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内容摘要:亚伯兰·塔拉索夫东西都装好了吗差不多了Almost 差不多了Almost 先生

 亚伯兰·塔拉索夫 东西都装好了吗 差不多了 Almost. "差不多了" "Almost." 先生


 你确定这是最好的选择吗 Sir, with all due respect, are you sure this is our best option? 我们为什么不直接纠正问题 I mean, why can"t we just correct the problem? 因为我侄子 Because my fuckin" nephew... 杀了条狗 killed a dog. 还偷了辆车 And he stole a car. 这辆车 A car... 现在就在我们手上 which currently is among our inventory. 所以我们要为了一辆车放弃一切 So we"re giving everything up for a car? 这不是一辆普通的车 It"s not just a car. 这是约翰·威克的车 It is John Wick"s car. 我不明白

 先生 I don"t know. Sir, 为什么我们不能把车还给他 why don"t we just give it back? 他杀了我侄子 He killed my nephew. 我哥哥 My brother. 还有我手下十几个人 And a dozen of my men. 就为了他的车 Over his car. 和一条小狗 And a puppy. 你居然觉得他现在会停手 And you... you think he will stop now? 先生

 他孤立无援 Sir, he"s one man.

 我们为什么不干掉他 Why don"t we just eliminate him? 约翰·威克 John Wick... 是一个非常专注 is a man of focus... 非常投入 Commitment... 不达目的不罢休的人 And sheer fuckin" will. 他曾在一家酒吧里杀了三个人... He once killed three men in a bar... 用一支铅笔


 我听过这个故事 With a pencil. I know. I"ve heard the story. 用一支该死的铅笔 With a fucking pencil! 还有谁能做到 Who the fuck can do that? 我向你保证 Well, I can assure you 你听到的关于这个人的故事 that the stories you hear about this man, 不是不全面 if nothing else, 就是打了折扣 has been watered down. 我的车在你手上

 是夜魔 言和 你这样的人能明白言和的意思吗 为何不能 言和 退休快乐 威克先生 Mr. Wick. 疾速特攻 伙计 Hey, buddy. 好孩子 Good dog. -你在干什么


 -看你 - What are you doing, John? - Looking at you. 你在干什么 What are you doing?

 我在等你 I"m waiting for you. 过来 Come here. 小子 Hey, boy. 你这地方不错

 很安静 Nice peaceful place you got here. -你好


 -你好 - Hey, Aurelio. - Hey. 约翰

 怎么搞的 John, what the hell? 我以为这是你的爱车 I thought you loved this car. 你觉得能修吗 What do you think? 好吧

 发动机都快掉下来了 Well, your motor"s about to fall out and... 整个底盘都拱起来了 the chassis" all bent up, 传动轴彻底毁了 the... the driveshaft is all destroyed. 而且我不知道你有没有注意到 And I don"t know if you noticed, 挡风玻璃也四分五裂 but you got a crack in your windshield. 我还能怎么想 I mean... what do I think? 我能修 I could fix this. 谢谢你帮我找到她 Thanks for finding her. 别客气

 伙计 Not a problem, man. 打几个电♥话♥而已

 举手之劳 I just made a few calls. No big deal. 修好了告诉我 Let me know when it"s fixed. 没问题

 2030 年圣诞之前 All right. It"ll be ready Christmas... 就能修好 2030. 你好

 约翰 Ciao, John.

 桑蒂诺 Santino. 我能进来吗 当然 喝咖啡吗 Café? 谢谢 Grazie. 很高兴见到你 Good to see you. 很高兴见到你 Good to see you. 你妻子的事我很遗憾

 约翰 I was sorry to hear about your wife, John. 谢谢 Thank you. 这条狗

 他有名字吗 And the dog, does he have a name? 没有 No. 听着


 说实话 Listen, John... with all sincerity... 我也不想来的 I don"t want to be here. 别这样做 Please, don"t. 请你别这样做 I"m asking you not to do this. 很抱歉 I"m sorry. 没人可以退出又回归

 却不承担后果 No one gets out and comes back without repercussions. 我也很为难

 约翰 I do this with a heavy heart, John. 但是别忘了

 如果不是因为我 But remember, if not for what I did 那晚帮你完成不可能完成的任务 on the night of your impossible task, 你也不可能像现在这样

 坐在这里 you wouldn"t be here right now, like this. 这一切都是拜我所赐 This is because of me. 这一切某种程度上是属于我的 This, in part, is mine.

