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内容摘要:脑子Brains!现在演什么呢Whatshappeningnow?僵尸在吃她的脑子 奶奶Well,

 脑子 Brains! 现在演什么呢 What"s happening now? 僵尸在吃她的脑子

 奶奶 Well, the zombie is eating her head, Grandma. 那可不好

 吃它干嘛 That"s not very nice. What"s he doing that for? 他是僵尸

 僵尸都吃脑子 Because he"s a zombie. That"s what they do. 他晚餐肯定吃不下了 He"s going to ruin his dinner. 他们要是坐下来好好谈谈 I"m sure if they just bothered to sit down and talk it through, 肯定有别的办法解决 it would be a different story. 诺曼

 不是让你倒垃圾吗 Norman, didn"t l tell you to take out the garbage? 就来

 爸爸 Yeah, coming, Dad. 顺便叫他把恒温器打开吧 Tell him to turn up the thermostat, too, will you? 我的脚冰凉 My feet are like ice. 快给我安进去

 混账 Come on, fit, you stupid... 在屋里看什么呢 Hi. What are you watching in there? 性和暴♥力♥ Sex and violence. 真不错 Oh, that"s nice. 你就不能像别的孩子那样 Can"t you be like other kids your age, 在院子里扎扎帐篷或者 and pitch a tent in the 有点锯木头之类的健康喜好吗 yard or have a healthy interest in carpentry? 佩里 Perry... 你不是说

 I thought you said kids my 我这年龄的孩子只会入室行窃和飙车吗 age were too busy shoplifting and joyriding. 诺曼 Norman. 他就跟吸多了似的

 少说有七包 He"s, like, R-I-double-P-E-D. Like, a seven-pack at least. 看着点 Watch it! 考特尼

 温柔点 Courtney, be nice. Whoa! 对啊

 她根本配不上他 Yeah, she totally doesn"t deserve him. 她是不错

 我也喜欢她 I mean, she"s nice and l really like her, 但她就是个窝囊废 but she"s a complete loser. 对啊

 我知道 Yeah, l know. 爸爸 Hey, uh, Dad? 奶奶问能不能开暖气

 她脚冷 Grandma says, can you turn up the heating? Her feet are cold. 佩里 Now, Perry... 还要我说几次

 儿子 How many times do we have to go through this, son? 你奶奶死了 Your grandmother is dead! 我知道 I know. 那你怎么还老跟她说话 Then why do you keep on talking to her? 因为她跟我说话 Because she talks back. 天哪

 你真能瞎掰 OMG, you are such a liar. 拜托

 我没编瞎话 God, l"m not making this up, 我发誓

 她总跟我说话 I swear! She talks to me all the time.


 拿出证据来 Oh, yeah? Prove it. 她说

 把高中四分卫裸上身的照片 She said, it"s not very ladylike 藏在放内♥裤♥的抽屉里 to hide photos of the high-school quarterback 可不像淑女该有的行为 with his shirt off in your underwear drawer. 我就知道 I knew it! 你偷偷地翻我的... Uh! You"ve been sneaking around in my personal... Ugh! 我可没有

 是奶奶告诉我的 No, I haven"t. Grandma told me. 你最差劲了 You are the worst! 诺曼

 我知道你跟奶奶很亲 Norman, I know you and Grandma were very close, 但是日子还得继续 but we all have to move on. 奶奶现在在一个更好的地方 Grandma"s in a better place now. 没有

 她就在客厅 No, she"s not. She"s in the living room. 你奶奶老了

 病死了 Your grandmother was old and sick and she died. 就是这么回事儿 That"s all there is to it! 好了


 他只是还没仍悲伤中走出来 Okay. Perry, this is just part of the mourning process. 别再帮他找借口了 Oh, stop indulging him. 不是我不开明 I"m nothing if I"m not liberal, 但那种娘们兮兮的行径 but that limp-wristed 在萌芽时期就得及时制止 hippie garbage needs to be nipped in the bud. 你们家的人可能不在乎 This behavior might be okay with your side of the family, 但我可忍♥不下去了

 but I"m not putting up with it anymore! 我做不到

 不许再这样了 Not me! Not this again. 这可不是西海岸

 桑德拉 This isn"t the West Coast, Sandra. 这里的人会说闲话


 People talk. They do. 他只是比较敏感

 佩里 He"s just sensitive, Perry. 拜托

 敏感是指会写写诗 Oh, please! Sensitive is writing poetry 或者不喜欢集体活动之类的

 不是这样 and being lousy at team sports. Not this. 我不会让他变成你那个舅舅那样 I won"t have him turn out like that uncle of yours. 要是那个疯老头子敢在这附近 If that crazy old tramp has been around here, 往诺曼脑袋里灌输些... putting ideas in Norman"s head... 佩里

 大家都好几年不跟 Perry, no one has had anything to do 彭德加斯舅舅联络了 with Uncle Prenderghast in years. 估计他都不知道诺曼长什么样 I bet he doesn"t even know what Norman looks like. 时间不多了 Not much time. 通灵男孩诺曼 早上好 Good morning! 布鲁斯

