foot. 我很喜欢你

 我确定 I like you a lot. I can tell. 好吧 Okay. 大红

 你想和我们分享下你的故事吗 Now, Red, would you like to share your story with us? 不是很想 No, not really. 法♥院♥提到在一个孩子的生日派对上 Well, the court mentioned something about a rage episode 出现了很狂暴的行为 at a child"s birthday party. 这课我要上多久 How long is this class, anyway? 只要你做到就结束了 As long as you make it. 真的吗

 好吧 Really? Oh, okay. 先生们

 很高兴见到并差点认识你们 Uh, gentlemen, very nice to see you, and to almost meet you. 也许不结识你们才是最好的结果 Probably the nicest part of it is not getting to meet you, 虽然这理由有些奇怪 you know, in some weird way. 那么

 我就准备 All right, so I"m gonna go ahead 转身经过哪些诡异的雕像

 然后... and scoot on back out past those creepy statues and, uh... 坐下吧你 Back you go. 好吧

 我坐下好了 Sure. No, I can take a seat. 说得更明白点

 So, in another sense, 你要在这里呆到我通知法♥院♥ you are here until I notify the court 你愤怒的毛病治好了 that your anger issues have been resolved. 不是吧 Oh, boy. 查克 Chuck! 来和大红说说你的故事 Share your story with Red. 我

 我才是最不该来这的人 Me? I am the last guy who should be here. 只是收到了超速罚单 Simple speeding ticket. 法官说我跑太快了 Judge tells me I was going too fast, 于是我说


 我的确超速了 so I say, "Your Honor, to be honest, I was. "我认罪" "You caught me." 我没有愤怒

 我是诚实 I"m not angry. I"m honest. 所以我该被训练不说实话才对 So, shouldn"t I be in honesty management class? 因为我们不要总说实话 "Cause we gotta manage my honesty. 我有个问题

 这和你上次说的故事不一样 My one problem, that"s a different story than you told last time. *那是警♥察♥的声音* *That"s the sound of da police* 停车 *那是怪兽的声音* *That"s the sound of the beast* *那是警♥察♥的声音* *That"s the sound of da police* 警♥察♥局 *那是怪兽的声音* *That"s the sound of the beast* *那是警♥察♥的声音* *That"s the sound of da police* *那是怪兽的声音* *That"s the sound of da beast* 比尔·比金斯警官


 朋友们 Drinks on me, guys! 全天欢乐时光 *那是警♥察♥的声音* *That"s the sound of da police* *那是怪兽的声音* *That"s the sound of the beast* 查克 Chuck? 好吧

 可能不是冰激凌 Okay, maybe it wasn"t ice cream. 好了



 知道了 All right, Chuck, thanks. We got it. 这位是特伦斯 And this is Terence. 叫特吓人更合适 More like terrifying. 你的档案里写了... Now, it says here, in your little filey... 特伦斯...好像遭遇了一场小意外 Terence, uh, seems to have had an incident. 爆爆两周前就来了 Now, Bomb started with us two weeks ago. 说说你的故事吧

 爆爆 Tell us your story, Bomb. 好的

 当我难过的时候 Okay. Well, sometimes when I get upset, 我...就会...爆♥炸♥ I, uh, have been known to, uh, blow up. 就像是...抓狂那样吗 So, like, uh... Like, what, like, you get mad, you mean? 不是 Well, no. 我真的会爆♥炸♥

 懂吗 I literally blow up, okay? 像炸♥弹♥那样 I explode like a bomb. 人如其名 Hence the name. 惊喜 Surprise! 惊喜 对不起了 Ah, excuse me.

