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内容摘要:全面回忆21世纪末 全球化学战争导致地球不再适宜居住居住空间成为目前地球上最有价值的资源地球上只剩两

 全面回忆 21 世纪末

 全球化学战争导致地球不再适宜居住 居住空间成为目前地球上最有价值的资源 地球上只剩两个居住地 英联邦 和殖民地 殖民地的工人只能乘坐

 "坠道" 每天往返于地球两端 醒醒

 醒醒 Wake up. Wake up. 醒醒 Wake up. 我切断了电源 I cut the power. 在警卫被警报引来之前 We"ve got about ten seconds 我们有十秒左右时间 before that alarm brings an entire team down here. 给 Here. -我们走


 走吧 - We need to go. - Okay, go. 走 Go. 好了

 快走 Okay, come on. 我爱你 I love you. 你现在和我说这个 You tell me now? 我爱你 I love you. 快走 Go! 不

 不要 No! No! No! 放手 Let go. 你现在必须快走 You have to go now. -不



 - No. I won"t leave you. - Let go. -不

 -我保证会找到你 - No. - I promise I"ll find you. 你必须走 You have to go. 走

 快走 Go! Go! 你又做噩梦了吗 You have another nightmare? 是啊 Yeah. 宝贝

 我们该拿你怎么办 Baby, what are we going to do with you? 不知道 I don"t know. 想说说看这个梦吗 Do you want to talk about it? 没什么好说的 There"s nothing to talk about. 同一个梦吗 Same dream? 一模一样 Same dream. 同样的时间 Same time. 我陷入困境

 被人追逐 I"m trapped, being chased. 无法逃脱 Can"t get away. 然后我就醒了 And then I wake. 就这样吗 And that"s it? 只有你

 没别人吗 It"s just you, nobody else? 没了

 只有我 No. Just me. 因为我吗 Is it me? 什么因为你 Is what you?

 说不好 I don"t know. 你孤身一人

 无法逃脱 You"re alone. You can"t get away. 是因为我们吗 Is it us? -我让你觉得被束缚吗

 -没有 - Do I make you feel trapped? - No. 宝贝 Babe, 我知道这不完全是 I know this isn"t exactly 我们年轻时想要的

 但是... what we had in mind when we were younger, but... 这座城♥堡♥吗 This castle? 谁能总是心想事成呢 Who gets everything they fantasize about, right? 我有你 I got you. 来 Come here. 只是个梦

 仅此而已 It"s just a dream. That"s all it is. 好吗 Okay? 那我们得让你做点美梦 Well, we"re going to have to get you some better dreams. 那就太好了 That would be nice. 拜托 Oh, come on. -该死

 -怎么了 - Shit. - What is it? 英联邦又发生一起爆♥炸♥ Another bombing in the U.F.B. 客运列车 Passenger train. 该死的抵抗组织 Goddamn Resistance. 我要赶在六点半的那趟车

 I"m going to have to catch the 6:30 departure. 他们召集所有紧急救援人员去上面 They"re calling all emergency personnel to go up top. 我得走了 I got to go. 今晚我们继续

 好吗 We"ll pick this up tonight, okay? 试着睡一会 Try and get a little sleep. 睡觉让我害怕 Sleep scares me. 梦见我就好了 Well, dream of me. 好吧 Okay. 但别梦见我穿这条裤子 But not in these pants. 炸♥弹♥在乘客上车后很快爆♥炸♥ The bomb went off just moments after the commuters boarded. 据悉救援队伍仌在搜救幸存者 We are being told rescue teams are still searching for survivors. 实况转播


 重大新闻 目前死亡人数为 144 人

 并仌在增多 The death toll is at 144 and still rising. 这是几个月来 This marks the fourth attack 发生在英联邦的第四起袭击 in United Federation of Britain in as many months. 所有迹象表明

 这是恐♥怖♥分♥子♥首领马提亚 And all signs point to terrorist leader Matthias 及其领导的反抗组织所谓 and his Resistance movement. 英联邦在剥削我们 The U. F.B. Exploits us. 殖民地的工人理应享受公平 The workers of The Colony deserve equality. 坠道奴役着我们 The Fall enslaves us all. 寇黑根总理据此表示 Chancellor Cohaagen pointed to this as proof 马提亚并不寻求和平方式

 that Matthias does not seek a peaceful path 来达到殖民地的独♥立♥ to independence for The Colony, 反而挑起持久的血腥冲突 but rather a prolonged and bloody conflict. 随着英联邦人口的不断上升 And with overpopulation figures in the U.F.B. Continuing to rise, 这起事件可谓是雪上加霜 this could not come at a worse time. 回想起发生在六周前的袭击事件 You"ll recall the last attack occurred six weeks ago. 在那之后联邦警♥察♥ Federal police have since 便将爆♥炸♥归咎于卡尔·豪瑟 attributed that bombing to this man, Carl Hauser, 叛变的前联邦特工 a former intelligence officer turned traitor 目前是马提亚的心腹 now considered to be Matthias" right-hand man. 尚无言论指出 No word yet as to 豪瑟是否与今晨的事故有关 whether hauser had a role in this morning"s incident. 有想去的地方吗 Going somewhere? No? 不要犹豫了 Well, don"t let that stop you. 一直以来你的幻想遥不可及吗 That fantasy that remains forever out of reach? 到此为止了 Not anymore. 在绘忆