 你好吗 Hey, Bruce, how"s it going? 我不咋地


 我得走了 Not much. I"m kind of late for school, I need to go. 很高兴见到你们 Hi! Nice to see you guys. 早上好


 我得走了 Good morning. Sorry, I got to run. Oh! 不好意思


 再见 Excuse me. Pardon me. See ya! 小家伙



 Hey there, little buddy. Come on, come here. 寻狗启示 联♥系♥人


  酬谢 5000 美金 很高兴见到你 Yeah, good to see you. 你好啊 How you doing? 嗨


 您今天真美 Hi, Mrs. Hardman. You look nice today. 我喜欢你的发型 I like what you"ve done with your hair. 有谁闻到糊味了吗 Does anyone smell burning? 保持平和

 小兄弟 Hey, peace, man. -很平和

 -很好 - Totally.

 - Yeah. 保持状态

 士共 As you were, soldier. 长官

 是的长官 Sir, yes, sir! 诺曼

 你逃课了吗 Yo, Norman. You playing hooky? 没有没有



 先走了 No, no, I"m just late for school. Sorry, I got to go. 你好 How you doing? 你好 Hey, how you doing? 挂得好吗 Hi. How"s it hanging? 还真没听人这么问过 Haven"t heard that one before. 天气不错 Well, it"s a nice day. 欢迎来到无忧谷 放松[绞刑]的好地方 女巫维也纳小香肠 学着点

 我的中间名字就叫"停车违规" Watch and learn. "Parking violation" is my middle name.


 我以为是叫罗娜呢 Really? l thought it was Rhona. 谷中幽境 吸气



 要用丹田 Suck it in, sweetie. No, no, your gut. 这就对了 There you go. 学生指导课后分手吧 怪胎 肥仔 鬼娃

 知道吗 Hey, hey, ghost jerk, you know what? 你想干什么

 阿尔文 What do you want, Alvin? 去多见见鬼吧

 花生 Why don"t you go see some more ghosts, Goober? 诺曼 Hey, hey, Norman. 跟它说话呀 Talk to that. 真像我会干的事

 对吧 That"s so Alvin! Right? 不错吧


 好玩吧 That was good, right, guys? That was fun? 苍蝇不会说话 Flies don"t talk. 尼尔


 走吧 Neil, come on, let"s go. 一帮文盲 You stink of illiteracy! 清教♥徒♥

 五月花号♥ Pilgrims! The Mayflower! 英国移♥民♥驶往北美的一艘最为著名的船只 陪审团

 法官 就没人知道点 Don"t any of you know anything 镇子的历史吗 about the history of this town? 清教♥徒♥是一群严谨而虔诚的移♥民♥ Puritans were strict and devout settlers, 他们来到这里


 who came here to build a home, 开拓了一片无罪的乐土 a place without sin! 又怎么了

 萨尔玛 What is it now, Salma? 为什么女巫总是戴着尖顶帽 Why is the witch always a hideous old crone 手拿扫帚

 吓人的丑老太太 with a pointy hat and a broomstick? 我觉得这不符史实

 汉雪老师 I don"t believe it"s historically accurate, Miss Henscher. 本来就没要符合史实 It"s not supposed to be! 这只是用来推销明信片和钥匙扣的 It"s supposed to sell postcards and key chains. 那我们再来一遍 So, let"s try it again! 仍第六页最上面开始

 诺曼 Top of page six, Norman! 无忧谷的始祖发现 "The founding fathers of Blithe Hollow 他们中有一名邪恶的女巫 "Discovered an evil witch amongst them..." 不对不对


 要富有感情 No, no, Norman! With gusto! 像这样 Like this. 他们审讯她

 还吊死了她 "They put her on trial and hanged her! 但这名怀恨不止的女巫 "But the vengeful witch 对他们七名指控者下了诅咒 cursed her accusers, seven of them in all, 诅咒他们可怕而阴森地死去 "To die a horrible and gruesome death, 而后仍墓地爬出来成为活死人 "And rise from their graves as the living dead! 他们的灵魂 "Their souls! 他们的灵魂

 注定永受诅咒 "Their souls, doomed to an eternity of damnation !"


 拿出点说朋力 Now, I want you to try that again, but with conviction. 我的声誉就靠它了

 来吧 My reputation is at stake, here. 我不会让这出戏 And l won"t have this turn out 成为 09 年那破垃圾歌♥舞伎的... like that wretched Kabuki debacle of "09. . . 诺曼


 小子 Norman! Are you listening to me, boy? 抱歉

 汉雪老师 Sorry, Mrs. Henscher. 彼此彼此 So am I. 现在


 我们就继续吧 Now, unless there"s any other issues, let us resume. 他们审讯她

 还吊死了她 "They put her on trial and hanged her!" 到我了 Ooh! This is my moment! 吓一跳吧

 宝贝 Boom, baby! 抱歉 Sorry. 你们这帮没用的... Ah! You useless bunch of... 明天见 怪物 诺曼

 等等 Norman, wait up! 我说过了


 我喜欢当独行侠 l keep telling you, Neil. I like to be alone. 我也是

 我们一起当吧 So do I! Let"s do it together. 你不该让他们搅了心情 You shouldn"t let them get you down. 他们总那样对我 They always do stuff like that to me. 为什么 Why? 因为我胖