 把派对搞砸了 Party foul. 炸给我们看 Do it! 不行 No can do. 我上课前才炸过一次 I just went boom-boom before class. 我完全不想来的 Hey, look, I don"t want to be here at all, 不过这也许能让课 but this can maybe make it 变得有趣一点

 请炸一下吧 a little more interesting to me, so please, explode. 你真能爆♥炸♥吗 You can"t do it, can you? 是的 Yes, I can, 但我今天背不舒服 but I"m having back issues today. 所以还是下次吧 So, I"m gonna have to take a rain check. 炸一下嘛 Oh, do it! 现在不是时候也不是地方

 小家伙 Not the time or place, little amigo. 他们都是疯子吧

 大家伙 These guys are all nuts, huh, big man? 我们是通过心电感应交流的

 还是... Are we speaking telepathically, or you"re just... 说得好 Good talk. 跟你聊天很愉快 Nice chatting with you. 今天我们要学习 Today we"re gonna be working 用运动来控制愤怒 on managing our anger through movement. 第一个姿势是舞者式 The first pose is the dancer pose. 动作很标准

 特伦斯 Great form, Terence. 鹰

 鹭 Eagle! Heron!


 战士 Peacock! Warrior! 山





 王鸽 Mountain! Tree! Rabbit! Fish! Locust! King pigeon! 当然还有

 趴下的鸭子式 And of course, downward duck. 抱歉

 无聊的嬉皮姐姐 Uh, excuse me, boring hippie lady. 爆爆好像要吐了 Looks like the explodey guy"s gonna puke. 你之前练过这个吗 And have you done this before? 练过

 但一般都不是免费的 Uh, yes, I have, but usually not for free. 我猜也是 Didn"t think so. -太棒了


 爆爆 - Awesome. - And how are we doing over here, Bomb? 非常好

 骨骼都得到了伸展 Doing wonderful. Stretching out the core. 记得调整呼吸 Just remember to breathe 让气息从体内运行到指尖 up through your feathers and from your talons. 平静 Namaste. 爆爆 Bomb? 棒呆了 Nice! 我也不知道是怎么回事 I don"t know what happened. 我正在做动作

 感觉很有禅意 I was doing the poses, I was feeling all Zen, 玛蒂尔达帮我纠正

 然后我就失控了 Matilda was digging it, then I lost my grip on it. 结果还是爆发了 Let it slip and it just squeaked out. 我们这是要去哪 Hey, so, where we going? 你说什么

 "我们" I"m sorry. "We"? 对啊

 我们 Yes, we.

 幸福博物馆的幸福展刚开幕 There"s a new happiness exhibit at the Museum of Happiness 我超想去看 that I"m dying to see. 是这样的 Uh, you know what? 我...我有点事 I... I mean, I got a... I got a thing. 有点事 A thing? 生病了吗 Like a disease? 是禽流感

 水痘 Is it bird flu? Chicken pox? 还是什么大罪恶 Cardinal sin? 不


 就是不想跟你 No, by "Thing," I mean, like, um, desire not to hang out. 出去玩 With you. 好吧

 这样也挺好 Oh, yeah, well... You know, may be for the best, you know, 因为...我也有事 because, uh, I got something, too. 我怎么忘了 Ha! How did I forget? 就算你答应了

 我可能也去不了 Even if you"d said yes, I probably couldn"t have gone. 我也很忙 I"m busy, too. 我有笔业务要谈 I have a, uh, business offer, 就是... uh, deal that is, uh... 别


 你不擅长说谎 No, Bomb, you"re not good at this, buddy. 有时候撒谎是好事

 但这时却显得悲凉 It"s... It"s charming up to a point, and now it"s just sad. 是一个我认识的人 It"s a guy I know. 他组织了一次新的奢侈的... And he"s opening up a brand-new luxury ...班级聚会 ...class reunion.