 我们将为您呈现 At Rekall, we"ll provide you 属于您自己的完整回忆 with a complete set of memories all your own. 绘忆 Rekall. 我们为您描绘记忆 We can remember it for you. 所有乘客

 请去指定关口登记 All passengers, please report to your designated gates.

 这是七点十五班次最后一次登车广播 This is the final boarding call for the 7:15 departure. 看清♥真♥♥相♥吧 Wake up to the truth! 寇黑根正是利用了你们的麻木 Cohaagen is counting on your complacency. 别让自己像牲口一样被运过地球 Don"t let them ship you across the Earth like cattle. 够了

 过来 Come on, move. 马提亚说出了真♥相♥ Matthias speaks the truth! 坠道奴役着我们 The Fall enslaves us all! 伙计

 你看起来真是糟透了 Hey, buddy. You look like shit, man. -谢了

 -无意冒犯 - Thanks. - No offense. 我确实感觉糟透了

 没关系 I feel like shit. None taken. 我睡不好

 哥们 I ain"t sleeping so well, man. 哎

 新轮班制搞得我也不好过 Yeah, these new shifts are kicking my ass, too. 至少额外工资能哄哄我老婆 At least the extra pay lets the missus rest easier. 你瞧你 Look at you. 早上六点的萎靡不振先生 Mr. Glass-is-half-full at 6:00 a.m.. 你好 Hola. Privyet. 欢迎来到坠道 Welcome to The Fall. 上午 7 点 21 7:21 a.m. 到达英联邦的旅途将历时 17 分钟 Travel time to United Federation of Britain: 17 minutes. 将在 60 秒内坠落 Dropping in 60 seconds. 你有没有想过

 Has it ever occurred to you 我们总是坐一样的座位 that we always sit in these exact same seats? 这么多年都是这样

 为什么 For years now. Why? 不知道 I don"t know. 一个萝卜一个坑 They"re seats. We have asses. 看上去挺合理 Seems like the logical thing to do. 我是说我们这样每天重复做同样的事 I"m talking about us following the same routine, all right, 日复一日


 却毫无疑问 day after day, year after year without even questioning it. 你想换一下吗 Want to switch it up? 好办 No sweat. 出发前请确保所有个人物品 Please make sure all personal belongings are stored 均放置于您的座位下 below your seat before departure. 好了 Oh, yeah. 这边感觉好多了 Much more happening on this side. 好主意 Good call. -少来

 -坠道即将坠落 - Dick. - The Fall dropping in 倒数四三二一 four, three, two, one. 祝您今天愉快 Have a nice day. 尽管寇黑根总理在近期 Despite recent talks between Chancellor Cohaagen 与殖民地政♥府♥进行了接洽 and The Colony"s governor, 但鉴于今晨的爆♥炸♥案 the Chancellor has announced that he will be stopping

 总理宣布他将终止 all humanitarian aid to The 对殖民地的所有人道主义援助 Colony in light of this morning"s bombing. 我将不遗余力地整治殖民地 As much as I want to focus our efforts on cleaning up The Colony, 早间新闻

 寇黑根谈及整治殖民区计划 今天的恐怖袭击表明 today"s terrorist attacks means that funding will have to 我们必须将资金投入在增加人造警力上 go to bolstering our synthetic federal police force. 保护我们市民的安危是最重要的 The protection of our citizens will always come first. 接近地核 Approaching core. 准备重力反转 Please prepare for gravity reversal. 英联邦 安全等级升至 3 级 Security elevated to level three. 请在检查完毕之前不要移开扫描仪 Please remain in scanners until cleared. 看来爆♥炸♥搞得这里人心惶惶 Looks like that bomb set off a hell of a panic up here. 进入筛检区前 Identification documents must be in hand 请拿好身份证明文件 and ready to present to the security officer 并准备递交给安保人员 before entering the screening area. 所有工厂员工必须仍 12 号♥安全门进入 All factory personnel must enter through security gate 12. 你知道绘忆吗 Hey, what do you know about Rekall? -那个玩弄大脑的破玩意吗

 -对 - That mind-altering shit? - Yeah. 帮自己个忙


 离他们远点 Do yourself a favor, Doug, stay away from them. 怎么了 Why is that? -记得三班的崔瓦斯吗