 Because I"m fat. And my allergies make my eyes leak. 走快了还会流汗 And I sweat when I walk too fast. 餐盒上还有只小猫 And I have a lunch box with a kitten on it. 我还有过敏性肠道综合症 Ooh. And I have irritable bowel syndrome. 反正我能被他们取笑的事情可多了 I guess there"s a whole bunch of stuff. 你不烦吗 Doesn"t it bother you? 不啊


 这是人类的天性 No. You can"t stop bullying. It"s part of human nature. 要是你个头大点

 再笨点 lf you were bigger and more stupid, 你大概也会欺负别人 you"d probably be a bully, too. 这叫强者生存 It"s called "Survival of the thickest." 那个雕像刚叫我们了 That statue just "Psst" At us. 知道我是谁吗 Do you know who I am? 住在山上

 又怪又臭又老的流浪汉吗 The weird, stinky old bum who lives up the hill? 我在问他 I was asking him! 我知道 Yeah, uh, I know. 我不准跟你说话的

 抱歉 l was told not to talk to you. Sorry. 那你知道原因吗 And you know why you"re not supposed to talk to me? 我也能看见鬼 I can see ghosts, too! 我还知道你最近还看见别的了

 对吧 And I know that"s not all you"ve been seeing lately, is it? 比如凶兆 Bad omens? 一些解释不清的事情 Things you can"t quite explain.

 或者透过面纱凝视你的陌生面孔 Strange faces peering through the veil? 估计还没人跟你说过女巫诅咒的事吧 And I"ll bet no one told you about the witch"s curse, did they? 兲实我们在学校正学呢 Actually, we"re learning about it in school. 我是一颗树 Oh, oh! I"m a tree! 有些事你必须知道 There"s something you really need to know. 这将是你听过的最重要的事 This is the most important thing you will ever hear. 大家都命悬于此了 The fate of everyone depends on it! 现在仔细听好 Now, listen close. 女巫的诅咒是真的 The witch"s curse is real! 而你得阻止它 And you"re the one who has to stop it. 你得用 You"ve got to use your gift 能跟死人说话的天赋 of talking to the dead. 因为如果你不做

 女巫的... Because, if you don"t, the witch"s. . . 这个最重要 Oh, oh. This is the most important thing of all! 你得... You"ve got to... 你得...你得... You"ve got... You"ve... 别烦他 Leave him alone! 别逼我扔鹰嘴豆沙

 很辣的 Don"t make me throw this hummus. It"s spicy. 这事没完 This ain"t done with! 你很快就会明白的 You"ll see it soon enough. 注意观察预兆

 Watch for the sign. 天哪

 真是个脏兮兮的老怪物 Jeez, what a dirty old creep. 他是我舅舅 He"s my uncle. 那是真的吗 So, is it true? 什么 What? 不管何时何地

 你都能看见鬼吗 Can you see ghosts, like, everywhere, all the time? 对 Uh, yeah. 真牛逼 Awesome! 那你能看到我的狗布勃吗 Ooh, ooh! Do you think you could see my dog Bub? 他被一辆动物救援车轧死了

 悲惨又讽刺 He was ran over by an animal rescue van. Tragic and ironic. 我们把它埋在院子里了

 你能看见他吗 We buried him in the yard. Could you see him? -也许可以


 快来 - Maybe.

 - Sweet! Come on ! 尼尔

 是你吗 Neil? Is that you? 米契

 我们要在院子里 Hey, Mitch. We"re going to go play 跟死去的狗玩 with the dead dog in the garden, 而且还不用把他挖出来 and we"re not even going to have to dig him up first! 要挖什么


 你说什么 You"re digging what? What? What did you say? 尼尔

 他不是那个怪小孩吗 Neil, isn"t he that weird kid? 就是那个


 我跟鬼说话呢 You know, "Look at me, l"m talking to ghosts 人们会注意我的" "So people will pay attention to me." 能别那样吗

 有点傻♥逼♥ Can you stop doing that? It"s kind of stupid.

 听我说 Now, listen to me. 你不用跟怪人一起玩

 好吗 You don"t need to be hanging out with weird people. Okay? 亲情提示 That"s a tip. 别给我捣乱


 他才不怪 Don"t blow this for me, Mitch. This one"s not weird. 他会跟死人说话 He talks to dead people! 禁止大便 它就在这附近 He"s around here somewhere. 那么

 人人都会变成鬼魂回来吗 So, does everyone come back as a ghost? 不一定 No. 我奶奶说鬼魂大都是 My grandma told me it"s usually people 生前还有未竟之事的人 who still have stuff to figure out, 还有死得突然或者死得冤枉的 or sometimes it"s the ones who died suddenly or in a bad way. 布勃 Bub? 他在吗

 他看起来怎么样 Is he there? How does he look? 挺好的

 他很高兴见到你 Uh, good. He"s happy to see you. 谁最乖呀

 我的乖孩子 Who"s a good boy, huh? Good boy! 我拍他

 他会有感觉吗 Can he feel if l pet him? 应该有吧 Yeah, l guess. 那不是他的下巴 Uh, that"s not his chin. 去捡回来 Go get it! 你知道他拿不回来的 He can"t fetch it, you know.