 好吧 Okay. 好


 好 Good. Good, good, good. 看来只剩下我们了 Well, looks like it"s just us. 想去吃点东西吗 Want to go get a bite? 可是你的班级聚会呢 Oh, but what about your "class reunion" 在那儿是不是每个人都有业务要谈 Where everybody brings a "Business offer"? 不




 我骗你的 Oh! No, no, no. Chuck, I was lying. 很抱歉我对你说谎了 I"m sorry if I fooled you. 不要就是不要 No means no. 亲爱的 My sweetheart. 干杯 Cheers. 过来啊 Get over here! 小混♥蛋♥ Peckerhead! 你好啊 What"s up? 天哪


 Oh! Oh, I felt a peck! 这是传奇人物

 无敌神鹰 This is the legendary Mighty Eagle, 我们的保护者和英雄 our protector and hero, 但是已经很多年没人见过他了 but no one has seen him for years. 无敌神鹰消失了 Mighty Eagle is missing. 无敌神鹰什么时候回来啊 When"s Mighty Eagle gonna come back? 大浓眉

 你♥爸♥妈难道没有告诉过你 Eyebrows, didn"t your arents ever tell you 无敌神鹰是虚构的吗 Mighty Eagle isn"t real?

 他不知道 He doesn"t know that. 他没有爸爸妈妈 He doesn"t have parents. 对哦

 连朋友都没有 Yeah. Or even friends. 找到了 Eureka! 和爸爸说再见 Say bye to Daddy. 拜拜 Bye-bye! -再见


 -再见 - Goodbye, hatchlings. - Bye! 祝你今天愉快 Have a happy day! 早上好 Good morning! 早上好

 法官大人 Morning, Your Honor. 给您 Here you go. 上帝保佑 Bless you. -太棒了


 爸爸给你们做晚饭 - Yes! - Bye! Daddy"s making dinner! "若我名叫鲍比

 你会否关心我兴趣" "If my name were Bobby, would you ask about my hobbies?" "若我名叫犹大

 你会否关心我心绪" "Or if my name were Judas, would you ask me what my mood is?" "我笑



 我恨" "I laugh, I cry, I love, I hate." "不止会爆♥炸♥" "I do so much more than detonate." 品味一下 Think about it. 这诗真美 That was beautiful. 我要被感动哭了 Oh, you"re gonna make me cry! 真是精妙的象征主义诗句 Yeah, that was some real clever symbolism. 大红

 我们来听听你的诗吧 Red, why don"t we hear your poem?

 我没有诗 I don"t have a poem. 为什么 Why not? 因为我没写 Because I didn"t write one. 好吧 Right. 能告诉我原因吗 And is there a reason? 我本想写来着 Well, you know, I was gonna do it, 但在我构思的时候我发现 but then I thought about it and I realized, "这完全就是在浪费时间" "Oh, this is a huge waste of my time." 所以我就没写了 So, I didn"t do it. 深呼吸

 深呼吸 Deep breath, deep breath. 深


 吸 Deep breath! 我又心平气和了 And we"re back in the now. 查克

 你一直在举手 Chuck! You"ve had your hand up the whole time. 我的诗是关于一起仇恨的罪行 My poem is about a hate crime. 哦不 Oh, no. 这世上变♥态♥真多啊 Lot of sickos out there. Lot of sickos. "用什么

 我用什么创造了你" "What, oh, what did I make you of? "我用爱" "I made you out of love" "但等等

 太迟了" "But wait, too late!" "现在我看见了你的命运" "Now I see your fate" "有个可怕的人用仇恨毁灭了你" "Some very troubled somebody destroyed you out of hate" "是什么让他如此轻蔑" "What could have made him so despise"


 你带有笑意的眼眸" "Your happy smile, your laughing eyes?" "你的灵魂如此纯洁

 你的心灵如此真诚" "Your soul was pure, your heart was true" "而有些人愤恨那一切" "And someone hated that" "到底是谁呢" "But who?" 是特伦斯 Terence. 是我活该 Yeah, I deserved that. 比利走了... Billy has passed... ...去了遥远的地方 ...to a higher plane of existence. 大家

 都过来吧 Everyone, join wings. 让我们向他告别 Let us all say our goodbyes. 让我过去

 我也要向他告别 Yeah, let me get in here. I gotta say goodbye. 好吧 Okay. 好吧

 我就在这里默哀好了 Okay. You know, I"ll just mourn from back here. 没关系 That"s fine. 如果有什么是比利一直讨厌的 You know, if there"s one thing Billy always hated, -那就是告别了

 -那里发生了了什么 - it was goodbyes. - Hey, what"s going on out there? 下课 Class dismissed. 真是感人 Very moving. 大家伙快来看啊 Come on, everybody! Let"s go! 你们这是要去哪 Hey, where"s everybody going? 快点

 有什么东西来了 Hurry! Something"s coming! 最后一个到沙滩的是笨蛋 Last one to the beach is a rotten egg!