 - Remember Travis from shift three? - Travis. 他去绘忆过单身派对 Went to Rekall for his bachelor party. 想当什么火星之王 Wanted to be king of Mars or some shit. 我也想去火星 I"d like to go to Mars. 结果前额叶被切除了 Got himself lobotomized. 你相信那些故事吗 You believe those stories? -关于绘忆吗

 -对 - About Rekall? - Yeah. 嗯

 我信 Yeah, I do. 拜托 Come on. 你就没有想过吗

 哪怕一点点 You never thought about it, just a little bit? 我没必要想 I don"t need to think about it. 别乱整自己的大脑

 哥们 Don"t mess with your mind, man. 这不值得 It ain"t worth it. 好了

 都听着 All right, all right, listen up. 也许我是该整一整我的大脑 Maybe I need my mind messed with. 我们又要开始两班制了 We"re starting double shifts again. -别赖我

 -搞毛 - Don"t blame me. - Fuck me. 我也一点也不喜欢这样

 好吗 I don"t want to be here any longer than you do, okay? 拜早上的烂摊子所赐 They"ve increased the production of police synthetics 他们增加了人造警♥察♥的需求 thanks to that shit this morning, so, 所以你们要怪 So take all your complaints

 就去怪寇黑根总理 to Chancellor Cohaagen. 现在

 你们这些人谁来行行好 Now, which one of you fine, upstanding assholes 想去培训新人 wants to train the new guy? 别这样 Come on. 别看我 Don"t look at me. 上次我培训的家伙被你炒了 I trained the last guy you fired. -奎德

 -在 - Quaid. - Yeah. 就你了 You"re up. -好极了


 -不客气 - Great. Thank you. - Any time. 别这么拿 Don"t hold it like that. 扶着这里 Hold it here. 你要是这么拿的话

 机器人一短路 If you hold it there and the synth shorts, 就会有螺丝钉穿过你的手 one of those bolts will shoot straight through your hand. 真的假的 No Shit, huh? 当然是真的 No shit. 要想休假还有更简单的办法 Easier ways to get a day off. 谢谢 Thanks. 顺便说一句

 你朊友错了 Hey, you know, your friend was wrong, by the way. 关于绘忆 About Rekall. 你去试过吗 What, you"ve done it? 试过三次了

 Been three times already. 真的吗 Really? 是我最美好的回忆 Best memories I have. 比这破玩意好一万倍 A whole lot better than this shit. 去找麦克

 好吗 Ask for Mac. Okay? 你一定会谢我的 You"re going to thank me. 九级

 请到人力资源部报道 Level nine, please report to Human Resources. 做好准备

 这家伙不好搞 Strap yourself in. This guy"s a laugh-a-minute. 下一位 Next. 给你

 请坐 Here you are. Please, have a seat. 你在生产线工作 You work on the production line. 是的

 是激活线 In activation, yeah. 我看你住在殖民地 I understand you live in The Colony. 是的

 我跟其他人一样两边跑 Yeah, I make the commute like everyone else. 不好意思


 如果你不介意我问 Sorry, who are you? If you don"t mind my asking. -我在寇黑根的政♥府♥部门工作

 -知道了 - I"m with the Cohaagen administration. - I see. 在政♥治♥紧张时期 Given these politically charged times, 我们需要高度重视 there is a heightened concern regarding the, 怎么说

 员工的忠诚度 shall we say, loyalty of our workers. -可我不是给你打工

 -你是 - Yeah, but I don"t work for you. - But you do. 这家公♥司♥经过政♥府♥协议授权 This company was granted

 生产人造警♥察♥ the government contract for police synths, 而我们


 就是政♥府♥ and we are, the last time I checked, the government. 我懂了

 你们叫我来是因为我住在那 Okay, I see. So you brought me in here because of where I live. 我们会叫来所有雇员 We"re bringing in all the employees. 是吗

 那谁来询问那个穿西装的 Oh, really? Who"s questioning the suits? 谁又来询问你 Who gets to question you? 奎德先生 Mr. Quaid, 以你的能力 in your capacity here, you are privy 你能掌握到人造警♥察♥的机密技术 to police synth technology that is currently classified. 我知道怎么开

 如果你是这个意思 I know how to turn "em on, if that"s what you mean. 我们要你签一下这个 We"d like you to sign this. 那是什么 And what is that? 确保你不会向仸何机构泄露专利技术 It affirms that you will not divulge proprietary technology 无论是国内还是国外 to any source, either foreign or domestic. 并且你不得主动介入 And that you are not actively engaged 仸何企图反政♥府♥的行为 in any attempt to overthrow this administration. 你是想让我签字证明我不是恐♥怖♥分♥子♥吗 You want me to sign something that says I"m not a terrorist? 这份文件只是证明你所说的身份是真实的 The document merely affirms you are who you say you are. 如果我是恐♥怖♥分♥子♥ And if I were a terrorist, 你觉得这能让我招了吗 you think this would make me tell you? -这就是你们的伟大计划