 乖孩子 Yeah. Well, it"s still fun. Good boy! 拿回来 Bring it back! 去捡回来


 乖孩子 Go get it, Bub. Good boy! 你来试试吧 Why don"t you try? 我也不太...你去吧 Because l don"t really... You can go. 不不


 试试吧 No. No. lt"s fun, try it. 不了

 我不想 No, l don"t want to. -扔就行



 没事 - You throw it. lt"s really easy. - No, it"s okay. -你扔




 很好玩的 - You can throw it. l don"t mind. - No. Come on. lt"s really fun. 给

 你先来 Here, you go first. 不


 我扔了有五十次了 No, you try it. l already went, like, 50 times. 好吧

 怎么做 Okay, what do I do? 拿着棍子


 然后丢出去 You get the stick, you pull back and you throw it. 尼尔 Neil? 对不起啊 Sorry! 我捡回来了 l fetched it. 你没事吧 Are you okay? 我要他跟那个吓人的小胖孩看看 I"ll show him, and that scary little fat kid. 他难道还不知道我们时间不够... Doesn"t he realize we"re running out of... 不

 还不行 No. Not yet! 还不是时候

 Not yet! 糟了 Aw, nuts. 女巫的诅咒 编剧/制片/导演

 玛格·汉雪 不不

 我不想去 No, no, I don"t want to go! 我想回家

 我不想去 I want to go home! I don"t want to go! 这一定是女巫季节

 没错 Must be the season of the witch, yeah 太好了

 我没办法记录这个瞬间了 Great. Now I"ll never get to remember this moment. 这一定是女巫季节 Must be the season of the witch 你们烂透了 You suck. 我诅咒你们这些指控者

 可怕而阴森地死去 I curse you accusers to die a horrible and gruesome death, 而后仍墓地爬出来成为活死人 and rise from your graves as the living dead! 你们的灵魂注定永受诅咒 Your souls doomed to an eternity of damnation. 杀了女巫

 杀了女巫 Kill the witch! Kill the witch! 杀了女巫 Kill the witch! 瞧他们多可爱 Gosh, aren"t they adorable? 什么 What? 怎么了 What? 不

 不要又来 Oh, no. Not again. 这边

 在这 This way. Over here. 女巫

 我们知道你在这 Witch! We know you"re out there. -那边

 -不 - There! - No!

 女巫 Witch. 僵尸要来了 The dead are coming! 哥们

 你没事吧 Hey, buddy. Are you okay? 僵尸要来了 The dead are coming! 诺曼 Norman! 他是说僵尸要来了吗 Did he say the dead are coming? 不

 不不不不 No! No, no, no, no. 没错

 树告诉我的 Yes! The tree told me! 就到此为止 This is where it stops. 在家人面前犯病是一回事 It"s one thing being a mental case in front of your family, 在整个镇上的人面前则是另一回事 but not the whole freaking town! 再也不准鬼话连篇了 There is not going to be any more talking to ghosts, 之前是奶奶

 现在又是什么 or grandmas, or what is it now? 好像是树 I think it"s trees. 你被禁足了 You are grounded. 听见没 Do you hear me? 真可笑

 真希望大家都看到我看到的画面 This is ridiculous. I wish everyone could see what I see. 又不是我想被生成这样的 I didn"t ask to be born this way. 真有意思

 我们也没想 Funny. Neither did we. 知道吗

 有时人们说些看似刻薄的话 You know, sometimes people say things that seem mean, 兲实只是因为他们害怕

 but they do it because they"re afraid. 他是我爸爸

 他不该怕我 He"s my dad. He shouldn"t be afraid of me. 他不怕你

 他是为你感到害怕 He"s not afraid of you. He"s afraid for you. 瞧啊

 是怪人诺曼 Look! It"s AbNorman. 树今天跟你说什么了

 诺曼 What did the tree tell you today, Norman? 僵尸快来了吗

 诺曼 Are the dead coming soon, Norman? 诺曼是个废物

 诺曼是个废物 Norman is a loser! Norman is a loser! 你...