 走吧 Let"s go! 我要过去啦


 借过 Coming through! Pardon me! Excuse me! 什么 What? 还罚 Again? 让我们奔向沙滩吧 Let"s get down to the beach! 最后一名是笨蛋 Last one there is a rotten eggy! 什么 What? 我不是故意抢镜的

 抱歉 Didn"t mean to photobomb you. Sorry about that. 那是什么东西 What is that thing? 看上去像个 UFO


  It looks like a UFO. An Unidentified Floating Object. 爹地 Daddy! 别说了


 我不是你爹地 Stop it. No, I"m not your daddy! 那是什么 What is that? -看看它的块头

 -它要去哪 - Look at the size of that thing! - Where"s it going? 我不知道

 但是不像要停下的样子 I don"t know, but it"s not stopping. 我的房♥子

 我的房♥子 My house, my house. 减速啊

 快停下 Slow down! Stop! 搞什么... What the... 我花了五年才建好那个房♥子 That house took me five years to build. 那还真是让人难过呢 Wow! It"s such a shame 自己造好的东西就这么被毁了 when you create something and someone just destroys it. 女士们先生们 Ladies and gentlemen,

 欢迎一位非常特殊的访客吧 we have a very special guest for you! -这是个绿色的航海机器

 -小心点啊 - He"s a green marine sailing machine. - Careful, now. 他很希望你们知道

 他没有恶意 And he"s keen to let you know he"s not mean! 掌声欢迎

 莱纳德 Put your wings together for Leonard! 非常感谢 Thank you so much. 然而先别鼓掌 Please hold your applause. 送上我们的世界对你们的问候 Greetings from my world! 猪的世界 The world of the pigs. 猪是什么 What"s a pig? 我就是只猪 I am a pig. 真不敢相信 Unbelievable. Unbelievable. 我们要去哪里 Oh! Where we going? 方向错了 Wrong way. 怎么没反应 Oopsie. Not working. 我们都练过无数次了 We practiced this 100 times. 给我 Give it to me. 我们再出场一次 We"re gonna come in again. 真是抱歉 I"m so sorry. 我叫莱纳德... My name is Leonard... ...但朋友们都叫我微笑先生 ...but my friends call me Chuckles. 你真是太客气了 Very generous! -谢谢...

 -我们没有恶意 - Thank... - We mean no harm.


 于是好奇 We saw your island across the sea, and we thought, "那些人在做什么" "Wonder what they"re up to." 但除了这里没有别的地方啊 But there"s no other place besides here. 有的 Yes, there is. -我们就从那里来

 -快停下 - And we are from there. - Please stop! 我们称它为猪猪岛 We call it Piggy Island. 额滴神啊 Oh, my God. 两个鼻孔的猪猪的岛 P-I-double-G-Y Island. 还有谁在那儿 Who else is out there? 我的大副罗斯

 和我四处远航 My first officer, Ross, and I have sailed everywhere. 他可是海上的勇士 One brave soul against the sea. -罗斯

 -打断一下 - And Ross. - Uh, excuse me. 你是来毁掉所有房♥子

 还是只是我的 Have you come to smash all of our houses or just mine? -别捣乱啊

 -有人要礼物篮吗 - Oh, man! - Somebody want a gift basket? 请不要害怕 Please, please, don"t be afraid. 我和我的同伴愿与你们为友 My partner and I request the honor of your friendship. 罗斯

 给他们看看我们的诚意 Ross, show "em how we do it. 别担心

 他很有分寸的 Don"t worry, he"s had all his shots. 我们现在是朋友了 We"re all friends now! 朋友们你们好 Hi, friends. 不爱拥抱啊 Oh, not a hugger. 欢迎来到小鸟岛 Welcome to Bird Island!