 收回去 Take it back. -"收回去"

 -收回去 - "Take it back"? - Take it back. 血契可不是开玩笑的

 约翰 A marker is no small thing, John. 如果一个人把血契给予别人 For a man to grant a marker to another, 就表示用灵魂立下血誓 is to bind a soul to a blood oath. 去找别人 Find someone else. 听好了 Listen to me. 这是什么 What is this? 记得吗

 这是你的血 Do you remember? This is your blood. 当初你来找我

 我帮了你 You came to me. I helped you. 如果你拒绝我 If you don"t do this, 你知道会有什么后果 you know the consequences. 我不是以前那个人了 I"m not that guy anymore. 你一直都是那个人

 约翰 You are always that guy, John. 我帮不了你 I can"t help you. 对不起 I"m sorry. 是的

 你说得对 Yes. You"re right. 你帮不了我 You can"t. 但是他能帮我 But he can. 我们很快就会再见面

 约翰 I"ll see you soon, John. 你家很漂亮

 约翰 You have a beautiful home, John. 晚安 Buona sera.


 约翰 Well, good evenin", John. 吉米 Hey, Jimmy. 煤气泄漏 Gas leak? 嗯

 煤气泄漏 Yeah, gas leak. 你重操旧业了 You workin" again? 回见

 吉米 I"ll see you, Jimmy. 走吧

 小子 Come on, boy. 晚安

 约翰 "Night, John. 真要命 Oh, shit. 我想见经理 I"d like to see the manager. 这么快又见面真是太好了

 威克先生 How good to see you again so soon, Mr. Wick. 要我帮你通报吗 Shall I announce you? 好的

 谢谢 Yes, please. 别动 Stay. 威克先生来见你了

 先生 Mr. Wick is on his way to see you, sir. 无可挑剔 Impeccable. 把这些加入流通 Put these into circulation. 他在哪儿 Where is he? 谢谢你

 朋友 Thank you, my friend. 干得漂亮

 太漂亮了 Beautiful work. Beautiful. 你在干什么

 乔纳森 What are you doing, Jonathan? 他把我的房♥子烧了 He burned my house down.

 你拒绝了他的血契 You rejected his marker. 你应该庆幸他只烧了房♥子 You"re lucky he stopped there. 你到底怎么想的 What the hell were you thinking, 居然把血契交给桑蒂诺·丹东尼奥这样的人 giving a marker to a man like Santino D"Antonio? 这是我唯一的出路 It was the only way I could get out. 你管这叫"出路" You call this "out"? 你以为会有什么后果 What did you think was gonna happen? 你是怎么想的 What did you expect? 你真的以为这一天永远不会来吗 Did you really think this day was never going to come"? Hmm? 他想让你干什么 What does he want you to do? 我没问 I didn"t ask. 我直接拒绝了 I just said no. 有两条规矩不能打破

 乔纳森 Two rules that cannot be broken, Jonathan. 大♥陆♥酒店内不能动手 No blood on Continental grounds, 每份血契必须完成 and every marker must be honored. 我的惩罚只是除名而已 Now while my judgment comes in the form of excommunicado, 但是如果 the High Table 高桌的传统被打破

 他们的惩罚会更严厉 demand a more severe outcome if their traditions are refused. 我别无选择吗 I have no choice? 如果拒绝血契

 你就会死 You dishonor the marker, you die. 如果杀死血契的主人

 你也会死 You kill the holder of the marker, you die. 如果逃跑

 还是会死 You run, you die.


 乔纳森 This is what you agreed to, Jonathan. 满足他的要求 Do what the man asks. 就能自♥由♥ Be free. 之后如果你想报复他

 烧了他的房♥子 Then, if you want to go after him, burn his house down, 请便

 但在那之前 be my guest. But until then... 按规矩来 Rules. 没错

 按规矩来 Exactly. Rules. 没有规矩

 我们与动物无异 Without them, we"d live with the animals. 这里能寄养吗 Do you board? 很抱歉


 这里不行 I"m sorry to say, sir, but this facility does not. 不过我很乐意承担这份责任 I, however, would be willing to accept the responsibility, 如果你愿意的话 should you wish. 非常感谢 Appreciate that. 他有名字吗

 先生 Does he have a name, sir? 没有 No. 好孩子 Good dog. 别动 Stay. 这是我父亲生前的收藏 This was my father"s collection. 当然了

 在我看来只是画布上的油彩 I see little more than just paint on canvas, of course. 但我确实常来看它 But I do find myself here. 请坐 Please. 我也不想这样做的

 约翰 I didn"t want to do this, John.