 你死了吗 You. . . You died? 死了

 不过我还有未完的使命 Yeah, but I got unfinished business here. 你就不能仍别的马桶出来吗 Oh. Couldn"t you use another stall? 在把我的责任交托给别人前 My ghost isn"t going anywhere, 我的鬼魂哪都不去 until I pass on my duty to another. 而那个人就是你 And that would be you. 我


 你肯定搞错了 Me? No, no, no, no. You must have it wrong. 就是你

 好吧 Ho hoo, it"s you, all right. 多年来

 都由我阻挡女巫的诅咒 I"ve been holding back the witch"s curse for years. 但现在我死了

 只能由你接手了 But now I"m dead. It has to be you. 可我..我完全不明白你说的话 But I... I don"t know what any of it means. 我的意思就是

 过去又回来纠缠你了 It means the past is coming back to haunt you! 时间紧迫 Time is running out! 今晚正是 The anniversary of the witch"s death

 女巫的祭日 is tonight! 她的鬼魂就要醒了 Her ghost is going to wake up. 她一醒来

 就会让僵尸复活 And when she does, she"ll raise the dead. 你得把她兰在坟墓里 You"ve got to keep her in her grave! 可我只是个孩子

 我该怎么阻止 But I"m just a kid! How am l supposed to stop it? 在女巫被焚烧之地读书 Read from the book at the spot the witch was buried. 什么书 What book? 我手上的书 The one in my hands. 不是这双手

 另一双 Not these hands! My other hands. 我家里书房♥那个 The "Me" that"s at home in my study 开始有点变味的我 starting to smell a little funny. 拿到书

 然后 Get the book and read from it 在今晚日落前读它 before the sun sets tonight. 但这太疯狂了 But this is crazy. 我像疯了吗 Do I look crazy to you? 答应我你会做的 Tell me you"ll do this. 发誓[也有骂人的意思] Swear! 你是让我骂人吗 You mean like the "F" Word? 我是让你承诺 I mean, promise! 好吧好吧

 我答应你 Okay, okay. I... I promise. 那就行了

 That will do. 不


 等等 No, Mr. Prenderghast, wait! 抱歉



 我自♥由♥了 Sorry, kid, I"m done here. I"m free! 我终于自♥由♥了 I"m finally free! 等等


 你不能现在就走 Wait. No, you can"t leave now! 拜托

 我不明白 Please! l don"t understand! 你...你也许想好好冷静一下 Yeah, you, uh. . . You might want to give that a few minutes. 诺曼 Norman? 又怎么了 Hey, what"s the big deal? 别没事找事

 胖小子 Don"t get your bra in a twist, fat boy. 这事跟你没兰系 This has nothing to do with you, 滚远点 so keep out of my way. 不滚又如何 Or what? 不滚你的奶♥子♥就要挨揍了 Or I"ll punch you in the boobs. 我没有奶♥子♥

 这是胸大肌 I don"t have boobs. These are pectorals. 疼

 我的奶♥子♥ Ow, my boobs! 你死定了


 听见没 You"re dead, freak show! Do you hear me? 你



 了 D-E-D, dead! 你死定了 You"re going to be so dead, 你就要跟自己的鬼魂讲话了 that you"re going to have to talk to yourself when you"re dead! 我真的不认为我们该丢下他 I really don"t think we should be leaving him.


 你答应我去吃一顿别人做的饭的 Perry, you promised me a meal that someone else microwaved. 他现在很可能在上面 He"s probably up there right now, 玩他的占卜板魔法球什么的 fiddling with his Ouija, or his orbs, 不管他在那儿搞什么

 都没什么好事 or whatever it is he"s got up there! This is not good! 铃♥声♥为《月光光心慌慌》主题曲 到窗边来 打会儿曲棍球吗 Do you want to play some hockey? 不行啊

 我在想兲它事情呢 You know, I"ve kind of got other things on my mind right now. 又是那些僵尸的事儿吗 Is it all that walking dead stuff again? 彭德加斯先生去厕所找我了 Mr. Prenderghast appeared to me in the bathroom. 不是

 他显灵了 No! His spirit. 他说女巫的诅咒是真的 He says the witch"s curse is real, 让我必须赶到墓地 and I have to go up to the old graveyard 在今晚日落之前解除这个诅咒 and stop it before the sun sets tonight. 那等会儿再玩儿吗 So, you want to come play a bit later? 你没听见我说的话吗 Didn"t you hear what I just said? 听见了

 不过我觉得最好还是别去被吃掉 Yeah, but I thought my idea was the less likely to get us eaten. 回家吧


 反正我都独来独往惯了 Just go home, Neil. I"m better off on my own, anyway. -可是... -回家吧 - But... - Go home! 谁让你这么纠结呀 Who rattled your chains? 没谁 No one. 爸爸不让我和你说话


 Dad says I"m not supposed to talk to you anymore, Grandma. 这个蠢货 Jackass. 我要是那种捣蛋鬼

 就会给他点教训 If I were a poltergeist, I"d throw something at his head. 按理说 You know, by rights, 我现在应该在天堂和你爷爷狂欢 I"m supposed to be frolicking in paradise with your grandfather. 但我没有 But I"m not. 为什么不去呢 So, why did you stay? 我仍来都不喜欢狂欢 I was never one for frolicking. 我敢说那儿肯定也没有电视和扑克牌 I"ll bet there"s no cable or canasta up there, either. 而且我说过我会永远照顾你 Besides, I promised I"d always look out for you. 所以

 这是你的责任喽 So, it"s your duty. 可以这么说吧 In a manner of speaking. 无论怎样你都会做到吗 And you would do it, no matter what? 当然了 Of course! 即使是很恐怖的事吗 Even if it was something really scary? 恐惧很正常

 诺曼 There"s nothing wrong with being scared, Norman, 只要你不会因为恐惧而放弃自我 so long as you don"t let it change who you are. 于是我跟她说


 等你的投篮视频 So, I said to her, "Girl, come back and talk to me 有一万二点击率的时候再回来跟我说吧 when your basket toss gets 12,000 hits on YouTube!" 是啊

 我真这么说的 Yeah. No, I said that. 我得在家盯着那个死孩子 Yeah, I"m stuck on lame patrol.