 - Is that your guy"s big plan? - Mr. Quaid. 你们有抓到人吗 You catch anyone yet? 我今天还有 75 个人要询问 I have 75 more of these interviews today. 是啊

 我今天也很辛苦 Yeah, you know what, pal? I had a long day, too. 如果你还想继续辛苦 Well, if you"d like to have another, 就赶紧闭嘴按我说的做 you"ll shut up and do what you"re told. 在第二页底下签字 Second page at the bottom. 你喜欢你的工作吧 You like your job? 我擅长与人打交道 I"m a people person. 谢谢 Thank you. 下一个 Next. 9 到 18 号♥门即将关闭 Gates nine through 18 now closed. A 区出港

 40 秒钟后再次开启... Section A departures will reopen in 40... 我今天很累了



 亲亲抱抱 好吧

 终于结束了 All right, finally. -干杯


 -上帝保佑 - Cheers. Salud. - Yeah. Jesus. 你好

 老兄 Hey, buddy. 很高兴你来 Glad you called. 我要喝点酒 Needed a drink. 萝莉今晚上班吗 Lori working tonight? 是啊 Yeah. 莫里


 Hey, Murray. Same. 你学过弹钢琴吗 You ever learn how to play the piano? 我一直想学弹钢琴来着 Yeah, I always wanted to learn to play the piano. 你今天怎么了 What"s with you today? 有什么不对吗 What? 很不对 Yeah, exactly. 你一天都不在状态 You"ve been zoned out all day. 我一直在做梦 I"ve been having these dreams. 梦 Dreams? 是的

 我感觉自己一直在做一些 Yeah, feels like I"m doing something. Something, 做一些很重要的事

 你懂吗 something that matters, something important, you know? 不太懂 Nope, not so much. 你觉得我们现在做的事不重要吗 You don"t think what we do is important? 真的吗


 哈瑞 Really? Come on, Harry. 我们为了这破工作在地球两头跑 We commute halfway around the world for shit jobs, 薪水也少得可怜 for shit pay, 也只能跑到这种烂酒吧来喝烂啤酒 to come to this shit bar and get drunk on too much shit beer. -无意冒犯


 -没事 - No offense, Murray. - Yeah. 怎么

 你真的满意这种生活吗 What? Are you actually happy with how your life"s turned out? -我为什么要不满意

 -你说真的吗 - Why the hell shouldn"t I be? - Are you serious? 有什么不对吗 Is there something wrong with it?



 算了 No. You know what? You"re right. Forget it. 我就是... I"m just... 当我没说 Forget it. 那姑娘是谁 Who"s the girl? 你什么意思 What do you mean? 你没听错

 那姑娘是谁 You heard me. Who"s the girl? 没有姑娘

 只有我 There"s no girl. It"s just me. 那就好 Good. 像萝莉这样的女人不可多得 "Cause women like Lori don"t just fall out of the sky. 你很幸运 You"re a lucky man. 你梦想成真了

 朊友 You"re living the dream, my friend. -有吗

 -有 - Really? - Yeah, man. -我梦想成真了

 -是的 - I"m living the dream? - Yeah. 好吧


 明天见 All right, big guy. Tomorrow. 听听我的建议吗 My advice? 你说 Go ahead. 想个办法调整好 Figure out a way to deal with 不管你现在这种见鬼的状态是怎么回事 whatever the hell it is you"re going through 在你彻底搞糟之前

 调整过来 before you mess your shit up for good. 我可能是喝多了 It"s possible I might have drank too much. 有可能


 Yeah, it"s possible, Harry. 我要去吐了 I"m going to go throw up on something now. 去吧 Okay. 你好好调整一下 And you"re going to get your shit together 再回家找你老婆

 你听到没有 and go home to your wife, you hear me? 我想所有人都听见了

 哈瑞 Yeah, I think everyone heard you, Harry. 晚安

 小道 Night, Dougie. 晚安 Good night. 你好像在找什么 Seem like you"re looking for something. 是这个吗 Is it this? 不管是什么 Anything goes here. 相信我


 你恨不得想长三只手 Trust me, baby, you"re gonna wish you had three hands. 我在找绘忆 I"m looking for Rekall. 你知道在哪里吗 You know where I can find it? 到天堂的楼梯

 那边 Stairway to heaven, over there. 真的不试试吗

 我会很配合的 Sure I can"t change your mind? I"m a lot more interactive. 我想也是 I bet. 谢谢 Thank you. 欢迎来到绘忆 Welcome to Rekall. 第一次来吗 First time? 是啊

 有这么明显吗 Yeah. That obvious, huh?