 我会尊重这一点 Had you stayed retired, I would have respected it. 看看你自己 Look at you. 你已经蠢蠢欲动了

 不是吗 You"re thinkin" about it, aren"t you? 你在计算有几个出口

 多少护卫 You"re counting exits... guards... 能否及时干掉我 Could you get to me in time? 我很好奇

 你会怎么动手 How would you do it, I wonder? 用那个女人的笔 That woman"s pen? 还是他的拐杖 His cane? 也许用他的眼镜 Maybe his glasses? 用我的双手 My hands. 太激动人心了 How exciting. 但你明白你不能杀我

 对吗 Yet you know you cannot, can you? 我说过我需要那个人 I told you I needed that guy, 他就会像你现在这样盯着我 the way you are looking at me right now. 我需要夜魔 I needed the Boogeyman. 我需要约翰·威克 I needed John Wick. 告诉我你有什么要求 Just... tell me what you want. 我要你杀了我姐姐 I want you to kill my sister. 为什么 Why? 高桌有十二个席位 There are 12 seats at the High Table. 克莫拉


 光荣会 Camorra, Mafia, and "Ndrangheta. 中国人

 俄♥罗♥斯♥人 The Chinese, the Russian.

 我父亲去世的时候 When my father died... 把席位传给了她 he willed his seat to her. 现在由她代表克莫拉 She represents Camorra now. 而我忍♥不住会想 And I can"t help but wonder... 如果取代她

 我能取得什么成就 what I might accomplish in her stead. 你要我去杀 You want me to kill... 吉安娜·丹东尼奥 Gianna D"Antonio? 我自己下不了手 I could never do it. 她是我的亲人 She is my blood. 我仍然爱她 I still love her. 这件事不可能做到 It can"t be done. 她在罗马加冕 She"s in Rome for her coronation. 你从地下墓穴进去... You will take the catacombs in... 她在哪里不重要 It doesn"t matter where she is. 所以我需要幽灵 That"s why I need the ghost, 幽灵约翰·威克 lo spettro, John Wick. 所以我需要你 That"s why I need you. 帮我做成这件事 Do this for me, 你就完成了你的血契 and your marker is honored. 你怎么说 What say you? 从来不废话 Never one to waste words. Fifty-nine, zero, 3.5. 狩猎愉快

 威克先生 大♥陆♥酒店 欢迎来到罗马大♥陆♥酒店 有什么能为你效劳的吗 给我一间房♥ 乔纳森 Jonathan! 朱利叶斯 Julius. -你好

 -很高兴见到你 - Ciao. - Nice to see you. 我都不记得你上次来罗马是什么时候了 I fail to recall the last time you were in Rome. 而且我听说 And here I"d heard 你退休了 you had retired. 确实如此 I had. 那你回答我一个问题 Then humor me with, uh... but one question. 你是为教宗而来的吗? 不是 No. 那就好 All right, then. 这是我们最好的房♥间之一 One of our finest rooms. 谢谢 Grazie. 入住愉快 Enjoy your stay. 旧书店 威克先生 Mr. Wick. 侍酒师在吗 Is the sommelier in? 他一向都在 I have never known him not to be. 下午好

 威克先生 Good afternoon, Mr. Wick. 好久不见 It"s been a long time. 我想看货

 I"d like a tasting. 有几样东西我很想向你展示 I am quite excited to show you something. 首先 First... 你好

 威克先生 Buongiorno, Signor Wick. 你好

 安杰罗 Ciao, Angelo. 欢迎回到罗马 Welcome back to Rome. 你需要一套新西装吗 是的 I am. 我知道你以前很喜爱德国的产品 I know of your past fondness for the German varietals, 但我向你竭诚推荐奥地利的新产品 but I can wholeheartedly endorse the new breed of Austrians. 34 和 26 毫米口径的格洛克 Glock .34 and .26. 这是丹东尼奥庄园的原始地图 This is the original map of the D"Antonio estate. 标出了所有的古代遗迹 Here, you have all the ancient ruins. 告诉我

 威克先生 Tell me, Mr. Wick, 这套是穿去正式场合还是社交活动 is this a formal event or a social affair? -社交

 -是日间还是晚间呢 - Social. - And is this for day or evening? 我要一套日间的和一套晚间的 I need one for day and one for night. 重新设计的握柄 Recontoured grips. 展开式弹匣口使装弹更容易 Flared magwell for easier reloads. 我知道你会喜欢特别定制的减震设计 And I know you"ll appreciate the custom porting. 接下来要什么 What"s next? 我需要强力精准的 I need something robust. Precise. "强力精准的" "Robust. Precise."