 猪猪们 Welcome to our new friends, the pigs. 我们来庆祝吧 Let us have a celebration! -握个手吧


 - Put "er there! - Welcome! -抱歉

 -蹄子握翅膀 - Whoo! Sorry. - And a hoof to a wing. 我们将用一场特别的表演欢迎猪猪们 We would like to honor the pigs with a special performance. 小心点

 抖动我的身体 Oh, watch out. Shakin" my bacon! 他们没有羽毛 They don"t have feathers? 就这么光着身子走 You know, they"re just walking around naked, 展示他们自己 just presenting themselves. 我真是全把它们看光了 I"m looking at all their business here. 我还挺喜欢他们这样的 That part about them I really admire. 现在让我们欢迎特殊来客

 猪猪们 Now we would like to welcome our special guests, the pigs! 好的 All right! 感谢你们的善良好客 Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. 我们的国王向你们致以最诚挚的问候 Our king sends his warmest regards. "国王" "King?" 你们向我们展示了 You have shared with us the wonders 这朴素小岛的特色 of your quaint, simple little island. 放下条幅

 罗斯 Drop the banner, Ross! 现在我们真诚献上 Now we would love to humbly share 一些我们自己的特色 some of the wonders of our world. 真诚

 见鬼吧 Yeah. Humble, my bird butt.

 注意你的用词 Language. 一百年后

 所有人都会问 A hundred years from now, everyone will ask, "猪和鸟的友情是怎么开始的" "How did the friendship between the pigs and the birds start?" 谁在乎啊 Who cares? 到时候他们会说今夜就是我们友谊的起点 Well, let them say we lit up the night! 我的天哪 Holy moly! 他们又毁了我们辛苦创造的东西 Look, they destroyed more of the stuff we worked hard to build. -还远远不止这些

 -不止这些 - But there"s more! - More? 重力是不是消失了 Has gravity gone haywire? 没

 比这还要好 No! Even better! 你们的朋友


 骄傲地送上 Your friends, the pigs, proudly give you 蹦床 the trampoline! -这是我的助手


 -大家好 - Those are my assistants, Oinky... - Hello. ...和火腿乔 ...and Jon Ham! 等等 Hold on a second. 我以为他们只有两个人 I thought there was only supposed to be two of these guys. 蹦床组合 Squad goals! 看那些上下翻腾的小猪 Look at those jiggly pigglies! 这还不算完 But that"s not all. 扔东西也会变得十分容易 Throwing things just got a whole lot easier. 有请弹弓出场 Say hello to the slingshot! -我看不到

 -这太疯狂了 - I can"t see. - This is crazy!


 -对 - Tired of carrying things from place to place? - Yeah! -是不是希望一步到位

 -没错 - Wish you could just get it there? - Yeah! -现在能实现了

 -怎么做 - Well, now you can! - How? 服务员

 帮我个忙 Waiters, do me a favor. -你现在可以下班了

 -谢谢 - Take the rest of the night off. - Thank you. 如果你下班了

 帮我修房♥子吧 If you got the night off, why don"t you fix my house! 对

 又是那个家伙 Yeah, it"s the same guy. 弹弓运东西只要简单的三步 Well, the slingshot does it all in three easy steps. 预备

 瞄准 Ready, aim. -发射

 -我接住了 - Fire! - I got it! 难以置信 Incredible! -新鲜送达



 我要水果 - Flown in fresh! - Me! Me! I want fruit! 兄弟

 这和你面前的水果是一样的 Guys, it"s the same fruit sitting on the plates in front of you. -小心那个菠萝

 -快帮帮我 - Watch out for that pineapple. - Somebody, please... 现在

 还有最后一件礼物 And now for our last gift to you. 闭嘴快去修我家房♥子 Shut up and fix my house! 我们不认识他 We don"t know him. 有哪位观众想当志愿者吗 I"m going to ask for a volunteer from the audience. 选我 Pick me! 我该选谁呢 Who should I pick? -谁




 猪先生 - Who, who, who? - Pick me, Mr. Pig! 那个大浓眉的红小伙子怎么样 How about the red guy with the enormous eyebrows?