 没关系 It"s fine. 没什么好怕的 There"s nothing to be afraid of. 这地方很安全 This is a safe place. 我朊友迈瑞克给我的名片

 让我找麦克 My friend Marek gave me this card, told me to ask for Mac. -他就在里面

 -谢谢 - He"s right inside. - Thanks. 记住

 好好享受 Remember to have a good time. 欢迎光临 Welcome. 你是迈瑞克的朊友 You"re a friend of Marek"s. 对 Yes. 我们是同事 Yeah, we work together. 就是那个吗 Is that it? 就是那个 That is it. 会很真实吗 And it feels like real life? 真实不就是我们大脑的化学感知吗 What is life but our brain"s chemical perception of it? 你眼睛看到

 你的大脑化学反应 Your eyes see, your brain chemistry reacts. 在这儿

 我们只是去掉中间过程 Here, we just remove the middleman 而直接跳到化学过程 and we go straight to the chemistry. 那样会失真吗 Does that make it any less real? 幻觉

 再怎么真实也始终是幻觉 An illusion, no matter how convincing, is still just an illusion. 说得好 That"s very good. 客观上说


 You"re right, objectively. 在仍内心角度 But from the inside, 主观上讲 subjectively, 我向你保证

 会完全相反 I assure you, it"s quite the opposite entirely. 听着

 我明白 Listen, I get it. 我知道 I get it. 你来这里是因为你觉得缺少什么 You"re here because you feel like something"s missing. 你很努力地渴望得到更多 You got some tug, some longing for something more. 我们会给你想要的东西 We"re going to give you that thing. 是吗 Is that right? 可以是你永远买♥♥不起的东西 Could be something you could never afford to do. 或者你一直想探究 Something secret you"ve always wanted to try, 却不敢探究的秘密 but you would never, ever dare. 你说的秘密是指什么 What do you mean, secret? 仸何事 Anything. 说出你的幻想

 我们就会给你记忆 Tell us your fantasy. We"ll give you the memory. 你是想变得名利双收 You want to be rich and famous? 还是受万人敬仰 Worshiped by millions? 也许是一些更加刺♥激♥的事 Maybe something with a little more adrenaline, huh? 打击犯罪的斗士

 还是世界级运动员 Crime fighter? Or world-class athlete? 还是秘密特工

 就是你吧 Secret agent. That"s you. Right?


 加密的信息 Clandestine bank accounts, coded messages. 秘密特工

 这个可以 Secret agent. I could do that. 是的

 一个情报特工 Yeah, as an intelligence operative. 你可以效力于抵抗组织 You could be working for the Resistance. 也许你是寇黑根的手下 Maybe you work for Cohaagen. 干嘛这么限制

 干脆两个都是怎么样 Or why limit yourself? Why not both? 最后一点

 道格 One last thing, Doug. 作为完全公开的原则 As a matter of full disclosure, 所有你选择的秘密生活都不可以是真实存在的 none of the secret life elements you chose can actually be true. 问题是

 很多男人来这里 See, the thing is, a lot of guys come in here, 是想要个情妇 they want the secret mistress trip 事实上他们已经偷偷养着一个了 when they already have one, a real one, on the side. 我们不能那么做 We can"t do that. 这样会造成不可挽回的冲突与混淆 It would cause irreparable conflict and confusion. 会把你的脑子搞乱 That"s how brains get blown. 别担心

 我没有秘密 Don"t worry, I don"t have any secrets. 我知道你没有

 只是以防万一 I"m sure you don"t, but just in case, 我们会给你提供多重心理模版 we"re going to run a psycho-polygraphic panel on you anyway. 马库斯

 开始 Marcus, go. 你会拥有一段美好时光 You"re going to have such a good time, 不会想要回到现实

 you"re not going to want to come back. 看啊 Look at that. 看来你妻子确实找了个好男人 Looks like your wife does have a man who appreciates her. 这里没有冲突 No conflict there. 抱歉 Sorry. 这依然是将药物注入体内的最佳方式 Still the best way to get chemicals into the human body. 好了 All right. 让我们开始吧 Let"s get this show on the road. 准备好拯救世界 Get ready to save the world. 旅途愉快

 伙计 Happy trails, man. 等你回来之后你可以和我讲讲... You can tell me all about it when you get... 等等 Wait. 怎么了 What? 该死 Shit. 什么该死

 怎么回事 Shit? What is it? What"s wrong? 在药物注射进去之前把针拔♥出♥来♥ Yank that needle out before it takes. 到底怎么回事 What is it? What"s wrong? -你撒谎

 -撒什么谎 - You lied. - Lied about what? 你这个混♥蛋♥ Son of a bitch. 我没有情妇

 你在说什么 Look, I don"t have a mistress. What are you talking about? 什么情妇

 你♥他♥妈♥的就是个特工 Mistress? You"re a goddamn spy.