 这是神殿 This is the map of the temple 和地下墓穴的地图 and catacombs underneath. -哪种样式

 -意大利样式 - In what style? - Italian. -几颗纽扣

 -两颗 - How many buttons? - Two. -西裤呢

 -锥形的 - Trousers? - Tapered. 内衬呢 How about the lining? 作战的 Tactical. AR15

 枪管长度 11.5 英寸 AR-15, 11.5-inch. 以镀膜枪栓连动座补偿 Compensated with an ion-bonded bolt carrier. 六倍放大瞄准镜 Trijicon accupoint with one-six magnification. 这是现代的设计图 And this is the modern blueprint. 有一


 三道门 There are one, two, three gates. 碳化硅片

 陶瓷基复合材料 Silicon carbide discs. Ceramic matrices. 层层压制 Accompanying laminates. 最先进的防弹衣 Cutting-edge body armor. 我们把它缝在布料和内衬之间 We just sew it between the fabric and the lining. 零穿透

 但是 Zero penetration. However... 恐怕相当痛 quite painful, I"m afraid. 你能推荐适合用来收场的吗 Could you recommend anything for the end of the night? 重型大胆的 Something big, bold. 请容我推荐伯奈利 M4 May I suggest the Benelli M4? 定制枪栓连动座和枪机拉柄 Custom bolt carrier release and charging handle.


 以防你弄湿双手 Textured grips, should your hands get... wet. 意大利经典 An Italian classic. 甜点呢 Dessert? 甜点 Dessert. 最上等的刀具

 全新打造 The finest cutlery. All freshly stoned. 干得好 Well done. -你能加急定制吗

 -当然可以 - Could you do a rush order? - I sure can. 你想送到什么地方 Where would you like to have it sent? 酒店 The hotel. 要我把所有东西都送到你的房♥间吗 Shall I have everything sent to your room? -好的


 -好极了 - Yes. Thank you. - Excellent. 威克先生 Mr. Wick? 希望你在派对玩得尽兴 Do enjoy your party. 勇者天佑 [拉丁语] 晚上好 Good evening. 派对和你意吗 Are you enjoying the party? 打扰一下

 夫人 阿柯尼先生在等你 马上过去 阿柯尼先生 Mr. Akoni. 你喜欢今晚的庆典吗 Are you enjoying the festivities? 谢谢你来见我 请坐 Please. Sit. 丹东尼奥女士 Ms. D"Antonio,

 你不能夺走属于我的... you can"t just take what is rightfully mine... 我没夺走任何东西 Nothing was taken. 你的亲信拱手送上了这些地盘 Those among your own came to us with these territories. 有人用刀抵着喉咙逼迫他们 A knife was pressed to their throats. 说法不同而已 Semantics. 再说了 Besides... 你说的刀抵在了他们的孩子的喉咙上 That blade you speak of was meant for their children. 他们只需看着

 没有危险 They were only meant to watch. 你的东西现在是我们的了

 阿柯尼先生 What is yours is now ours, Mr. Akoni. 走吧 Now go. 享受派对 Enjoy the party. 玩得开心 Have some fun. 你去招待我们的客人吧 我去补妆 是

 夫人 Sì, signora. 没有你我该怎么办

 卡西安 约翰 John. 吉安娜 Gianna. 不久之前 There was a time not so long ago 我还把你当作朋友 in which I considered us as friends. 我依然把你当作朋友 I still do. 然而你还是来了 Yet here you are. 死神的使者... 是什么让你回来的

 约翰 What brought you back, John?

 一枚血契 A marker. 由谁持有 Held by? 你弟弟 Your brother. 告诉我

 约翰 Tell me, John. 这枚血契 This marker... 是你退出组织时欠下的吗 Is it how you got out? 那个终结我生命的女人 And what was her name, 她叫什么名字 this woman whose life has ended my own? 海伦 Helen. "海伦" "Helen." 这个海伦 This Helen... 她值得你现在要付出的代价吗 Was she worth the price that you now seek to pay? 那么 Now... 我来告诉你我死后会发生什么 let me tell you what happens when I die. 桑蒂诺会将我在高桌的席位据为己有 Santino will lay claim to my seat at the Table. 他会拿下纽约 He will take New York. 而你

 会是那个将纽约双手奉上的人 And you... will have been the one who gifted it to him. 你的海伦会怎么看这件事

 约翰 What would your Helen think about that, John? 你的海伦会怎么看你 What would your Helen think about you? 为什么 Why? 因为 Because... 我按照自己的方式活着 I lived my life my way.