 我 Me? -对



 不 - Yeah! - Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. 没错

 就是你 Yes, you, sir. 快上来 Come on up here. 你今天太幸运了 It"s your lucky day! 你确定你不选 Are you sure you don"t want to choose 其他成百的举着翅膀的鸟吗 one of the hundreds of birds that had their wings up? -让他上来


 大红 - Get him up here! - Come on, Red! 找点乐子吧 Have some fun! 上


 上 Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! 他害羞了 He"s shy. 听见了吗 You hear that? 他们在给你加油 They"re cheering for you. 你们在跟我开玩笑吧 You gotta be kidding me. 红毛大浓眉 Red guy with the eyebrows! 早知道我要参与这场秀 I would"ve sat closer had I known 我就坐近一点儿了 that I was gonna be part of the show. 好吧

 我上来了 Okay, now what? 来

 给他鼓鼓掌 Come on, give him a hand. 这边

 过来 Right this way. Come on. 放轻松

 勇敢点 Relax. Be brave. -准备好了吗



 我准备好了 - Ready! - Who, me? Yeah, no, I"m ready.


 -瞄准什么 - Aim! - Aim at what? -大家一起喊

 -发射 - Everybody on this one. - Fire! 谁说鸟不会飞 Who says birds don"t fly? 这很不正常 This seems really unnatural! 我希望他没事 I hope he"s okay. 别担心

 我没事 Don"t worry! I"m fine! 感谢送我回家 Thanks for the lift! 早点送我回来多好 I wish they would have done that 10 minutes ago. 你肯定想搜搜他们的船吧 You know you want to search their boat. 啥


 我不想 What? No, I don"t. 你说对了

 我想 Yeah, you"re right, I do. 爆爆马上就到 Bomb"s on his way. 来

 走吧 Come on. Let"s go. 炸♥药♥ 记住

 保持安静 And remember, keep it quiet. 不错 Oh, yeah. -真是艘好船

 -小点儿声 - This is an impressive ship! - No. Inside voice. 小点儿声

 拜托 Inside voice. Come on. 抱歉 Sorry. 猪猪健身 Piggy fitness. 五十度绿


 无线电 好奇怪啊 Very strange. 这是些什么人啊 Who are these weirdos?


 我们在打探情报 What are you doing? We"re trying to sneak around. 可没把这地方租下来 We didn"t rent this place out. -你能把这地方租下来

 -拿来 - You can rent this place? - Give me that! 伙计们 You guys! 不 No. 看起来下面还有不少东西 Looks like there"s some more stuff down here. 我们是在躲着呢 We were hiding. 我说"嘿"

 你们说"哈" When I say, "Hey!" You say, "Ho!" -嘿

 -哈 - Hey! - Ho! -嘿

 -哈 - Hey! - Ho! 还有更多的猪 There"s more of them! 嘿 Hey! 哈 Ho... Oh! 没错

 我回来了 That"s right, I"m back. 大家在派对上玩得好吗 Enjoying the party, everyone? 你们在享受的时候 Because while you were living it up, 我溜上了他们的船 I snuck onto their boat. -什么

 -他说什么 - What? - What did he say? 看看我都找到了什么 And look at what I found. 他们人比我们想象的要多 There"s more of them than we thought! 这很神秘


 对吧 Which is, um, mysterious and weird, am I right? 你好吗 How ya doin"?