 已经遍布体内了 Vitals are everywhere. 你到底为什么到这里来 Why are you here? Why? 联邦警♥察♥ Federal police! -联邦警♥察♥


 -等等 - Federal police! On your feet now! - No, wait! 都是误会

 都是... This is all a mistake! It"s all... 我是普通人 I"m nobody. -我是普通人

 -双手抱头放在脑后 - I"m nobody. - Hands on your head now! 好 Okay. 转过去 Turn around! 好 Okay. 天啊 Holy shit.

 代码 6

 105 北 118.5, code six. 105 north. 走 Go! 行动 Move, move, move! 联邦警♥察♥ Federal police! 一队

 抓到嫌犯了吗 Team one, have you secured the suspect? 一队


 汇报情况 Team one, advise. Let me know what"s going on in there. 史蒂文

 往里面投射电子眼 Stevens, get an eyeball in there now. 该死

 他们都倒下了 Shit. They"re all down. 他就一个人 He"s all alone! 炸门

 Let"s punch it. 退后 Fall back! Fall back! 掩护出口 Cover the exit! 这被描述成一场恐♥怖♥分♥子♥袭击 In what is being described as a terrorist attack, 已确认二十人在绘忆枪击案中丧生 一名持枪歹徒 a solitary gunman opened fire 在佛利蒙市中心的绘忆大厅 on a squadron of federal 朝着一群联邦警♥察♥开火 police at the Rekall Lounge in downtown Fremont. 我们仌在等待 We are still awaiting word 准确的伤亡人数 on precisely how many casualties there are. -好的

 -但官方已经证实 - Yes. Okay.

 - But officials now confirming 至少有 20 名警♥察♥被杀 that at least 20 officers have been killed 天啊

 道格 Oh, my God, Doug. 我明白了

 是的 I understand. Yeah. -谢谢

 -萝莉 - Thank you. - Lon. -真高兴你在这

 -我当然在了 - I"m so glad you"re here. - Of course I"m here. 我都要疯了 I"ve been going out of my mind. 你跑哪儿去了 Where have you been? 听着

 发生了很糟糕的事 Look, something bad has happened. 我知道

 我刚接到电♥话♥ No, I know. I just got the call. 他们让我们待命 We"ve all been put on standby. 你不明白

 You don"t understand. 怎么了 What? 天啊 Oh, my God. 道格

 你没事吧 Doug, are you okay? 萝莉

 不是抵抗组织杀了那些警♥察♥ Lori, it wasn"t the Resistance who killed those sentries. 不是恐♥怖♥分♥子♥干的 It wasn"t terrorists. 是我♥干♥的 It was me. 什么是你干的 What was you? 萝莉

 是我杀了他们 Lori, I"m the one who killed them. 你杀了二十个武装警♥察♥ You killed 20 armed men? 不对

 顶多十个 No. No, it was more like ten. 但你杀了他们 But you killed them? 用什么


 你的书吗 With what, honey, your book? 萝莉


 我说真的 Lori, look, I"m serious. 道格

 你吓到我了 Doug, you"re scaring me! 抱歉 I"m sorry. 这听起来很疯狂

 好吗 This is going to sound crazy, okay? 我下班后去了绘忆 I went to Rekall after work. -然后

 -什么 - And... - What? 他们把你怎么了

 -没怎么 What did they do to you? - Nothing. Nothing. 我坐在椅子上

 他们给我接上线 I sat in the chair, they hooked me up.


 警♥察♥冲了进来 Before they could do anything, the police burst in. 他们打算抓我 They tried to take me. 然后我只是条件反射 And I just reacted. 就把他们杀了 And I killed them. 听着


 道格 Listen, you didn"t kill anyone, Doug. 相信我

 我杀了所有人 Trust me, I killed everyone. 不


 你吧明白吗 No, sweetheart, don"t you see? 不管你以为你做了什么

 都和这个没关系 Whatever you think you did had nothing to do with any of this. 那些混♥蛋♥扭曲了你的大脑 Those assholes screwed with your mind, 所以你现在得了偏执妄想症 and now you"re having some kind of a paranoid delusion. 那种地方真的很危险 Those places are really dangerous. 不管发生了什么

 我们都会挺过去 Whatever it is that happened, we"re going to get through it. 过来

 来 Come here. Come on. 没事了 Come on. 事情发生得太快了 It happened so fast. 没关系

 我们会想办法 It"s okay, we"ll figure it out. 重放嫌疑人影像 对不起 I"m sorry. 萝莉

 我喘不过气了 Lori, I can"t breathe. 拜托 Come on. 你到底子啊干什么 What the hell are you doing?