 也要按照自己的方式死去 And I"ll die my way. 你害怕死后堕入地狱吗

 约翰 Do you fear damnation, John? 怕 Yes. 你知道吗 You know, 我一直以为我能逃过死亡 I always thought I could escape it. 以为我能预料到死亡的到来 That I"d see it coming. 以为我能预料到你 That I"d see you. 约翰 John? 卡西安 Cassian. 你在工作 You working? 是的 Yeah. 你呢 You? 我也是 Yeah. 晚安了 Good night? 恐怕是的 Afraid so. 很遗憾听到这个 I"m sorry to hear that. 抓住他! 收尾工作 Loose ends? 只有一件 是啊 Yeah... 今晚过得不太好


 约翰 You"re not havin" a good night, are you, John? 先生们 Gentlemen! 先生们 Gentlemen!

 需要我提醒你们 Do I need to remind you 在大♥陆♥酒店内 that there will be no business 是不能干活的吗 conducted on the Continental grounds? 不用

 先生 No, signore. 不用

 先生 No, sir. 很好 Bene. 我建议二位移步酒吧 Now, may I suggest a visit to the bar, 好好冷静一下 so you can calm yourselves. 金酒

 对吗 Gin, wasn"t it? 对 Yes. 波旁威士忌

 对吗 Bourbon, right? 对 Yeah. 谢谢 Grazie. 多谢 Grazie mille. 我有血契在身 I had a marker. 谁的 Whose? 她弟弟 Her brother. 我明白了 I see. 你别无选择 You had no choice. 他想要她在高桌的席位 He wants her seat at the Table. 现在他能如愿了 He will get it now. 嗯 Yeah.

 嗯 Yeah. 所以你自♥由♥了 So you"re free. 是吗 Am I? 不是 No. 完全不是 Not at all. 你杀死了我保护的人

 我亲近的人 You killed my ward. Someone I was close to. 以牙还牙

 约翰 An eye for an eye, John. 你明白的 You know how it goes. 嗯 Yeah. 我会给你个痛快 I"ll make it quick. 我保证 I promise. 多谢好意 I appreciate that. 我也会尽量给你个痛快 I"ll try and do the same. 这杯我请 This round"s on me. 当作是职业礼节吧 Consider it a professional courtesy. 今晚过得很糟吗 我能请你喝一杯吗 不用

 谢谢 No. Thanks. 不是他

 是我 再会

 约翰·威克 除非我先见到你 你好

 约翰 Hello, John. 如果你不痛快

 我能理解 I understand if you"re upset. 我知道你可能觉得这是针对你 And I know it might feel personal. 但是如果我不为姐姐的死报仇

 But what kind of man would I be 那我成了什么人了呢 if I didn"t avenge my sister"s murder? 约翰 John? 能请你告诉管理层吗 Could you let management know 我明天早上退房♥ I"ll be checking out in the morning. 我是接线员

 你想转接哪里 Operator. How may I direct your call? -应付账户

 -请稍等 - Accounts payable. - One moment, please. 应付账户 Accounts payable. 有什么需要吗 How may I help you? 我想开一个账户 I"d like to open an account. -账户名

 -约翰·威克 - Name on the account? - John Wick. 验证码 Verification? 9305-05. 悬赏状态 State of contract? -公开

 -面额 - Open. - Denomination? 七百万 Seven million. 处理中

 请稍等 Processing. Please hold. 约翰·威克 -感谢接待

 -我的荣幸 - I appreciate the service. - My pleasure. 楼下有安全通道 You will find safe passage below. 有车在等你 Transportation is waiting for you. 祝你旅途平安

 威克先生 May you have a safe journey, Mr. Wick. 七百万美元 桑蒂诺·丹东尼奥 公开悬赏

 约翰·威克 七百万美元 信息发送至 未知号♥码 公开悬赏 约翰·威克 七百万美元 信息发送至 公开悬赏 约翰·威克 七百万美元 抱歉

 我搞砸了 公开悬赏 约翰·威克 七百万美元 订单已确认 Order confirmed. -这是什么

 -他完成了任务 - What is this? - He completed the task. 血契完成了 The marker is over. 标记下来 Mark it. 如果威克先生现在还没死 If Mr. Wick isn"t dead already, 他很快就会死 he soon will be. 你能标记下来吗

 先生 Will you mark it, sir? 你根本不知道等着你的是什么

 对吗 You have no idea what"s coming, do you? 我让全纽约的人都在找他 I have everyone in New York looking for him. 我们应该不会再见到他了 I doubt we will see him again. 是吗 Do you now? 你在魔鬼背后捅了一刀 You stabbed the devil in the back 逼迫他回到刚刚退出的生活 and forced him back into the life that he had just left. 你焚毁了祭司的神殿 You incinerated the priest"s temple. 烧成一片焦土

 Burned it to the ground. 如今他不受血契的约束了

 你觉得他会怎么做 Now he"s free of the marker, what do you think he"ll do? 他浅尝了另一种生活 He had a glimpse of the other side 他全身心投入 and he embraced it. 但是你