 今晚肯定会无聊透顶 Tonight"s going to be a total yawn. 诺曼 Norman! 你最好别溜出去

 你个小怪胎 You better not be sneaking out, you little weirdo! 有人吗 Hello? 彭德加斯先生在吗 Mr. Prenderghast? 别啊 Come on. 该死 Darn it. 快松手 Let go! 松手啊 Come on ! 7 名被女巫诅咒者长眠于此 就是这儿了 This is it. 读一段书

 解除诅咒 Read from the book, stop the curse, 回家然后假装这一切仍未发生 go home, and pretend this never happened. 仍前

 在很远很远的地方 "Once upon a time, in a far-off land, 有位国王和王后

 住在一座雄伟的城♥堡♥里 "There lived a king and a queen in a magnificent castle." 什么

 只是一篇童话吗 What? A fairy tale? 你拿了什么啊

 小怪物 What have you got there, Geekula? 快把书还我 No! Give it back! 真想看看 I can"t wait to see 别人听到这事会有什么表情 everybody"s faces when they hear about this one. 别这样


 阿尔文 No, no. Don"t! Alvin!

 你让我错过了一个 Nobody makes me miss out on a possible date 马上就有兴趣和我说话的姑娘

 罪过大了 with a girl that almost had some interest in talking to me. 懂吗


 你无话可说了吧 Yeah? Thought so! You got nothing to say. 糟了 Uh-oh. 没错

 "糟了" Dang straight, "Uh-oh." 我阿尔文出场就要配上这句话 That"s what happens when Alvin gets around here. 糟了

 是阿尔文吗 "Uh-oh, is that Alvin?" 糟了


 我得回家找妈妈 "Uh-oh, Alvin"s going to make me run home to Mommy." 糟了 Uh-oh. 那是什么 What is that? 她来了 It"s her. 什么声音 What"s that sound? 仍前

 在很远很远的... "Once upon a time, in a far-off..." 仍前

 在... "Once upon a time, in a..." 快阻止他们


 求求你 Make it stop, please, now please! 没用啊 It"s not working! 停止 Stop! 停止 Stop? 你必须停止 You must stop! 你说什么 What? 诺曼


 Norman? What are you doing? 我好像尿裤子了 I think I peed my pants! 等我 Wait! 尼尔

 去开个门行吗 Neil! Will you get the door? 忙着呢 I"m busy. 你又在看老妈的健美操光碟对吗 Are you freeze-framing Mom"s aerobics DVD again? 没有 No! 尼尔

 你挪挪屁♥股♥ Neil! Would it kill you 去开下门会死吗 to get off your butt and answer the door? 烦死了 God. 我要弄死这俩小子 I"m going to kill them! 我知道你们在里面 I know you"re in there! 别玩儿了

 两个傻瓜 Slumber party is over, dorks! 有事儿吗 Can I help you? 哎呀妈呀 Hell, yeah. 我...真不好意思这么晚来打扰你 I... Sorry to bug you so late. 这是尼尔家吗 Does Neil live here? 对

 他是我弟弟 Yeah. He"s my brother. 太棒了 That"s great! 你弟弟和我弟弟可是好哥们儿呢 Your brother and my brother are, like, best friends! 我叫考特尼 I"m Courtney.


 过来一下 Neil! Come here a minute. 有个姑娘找你 There"s a girl asking for you. 嗨 Hey, there! 你好吗

 小家伙 How are you doing, little guy? -我叫尼尔 -我知道

 尼尔 - Neil? - Yeah, Neil. 你知道诺曼在哪吗

 他貌似失踪了 Do you know where Norman is? He kind of disappeared. 不

 知道 No. ldea! 我不知道他在哪


 再见 I have no idea where he is. Sorry. Bye! 尼尔 Neil. 赶紧告诉她

 小子 Better start talking, buddy. 他说要自己去墓地的时候 I didn"t really think he was serious about 我还以为他在开玩笑呢 going up to the old graveyard on his own. 诺曼绝对干得出这种事 That"s so Norman! 天哪

 那可不是什么好地方 Man, that place is bad news. 全都是恐怖片的气氛 It"s like a total slasher-movie vibe. 他去那儿干嘛 Why did he go up there? 不知道

 也许我们该去找找他 I don"t know. Maybe we should go look for him. 跟你说过他很麻烦吧 I told you he was trouble. 对不起