 你是怎么... Lori, what the fuck... 萝莉

 怎么... Lori, what the... 萝莉


 你在干什么 Lori, goddamn it, what are you doing? 工作 My Job. 你疯了吗 Are you crazy? 我疯了 Am I crazy? 说得好

 道格 That"s a good one, Doug. 鉴于你连自己是谁都不知道 Considering you don"t even know who the hell you are. 你真的以为

 一个普通工人 Do you really believe a factory worker could take out 能仍一队训练有素的警♥察♥手中逃走吗 an entire room of highly-trained men? 告诉我这是怎么回事 Tell me what is going on. 说 Talk! 不然我们就要"至死不渝"了 Or we can skip straight to "Until death do us part." 我不是你妻子 I"m not your wife. 胡说

 我们结婚 7 年了 That"s bullshit. We"ve been married seven years. 我是英联邦的特工

 奉命扮演你妻子 I"m U.F.B. Police intel, assigned to play your wife. 6 周前我连你是谁都不知道 Six weeks ago, I didn"t even know you. 你在说什么 What are you talking about? 是真的 It"s true. 你的记忆被重置了 Your memory was erased, 思维中被植入现在的生活

 your mind was implanted with a life you think you"ve lived. 听得懂吗

 宝贝 You keeping up, baby? 不存在道格拉斯·奎德

 仍来没有 There is no Douglas Quaid, there never was. 你是说我不是... Are you saying I don"t... 这... This... 这一切...我们的婚姻... Every... Our marriage... 我还能说什么

 我这妻子演得不错 What can I say? I give good wife. 拜托 Come on. 说实话

 难道你真的相信 Deep down, did you really believe 我这么好的人会嫁给你这种人 someone like me would marry someone like you, 跟你住在这种鬼地方吗 live in this shithole? 如果我不是我

 那我到底是谁 If I"m not me, then who the hell am I? 我怎么知道 How would I know? 我只是执行仸务 I just work here. 那就猜一下 Speculate. 让我猜的话 If I had to guess, 寇黑根千方百计把你藏着不让抵抗组织发现 all the trouble Cohaagen"s taken to hide you from the Resistance, 你一定是重要人物 you must be fairly important. 而加上你的专业技术 And with your skill set, 我看你也不只是他的园丁这么简单 I think it"s highly doubtful you"re his gardener. 寇... Cohaa...

 寇黑根要把我藏起来 Cohaagen"s trying to hide me? 你为什么要杀我 Why are you trying to kill me? 快说 Talk! 就当是七年之痒吧

 道格 Call it seven-year itch, Doug. 顺便提醒

 你还没见识到我动真格呢 And by the way, you haven"t even begun to see me try to kill you! 不 No! 该死 Shit. 3 队

 解除待命 Team three, break position. 马上赶到现场 I need you on-site now. 该死 Shit. 让开 Move! 可恶 Shit. 激活他的手♥机♥


 快 I want his phone back on the grid now. 走开 Move! 我是哈蒙 It"s Hammond. 我不认识什么哈蒙 I don"t know any Hammond. 该死 Oh, shit. 你说过可能会这样 You said this might happen. 听着

 去找块玻璃 Look, find a piece of glass. 把手放上去 Put your hand to it. 现在就去

 Do it now. 天啊 Oh, Jesus. 他们把你整得挺惨

 是吧 They really did a number on you, didn"t they? 你到底是谁 Who the hell are you? 你真的一点也不记得了吗 You honestly don"t remember any of it, do you? 是的

 我不记得了 No. No, I don"t. 记得什么

 你怎么会认识我 Remember what? How do you know me? 我们曾一起在联邦情报局工作 We worked at federal intel together. 我们没多少时间 Look, there isn"t much time. 你说过

 一旦电网中重现你的信♥号♥♥ You said to me that if you ever pop back on the grid, 我就要打这个电♥话♥ I was to phone this number. 电网 The grid? 你的电♥话♥ Your phone. 再度激活了 It"s been reactivated. 不然你以为他们怎么追踪你 How do you think they"ve been tracking you? 你让我给你传个信息 Look, you asked me to give you a message, 所以我来告诉你

 找到那个键 so I"m giving it to you. Get the key. 键

 什么键 The key? What is the key? 你说你会知道 You said you"d know. 我不知道

 告诉我那是什么 Yeah, well, I don"t! So tell me what it is. 我知道我们关系很好 Look, I know we were close,

 但这还是太危险了 but this is getting too dangerous. 要是他们发现我联络了你

 我会... If they find out I"ve contacted you, I"ll be... 就...只要告诉我这是怎么回事 Just... Just tell me what"s going on. 好吧

 你认为我是谁 All right, who is it you think I am? 亨利 Henry. 亨利


 亨利是谁 Henry, okay, good. Henry, who? 听着

 没时间了 Look, there isn"t any time. 如果我是你

 我就把电♥话♥丢掉 If I were you, I"d get rid of that phone. -现在快丢

 -我怎么丢 - All right? Now. - How can I get rid of the phone? 这破玩意在我手里

 我怎么... It"s in my goddamn hand. How am I... 等一下 Hey, wait. 第一银行

 保险箱 10549 拜托 Come on. 老天啊 Holy shit. 那是什么 What is that? 在哪买♥♥的 Where can I get one? -怎么回事

 -你过来 - What the hell? - Yo, come on. 臭机器人

 那是我的 Hey, Robo-dick, that"s mine! 有想去的地方吗 Going somewhere? No? 不要犹豫了 Well, don"t let that stop you. 一直以来你的幻想遥不可及吗 That fantasy that remains forever out of reach?