 丹东尼奥先生 But you, Signor D"Antonio... 夺走了那种生活 took it away from him. 他已经回归了 He was already back. 他是为爱回归的

 不是为你 He came back for love, not for you. 他欠我的

 这是我的权力 He owed me. I had every right. 现在他又要来了 And now he"s coming again. 他跟你说了不要这样做 He did tell you not to do this. 他警告你了 He did warn you. 再见了

 桑蒂诺 Addio, Santino. 如果发现可疑行为

 请通知运输署人员 Please notify MTA personnel of any suspicious activity. 请注意 Your attention, please. 开往百老街的 C 线地铁列车即将到达 The Broad Street bound C train is now arriving. 请注意 Your attention, please. 开往百老街的 C 线地铁列车即将到达 The Broad Street bound C train is now arriving. 下一站

 运河街 Next stop, Canal Street. 运河街到了 This is Canal Street. 你搭乘的是开往百老街的 C 线地铁列车 This is the Broad Street bound C train. 下一站是雷克特街 Next stop is Rector Street. 雷克特街到了

 This is Rector Street. 你搭乘的是开往百老街的 C 线地铁列车 This is the Broad Street bound C train. 下一站是百老街 The next stop is Broad Street. 百老街到了 This is Broad Street. 南行 C 线地铁列车的终点站到了 This is the last stop on the southbound C train. 刀插♥进♥你的主动脉了 The blade is in your aorta. 拔♥出♥来♥你就会血流不止

 你就会死 You pull it out, you will bleed, and you will die. 终点站到了 This is the end of the line. 把这当作职业礼节吧 Consider this a professional courtesy. 百老街到了 This is Broad Street. 南行 C 线地铁列车的终点站到了 This is the last stop on the southbound C train. 终点站到了 This is the end of the line. 我们看到了

 我们看到了 We see things, we see things. 你看到的都是噩梦

 伙计 The things you see are nightmares, man. 就像那次... Like this one time... 带我去见他 Take me to him. 告诉他是约翰·威克 Tell him it"s John Wick. 你知道

 他们把那个加到所有东西里了 You know, they just... they put it in everything! 伙计

 你有零钱吗 Hey, man. You got a quarter? 真没想到 As I live and breathe! 约翰·威克 John Wick. 那个男人 The man. 那个神话

 The myth. 那个传说 The legend. 你不太擅长退休 You"re not very good at retiring. 我正在努力 I"m workin" on it. 威克先生不记得了

 但我们多年前见过 Mr. Wick doesn"t remember, but we met many years ago, 在我上位之前 before my ascension... 那时我只是游戏中的一枚棋子 When I was just a pawn in the game. 我们相遇了

 你送了我一份礼物 We met and you gave me a gift, 让我能成为国王的礼物 the gift that would make me a king. 你不记得了


 在一条小巷里 You don"t remember, but there I was, standing in an alleyway. 我根本没听见你的动静 I didn"t even hear you comin". 你给了我这道伤疤 You gave me this. 夜魔的礼物 Gift from the Boogeyman. 适合任何场合 Perfect for every occasion. 但同时你也给了我一个选择 But you also gave me a choice. 拔枪


 然后死去 Pull my gun, shoot you in the back, and die, 或者按住我的脖子 or keep the pressure on my neck... 然后活下去 and live. 所以你看

 我活下来了 And so you see, I survived. 多亏了你

 再也没人能偷偷靠近我了 No one sneaks up on me anymore, thanks to you. 我无所不知

 无所不晓 I am all-seeing and all-knowing. 那你一定知道我为什么来 Then you know why I"m here. 桑蒂诺·丹东尼奥


 Santino D"Antonio, yes. 你的悬赏走红了

 约翰 Your contract went wide, John. 对你的健康不利 That"s bad for your health. 赏金涨到多少了

 厄尔 What"s the number up to now, Earl? 七百万美元 Seven million dollars! 我去 Damn! 过圣诞了

 我们之后得去苹果蜂连锁餐厅吃饭 It"s Christmas. We"re going to Applebee"s after this. 我需要你的帮助 I need your help. 这个城市的每个角落

 都有你的手下在乞讨 You have eyes begging for change on every corner in the city. 我觉得你能找到桑蒂诺 I"m thinkin" you can find Santino. 我需要你秘密地转移我 I need you to move me. Underground. 带我找到他 Get me to him. 多甜蜜啊 How sweet it is! 夜魔求我帮忙 The Boogeyman begging me for help. 没问题