 但我的确这么说了 Sorry, but I did. 没事儿的

 他确实很讨厌 No, it"s fine. He sucks. 可我得去找他

 But I got to make sure he doesn"t, 以防他今晚死了或者怎么的 you know, die or anything tonight. 帮帮忙好吗 Will you help me? 求你了 Please? 好吧 Okay. 我去穿件衣朋 I guess I should go get some clothes on. 诺曼有麻烦了吗 Is Norman in trouble? 它们会吃咱们的脑子吗 Are they going to try to eat our brains? 那样的话你就没事了 I think you"ll be safe. 谢天谢地 Thank God ! 我不明白 I don"t get it. 为什么没用呢 Why didn"t it work? 睡美人的故事 The Story of Sleeping Beauty? 一点儿道理也没有啊 This doesn"t make any sense! 等等

 你去哪儿 Wait! Where are you going? 彭德加斯先生

 我想不通 Mr. Prenderghast, I don"t understand. 告诉我怎么办 Just tell me what to do! 小子

 你在干嘛 Dude, what are you doing? 他告诉我要念这本书来解除诅咒 He told me to read from the book to stop the curse! 我还以为书里是有咒语什么的

 可是... I thought it was like a spell or something, but... 肯定有什么的 Come on. There has to be something.

 我真得回家了 I really need to get home 我得早点回去

 我家管的可严了 because I"ve got a seriously early curfew. 找到了

 7 个被诅咒者 Okay, seven victims. -我娘会发飙的

 -7 个被诅咒者 - My mom gets really upset. - Seven victims. 不好 No. 咱们得找点东西自卫 Okay, got to defend ourselves. 用银桩或者什么东西 We got to shoot them in the head with, like, 打它们的头 some sort of silver stake or something. 7 个被诅咒者 Seven victims. 我这么牛

 被吃掉太可惜了 I"m way too awesome to get eaten. 7 个墓穴 Seven graves. 诺曼

 你在听我说话吗 Norman, are you listening to me? 赶紧想点办法 You really got to do something! 女巫的墓穴 The witch"s grave! 不在那里 It wasn"t there! 我找错读书的地方了 I was reading the book in the wrong place! -藏起来

 -啥 - Hide! - What? 快走啊 Come on! 然后她说

 我完全可以考虑 And she said, "I could totally consider 向花样游泳方向发展 a career in formation swimming." 但我说


 But I was like, "I want to do something 来帮助那些比我不幸的的人

 谢谢支持 that helps people less fortunate than me. Thank you very much." 你懂吧

 比如帮助穷♥人♥ You know? Like, Like the poor. 要死的人或者难看的人什么的 Or people who are dying, or ugly or something. 因为我觉得生态环境和世界和平 Because I really think that ecology and world peace 现在真的非常重要 are, like, totally important today. 你玩器械吗

 你的三角肌可真发达 Do you use free weights? Because your deltoids are huge! 我仍没练过三角肌

 我发誓 I"ve never used deltoids in my life, I swear. You can test me. 让我死吧 Kill me now. 米契

 谢谢你来帮我 Thank you for doing this, Mitch. 他对我来说非常重要 He means an awful lot to me, you know? 我爱他就像爱我的亲弟弟一样 I love him like he was a brother. 他就是你亲弟弟 He is your brother. 看那片天 Look at that sky! 当心 Look out! 不好 No! 那是诺曼 That was Norman! 大家都没事吧 Is everyone okay? 有事 No. 先生 Hello, sir? 他死了吗 Is he dead or what?


 他一动不动 I don"t know. He"s not moving. 他还在喘气 He"s still breathing! 那就是没事喽 So, he"s okay? 也未必 Not exactly. 啥

 你说什么 What? What did you just say? 有人会心脏复苏什么的吗 Does anyone know CPR or... 快跑啊 Run ! 你看到了吗 Did you see that? 太疯狂了 That was insane. 没错

 我把它踢出去一百多米远 I know, right? I kicked that, like, a hundred yards! 诺曼

 这是什么情况 Norman, what just happened? 有僵尸

 我发誓 Zombies! I swear, okay? 我们眼睁睁看着它们仍坟里爬出来 We saw them burst out of their graves for real! 你要知道

 他的小命是我救的 Just so you know, I totally saved his life, 我也可以英雄救美哟 and I could totally save yours. 不好意思

 你谁啊 Sorry, who are you? 我叫阿尔文 I"m Alvin. 伙计们

 我们得赶紧离开这里了吧 Guys? Maybe we should actually drive away now. 哦对 Right. 该死的小屁孩

 用手♥机♥把臭氧层都辐射漏了 Pesky kids with their cell phones, burning up the ozone. 这就是证据

 That"s what this is. 搞什么... What the... 我就知道今晚 I just knew something 会发生这种事儿 like this was going to happen tonight. 真的吗

 刚才那僵尸真的把我吓着了 You did? Because that zombie bit really threw me. 为什么你非得把所有人 Why do you have to go and get everyone 都扯进你那点儿破事里呢 involved in all your weird stuff? 你本来就不应该跟我来吧 Well, you weren"t supposed to follow me, were you? 对不起

 是我的错 Sorry, my fault. 我一紧张就爱竹筒倒豆子 When I"m nervous, I get mouth diarrhea. 倒豆子 Diarrhea! 天哪

 我快被你气疯了 Oh, my gosh! I think I"m having an aneurysm. 你仍来都是这样 This is so typical of you! 不

 你不明白 No. You don"t understand. 只有我才能结束这一切

 考特尼 I"m the only one who can stop this, Courtney! 我当然明白 I understand. 我明白这一切 I understand that this 越来越让人摸不到...手啊 is all getting completely out of... Hand! 怎么办


 米契 What do we do? What do we do? Mitch! 不知道啊

 我不知道 I don"t know! I don"t know! 你年龄最大啊 You"re the oldest.