 记不记得他说船上只有两只猪 Remember, he said there were only two pigs on board, 很明显他在说谎 but he was obviously lying. 他们船上还有奇怪的设备 and there are strange devices on their boat! 所以

 很明显 So, clearly, there"s, you know, 这里面有什么坏名堂 some messed-up stuff going on here. 有多坏

 我不知道 How messed up? I don"t know. 是什么名堂

 我也不知道 What specifically? I don"t know that, either. 有问题吗 Any questions? 亲爱的 Sweet! 你溜上了他们的船 You snuck onto their boat? 你知道的

 我不需要奖赏 You know, I don"t need a reward. 如果你们在思考 If you guys are trying to think 给我颁什么奖

 我不需要 of what honor to bestow upon me, don"t need it. -逊


 他们逊 - Boo! - Yeah, boo "em! 逊 Boo! -你们觉得他们逊还是我逊

 -你 - You"re booing them or me? - You! 是我 It"s me. 也许我能解释 Perhaps I can explain. 你们看

 我表兄们都很单纯 You see, my cousins are simple folk. 看 Watch. A


 C... A, b, c... 不懂


 不懂 Nothing. See? Nothing.

 在确定新世界是安全的之前 I didn"t want to risk their lives until I found out that the... 我不想给他们带来危险 the new world was safe. 我们本来打算给你们表演牛仔秀的 We were gonna put on a cowboy show for you. 来吧

 兄弟们 Let "er go, boys! 这是猪猪拉丁语 That was Pig Latin. 但也许我们不小心做了坏事 But perhaps it wasn"t meant to be. 我相信鸟与猪本应该是朋友 I believe that birds and pigs are meant to be friends. 如果我们做了不该做的事 But if we crossed boundaries that were not meant to be crossed... 大红先生

 你不仅让你自己蒙羞 Mr. Red, you"ve shamed not only yourself, 还搭上了我们整个族群 but our entire community! 我想

 你弄错了 I think you... you messed up there. 你说"蒙羞"其实想说"拯救" 吧 You said "shamed" and you meant "saved," right? 我判你去治疗是为了纠正你的问题 I sent you to treatment to deal with your problems. 很明显

 还需要更多治疗 Clearly, more treatment is required. -不

 -不 - No! - No! 不要再纠缠我们尊敬的客人了 Do not trouble our honored guests again! 我的朋友们

 我们很想看你们的牛仔秀 My friends, we would love to see your cowboy show. 谢谢你 Thank you. 太感谢你了 Thank you so much. 来吧

 大家 Come on, everybody! 掌声响起来 Put your hands together! 算了

 别听我的 Whatever. Don"t listen to me.

 派对小火车来啦 Party train coming through! 我瞎了

 我瞎了 I can"t see. I can"t see. 猪背肩车 Piggyback rides? 快点

 小猪们 Let"s move it, piggies! 天啊 Oh, boy. 集体照

 集体照 Group picture! Group picture! 大家说"茄子" Everybody say, "Cheese"! 鸟与蜜蜂生殖中心 -奶酪煎蛋卷

 -茄子 - Cheese omelet. - Cheese! 奶酪煎蛋卷 Cheese omelet. 真棒 Classic. 小心剧透哦 Spoiler alert. -往上

 -跳 - Step right up! - Jump! 我还在想用哪种窝

 我也没主意 So, I"m thinking about what kind of nest. I don"t know. 我当时在店里

 正好看到这个... I was in the store, and I saw this... -我好饿...

 -开饭啦 - I am famished... - It"s chow time! *不论风雨我们都坚持下去* *Hanging tough through thick and thin* 怎么回事 What? 什么情况 What the heck? 谁让你们进来的 Who invited you to move in? 那是我的牙刷 That"s my toothbrush! 拿出来 Get it out! 大家注意


 All right, class, thought for the day. 水是最柔软的东西 Water is the softest thing, 今天的课程: 画出我们的痛苦 但它可以穿透高山和土地 yet it can penetrate mountains and earth. 我的今日思考是这个

 什么时候结束 Here"s my thought of the day. When are we done? 大红

 毛毛虫生命的结束 Red, what the caterpillar calls the end, 正是蜕变成蝴蝶的开始 the world calls a butterfly. 老实说


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