 约翰 Well, of course, John. 好的



 约翰 Yes, John. Whatever you"d like, John. 要不要再来个背部按♥摩♥

 约翰 Would you like a back rub with that, John? 你要帮我 You"re going to help me. 我他妈为什么要帮你 Why the fuck would I do that? 因为我是唯一一个能帮你的人 Because I"m the only one that can help you. 你要帮我是吗 You"re gonna help me out? 你真是太正直了

 威克先生 That"s downright upright of you, Mr. Wick. 你听起来非常大度

 You sound positively magnanimous. 不过环顾四周 But look around you. 你觉得我需要多少帮助 How much help does it look like I need? 在我看来


 真正的问题是 It seems to me that the real question, Mr. Wick, 在我们这个残酷的世界中

 谁会帮你 is who in this cruel world of ours... is going to help you? 暴风雨就要来了 There"s a storm coming. 不仅仅是我

 我们所有人都要面对 Not just for me. For all of us. 高桌之下的所有人 For everyone under the Table. 是的

 杀死一个在高桌上 Yes, killing someone who has a seat 有席位的人确实会制♥造♥一个问题 at the High Table does create a problem. 不过这是你的问题

 宝贝 But it"s your problem, baby. 毕竟

 不是我的手下把吉安娜·丹东尼奥 After all, none of my people sent Gianna D"Antonio... 送去投胎了 to the hereafter. 话虽如此

 现在她的席位被桑蒂诺夺走了 That being said, Santino has her seat now. 而他想要这座城市 And he wants the city. 等他拿下上城区

 你觉得他会在十四街停下吗 When he"s done uptown, you think he"s gonna stop at 14th Street? 那我们只能照顾好自己了 We"ll just have to take care of ourselves. 是吗 Oh, yeah? 要持续多久 For how long? 要死多少人 And how much blood? 你杀了桑蒂诺 You kill Santino, 克莫拉和高桌就会来找你 the Camorra, and the High Table come for you. 我杀了桑蒂诺


 I kill Santino, they come for me. 他悬赏七百万美元要你的命 He"s offered $7 million for your life. 七百万美元可是一大笔钱

 威克先生 Seven million dollars is a lot of money, Mr. Wick. 看来你有一个选择要做了 So I guess you have a choice. 你想开战 You want a war? 还是想给我一把枪 Or do you wanna just give me a gun? 拜托了

 谁快来给他一把枪 Somebody, please! Get this man a gun! 金伯 1911 式

 45 毫米口径自动手♥枪♥弹 Kimber 1911, .45 ACP. 七发子弹容量 Seven-round capacity. 七发子弹 Seven rounds? 七百万美元只能换七发子弹 Seven million dollars gets you seven rounds. 一百万一发

 宝贝 That"s a million dollars a round, baby. 我们走 Let"s go. 你的地狱之旅现在开始

 威克先生 Your descent into Hell begins here, Mr. Wick. 他在博物馆 He"s at the museum. 厄尔会带你去的 Earl will guide you. 下去的时候一定要小心 Do be careful on your way down. 而且记住了

 你欠我的 And remember... you owe me. 你可不想让我欠你的 You don"t want me owing you. 欢迎各位 Welcome, everyone. 让我们为高桌的未来干杯 Let us toast to the future of the High Table 当然也是为纪念我的姐姐 and of course, to the memory of my dear sister. 很高兴见到你

 Nice to see you. 阿柯尼先生

 你好吗 Mr. Akoni, how are you? 威克来了 Wick is here. 好 Yeah. 你



 你过去 You and you, with me. You, go. 灵魂映像 纽约新现代博物馆 欢迎参观纽约新现代博物馆的 Welcome to "Reflections of the Soul" "灵魂映像"展览 at the New Modern NYC. 在这次展览中 Within this exhibition, 光线和自我形象的相互作用结合起来 the interplay of light and the nature of self-images 提供了一种体验 coalesce to provide an experience 这将突出我们对空间的感知 which will highlight the fragility 和我们在空间中的位置的脆弱 of our perception of space and our place within it. 我们希望通过这次展览为你对世界的理解 We hope through this exhibit we can provide new insights 提供新的见解 into your understanding of the world, 并有望引导你更深入地反思 and just possibly lead you to deeper reflection 自我的本质 into the nature of self. 天啊

 约翰 天啊 你就是不明白 血契已经完成了

 约翰 The marker is complete, John. 你应该逃跑的 You should have just run away. 你知道克莫拉会对你做什么 You know what the Camorra will do to you. 你以为自己在替天行道吗 You think you"re Old Testament?