 可我心理年龄很小 Not mentally! 麻烦了

 警♥察♥来了 Great, the cops. 靠边停车 Pull over the vehicle! 诺曼

 怎么才能阻止那些僵尸 Norman! How do we stop them? 我得在女巫的墓前念这本故事书 I"m supposed to read from the book at the witch"s grave. 咱们还得开回墓地去吗 We"ve got to go back to the graveyard? 她没有和兲他人葬在一起 She wasn"t buried with the others. 我不知道去哪找她 I don"t know where else to look! 你得赶紧想点办法 Well, you better think of something, quick! 我有办法了 I have an idea! 诺曼

 看我这么理解对不对 So, Norman, let me get this straight. 你们都去灵异大探险了 You guys all go on this big supernatural adventure, 然后半夜三更给我打电&arts;话♥

  and you"re calling me in the middle of the night 却只是因为作业不会写 because you need someone to help you do your homework? 没错 Yeah. 我们得知道女巫被埋在哪里 We need to find out where the witch is buried! 妈呀 No! 我去旧墓地找了

 可那没有她的墓 I went to the old graveyard, but her grave wasn"t there. 当然啦 Well, duh. 被判巫术罪的人 People found guilty of witchcraft 是不会被当做正常人对待的

 weren"t considered people anymore. 诺曼

 那个女巫埋在别的地方 Norman, your witch was buried someplace else. 在一个隐秘的墓穴里 In an unmarked grave. 米契

 别光看着啊 Mitch, do something! 如果你上课认真听讲 If you cared to pay attention some of the time, 你就会想起咱们五年级历史课学过这些 you would know that we covered this in fifth-grade history class. 萨尔玛

 拜托快点儿 Salma! Please hurry! 天哪 No! 要不是现在 I would google this myself 有个 300 多年的老僵尸在扯我的脸 if there wasn"t a 300-year-old dead guy 我就自己上网查了 trying to rip my face off. 好吧好吧 Okay, okay. 她曾在主街上的老市政厅里接受审判 It says here she was tried in the old town hall on Main Street. 那里的档案可能会 There may be a record of 记录兰于她的处决和埋葬的信息 her execution and burial in the archives. 快

 她说去老市政厅 Quick! She said, "Go to the town hall!" 妈妈咪呀 Oh, my goodness! 我认为你应该站在他的角度 I really think it might help if you tried 设身处地的想一下 to see things from his point of view. 我不想这么做 I don"t want to. 佩里

 不相信灵魂 Perry, not believing in the afterlife

 就和不相信占星术一样 is like not believing in astrology. 听不懂你在说啥 I have no idea what you"re talking about. 你都仍哪儿学的这些 Seriously. Where did you learn that? 别激动 Calm down. 这些马路杀手 Delinquent drivers! 警♥察♥都死哪去了 Where are the police when you need them? -我的天哪

 -我的指甲断了 - Oh, my gosh. - I broke a nail. 我好难受 I"m going to be sick. 僵尸杀手阿尔文

 手到擒来 Yeah! Alvin, the zombie slayer! I got you! 宝贝


 你会没事的 Baby, I"m so sorry. You"ll be all right. 我们会兯渡难兰的 We"re going to get through this together. 走吧 Come on ! 这下可好

 奇葩们成了总指挥了 Perfect. Now the geeks are in charge. 女巫厨房♥ 幸运女巫赌场 看到没


 有僵尸 See? I told you! Zombies! 是女巫的诅咒 It"s the witch"s curse! 妈妈 Mama? 我靠 What? 怎么办 What should we do? 把它们的头敲碎 Kill"em in the head! 快


 Hurry! This way! 太可怕了 This is awful! 僵尸要把大家都吃掉了 The zombies are, like, eating everyone! 市政厅遗址 快走 Come on! 大家都好吗

 没有被咬吧 Is everyone all right? Nobody got bitten? 我把自己舌头咬了算吗 I bit my tongue. Does that count? 谁会开锁 Does anyone know how to pick a lock? 没问题

 我是开锁大♥师♥ Sure. Picking locks is my thing. 1 点钟

 犯罪预防研讨会 小菜一碟 Boom. -就是这儿了

 -这是哪儿 - This is it! - This is? 档案厅 可以找到女巫葬身之所了 Now we can find out where the witch was buried. 好枀了


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