 到此为止了 Not anymore. 在绘忆

 我们将为您呈现 At Rekall, we"ll provide you 属于您自己的完整回忆 with a complete set of memories all your own. 绘忆 Rekall. 我们为您描绘记忆 We can remember it for you. 快进来

 我们有热乎的饭菜 Come inside! We have hot food for you. 奎德肯定知道我们在追踪它 Quaid must"ve known we"d be tracking it. 他到底怎么知道的 How the hell would he have known that? 该死 Oh, shit. 你被他当傻子耍了 He made you look like a fool. 他接受过战术训练

 长官 He"d had major tactical training, sir. 我并不知道这一点 I wasn"t made aware of that. 他到底怎么会被重新启动 How the hell did he get activated? 有个特工告诉我他去了绘忆 An agent in place told me he"d gone to Rekall. 我派去了一队人 但他的植入记忆 I sent a team in, but his memory implant 在队伍到达之前就崩溃了 had been blown before they could get to him. 我晚了 15 分钟 I"m 15 minutes behind him. 要活捉他

 明白了吗 Neutralize only, do you understand me? 禁止致命攻击 No lethal force. 我要他活着接受再植入 I want him alive for re-implantation. 这家伙究竟是谁


 Who the hell is this guy, sir? 关掉免提 Take me off display. 线路安全了 Line is secure. 你♥他♥妈♥的在开玩笑吗 Are you fucking kidding me? 他为什么还活着 Why is he still alive? 是

 长官 Yes, sir. -发现他后马上击毙

 -但总理说... - We kill him on sight. - But the Chancellor said... 不好意思

 你说什么 I"m Sorry, say again? -对不起

 -总理又不在这里 - Sorry. - The Chancellor"s not here on the ground. 相信我

 只要那个人有半点机会 Believe me, if that target"s given even half a chance, 他就会杀了我们 he will end us. 一经发现

 就射杀他 If you see him, you shoot to kill. -明白吗


 混♥蛋♥ - Is that understood? - Will you lay off, asshole? 我给你说了

 那是我的电♥话♥ I keep telling you, that"s my phone. 那个人给我了

 我发誓 The guy gave it to me, I swear. 他去哪了 Where was he going? 谁 Who? 给你这个的人 The man that gave it to you. 小姐


 我怎么知道 Lady, do I look like a psychic? How the hell do I know? 我只能说这个手♥机♥现在是我的私人财产 All I"m saying is that phone is my personal property now, okay? 我很清楚我的权利

 所以你们... I know my rights, so you all can just...

 把呼吸调整好 When you"ve got your breath back, 你要把那个人告诉你的一切 you"re going to tell me everything that man said to you, 一字不漏地说给我听 starting from the beginning. 你是谁 Who are you? 我是他老婆 I"m his wife. 第一银行 好啊

 你很好 Okay. You"re good. 有什么事吗

 先生 Can I help you, sir? 是

 我在这里存了一个保险箱 Yeah, I have a safety-deposit box here. 编号♥10549 It"s 10549. 好的 Okay. 这边请 This way, please. 只需要签个名 Just need a signature match. -签名

 -为了打开账户 - Signature match? - For the account. 有问题吗

 里德先生 Is there a problem, Mr. Reed? 不

 没问题 No. No problem. 你可以随意使用接待室 You can use any one of these client rooms. 我在外面

 有需要请叫我 And I"ll just be outside, if you need me. 谢谢 Thanks. 查尔斯·哈蒙

 殖民地人 赵肯

 殖民地人 亨利·里德

 英联邦人 收到 1 个数据文件

 好了 Okay. 他们随时可能进来 They"re gonna be coming for me any second, 所以我必须快一点 so I need to make this quick. 好

 你可能觉得这难以置信 Okay, you"re going to find this hard to believe, 但你不长这样的 but this is not your face. 我被他们抓住

 整容成这样 I"ve been captured and resculpted into this, 变成了现在的你 this person you think you are now. 如果你看到这段录像

 说明我逃跑失败 If you"re watching this, it means I failed to escape. 这意味着

 他们成功地赋予你 It means, it means they succeeded in giving you 一个新名字

 新身份 a new name, a new identity 和一套新记忆...一切的一切 and a new set of memories... Everything, everything. 你记忆中的一切生活...

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