 约翰 No, John. 不 No. 杀了我不能终止悬赏 Killing me won"t stop the contract. 杀了我会让事情变得更糟 Killing me will make it so much worse. 约翰 John... 你知道我怎么想吗 you know what I think? 我认为你上瘾了 I think you are addicted to it. 对复仇上瘾 To the vengeance. 欢迎参观纽约新现代博物馆的 Welcome to "Reflections of the Soul" "灵魂映像"展览 at the New Modern NYC. 没有妻子 No wife. 没有生活 No life. 没有家 No home. 复仇

 是你的全部 Vengeance... it"s all you have. 你想让我回来 You wanted me back. 我回来了 I"m back. 你即将离开纽约新现代博物馆的 You are now exiting "Reflections of the Soul" 快走

 我来解决 "灵魂映像"展览 at the New Modern NYC. 我们希望你在展览中的旅程 We hope that your journey through the exhibit 是一个反思的过程 has been one of reflective contemplation 让你感受新的视角和领悟 allowing for a new perspective and insight. 你即将离开纽约新现代博物馆的...

 You are now exiting "Reflections of the Soul"... 再会 好 好 Sure. 晚上好 Good evening. 经理在吗 Is the manager in? 经理一向都在 The manager is always in. 温斯顿 Winston. 丹东尼奥先生 Mr. D"Antonio. 看来你今晚过得多姿多彩 Your evening has been colorful, I see. 我猜你是来寻求庇护的 Seeking safe harbor, I presume? 我要取消他的会员资格

 立刻取消 I want his membership revoked. Now. 在这个机构看来 In the eyes of this institution, 威克先生没有违反任何规定 Mr. Wick has breached no legalities. 那你应该知道我有权要求... Then you know that I have the right to demand... 无权


 丹东尼奥先生 Nothing. You demand nothing of me, Mr. D"Antonio. 这个王国属于我

 只属于我 This kingdom is mine and mine alone. 好吧 All right. 那就好好享受你的王国吧


 趁你还有机会 Then enjoy your kingdom, Winston, while you still can. 你也好好享受王国的特权

 先生 And you, its privileges, sir. 我是来见桑蒂诺·丹东尼奥的 I"m here to see Santino D"Antonio. 他正在酒吧等你

 先生 He"s waiting for you in the lounge, sir. 鸭油 Duck fat. 味道大不相同

 Makes all the difference. 乔纳森 Jonathan... 你看过这里的菜单吗 Have you seen the menu here? -选择非常丰富


 听我说 - Lot of options. - Jonathan, listen to me... 可以在这里住很长时间 A man can stay here a long time 都不用吃重复的菜 and never eat the same meal twice. 乔纳森

 转身离开 Jonathan, just walk away. 对

 乔纳森 Yeah, Jonathan. 转身... Walk a... 你做了什么 What have you done? 了结 Finished it. 他表现如何 How was he? 他很乖

 我很喜欢他的陪伴 He was a good dog. I have enjoyed his company. 我们回家 Let"s go home. 威克先生 Mr. Wick? 如果你愿意赴约的话 If you would be so inclined. 来吧

 孩子 Come on, boy. 很荣幸与你相识

 威克先生 It has been a pleasure, Mr. Wick. 再见 Good bye. 乔纳森 Jonathan. 温斯顿 Winston. 现在是什么情况 What am I lookin" at? 克莫拉加倍了桑蒂诺的公开悬赏

 The Camorra"s doubled Santino"s open contract. 现在是国际悬赏了 It"s gone international. 高桌 High Table? 还有大♥陆♥酒店 And the Continental? 你在酒店内杀人了

 乔纳森 You killed a man on company grounds, Jonathan. 你让我别无选择

 只能宣布将你除名 You leave me no choice but to declare you excommunicado. 与大♥陆♥酒店相关的一切 The doors to any service or provider 服务或供应商的大门 in connection with the Continental 现在都对你关闭了 are now closed to you. 我很遗憾 I am so sorry. 你失去了生命 Your life is now forfeit. 那我怎么还没死 Then why am I not dead? 因为我认为还不到时候 Because I deemed it not to be. 现在 Now. 你还有一小时

 我不能再拖延了 You have one hour. I can"t delay it any longer. 你以后可能 You might need this... 需要这个 down the road. 温斯顿 Winston... 告诉他们 tell them. 告诉他们所有人 Tell them all. 不论谁来 Whoever comes, 不论是谁 whoever it is... 我都会杀了他们

 I"ll kill them. 我会杀了他们所有人 I"ll kill them all. 那是自然 "Course you will. 乔纳森 Jonathan. 温斯顿 Winston. 应付账户 Accounts payable. One-one-one-one-one. 一小时后 In one hour. 约翰·威克 John Wick. 除名 Excommunicado. 订单 11111 已确认 Order 11111 confirmed. 姓名 约翰·威克 分配


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