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内容摘要:1993年 一项叫做CRISPR的新技术突破让科学家能够通过基因编辑治好无法治愈的疾病2016年 由

 1993 年

 一项叫做 CRISPR 的新技术突破 让科学家能够通过基因编辑治好无法治愈的疾病 2016 年

 由于它有被滥用的可能 美国情报体系把基因编辑技术定义 指定为"大规模杀伤性和扩散性武器" 雅典娜 1 号♥

 雅典娜 1 号♥

 请回答 Athena-1. Athena-1, come in. 雅典娜 1 号♥

 这里是控指挥中心 Athena-1, this is Control. 上一次通讯信♥号♥♥不清晰 We have negative copy on that last transmission. 指挥舱有情况


 完毕 We are showing LOS in the command module. Please verify. Over. 指挥中心

 我是阿特金斯 Mission Control, this is Atkins. 实验出了点问题 Something went wrong with the test. 船员都死了 The crew is dead. 雅典娜飞船濒临解体 Athena hull integrity is critical. 我正前往逃生舱 I"m headed to the escape capsule. 拒绝请求

 你必须返回实验室 Negative, negative. Reroute to the lab and 带上实验对象才能离开 secure the canisters before departure. 但实验对象已经逃走了 But the test subject is loose. 博士

 实验对象是一只老鼠 Doctor, the test subject is a rat. 已经不是了 Not anymore. 怎么回事 What is this? 服从命令

 博士 You have your orders, Doctor. 快给我开门 Open the goddamn door! 阿特金斯博士

 我是克莱尔·怀登 Dr. Atkins, it"s Claire Wyden. 带上实验样本

 我们才能给你打开逃生舱门 We"ll unlock the escape capsule when you secure the samples. 博士


 Doctor, either you come home with my research, 要么就别回来了 or you don"t come home at all. 进入实验室 Entering the lab. 找到了 Okay. 指挥中心

 我正在收集样本 Mission Control, securing the samples now. 收到 Copy that. 警告

 飞船濒临解体 Warning, hull integrity critical. 天啊 Oh, God. 开门 Open it! 逃生舱已开启 Capsule unlocked. 我喜欢这个味道 Mmm. I love that smell. 让我想起乌干达的时光 Brings me right back to Uganda. 你去过乌干达吗 You"ve been to Uganda? 当然 Yeah. Oh, yeah. 就算你没死在丛林里

 偷猎人也会要了你的命 If the jungle doesn"t kill you, the poachers will. 警♥察♥还在为我犯的那些事通缉我 The cops are still after me from all that shit I pulled. 他们叫我"恶魔" They call me El Diablo. 他们不太说西班牙语

 但是有时候也会说一点 I know they don"t speak Spanish, but they might as well. 好吧 Right. -你看过《血钻》吗

 -看过 - You ever see Blood Diamond? - Yeah. 讲的是钻石

 不过还挺好看的 Now, I know it"s about diamonds, but it really captures the vibe. 我不确定故事是不是发生在乌干达 I don"t know if it"s the same region. 不过


 But, you know, it"s intense. 在非洲可不能... Don"t mess with Mother Africa... 没事吧

 老大 Everything okay, boss? 有情况 No, it"s not. 不要动 Don"t move a muscle. 这小子在这里吹了一地牛皮 Junior here is dropping a lot of monkey shit 编了这些故事 with these made-up stories. 不过非常有趣

 真的 It"s very entertaining, though. It"s very entertaining. 我真的去过乌干达 I"ve been to Uganda, man. 我还去过霍格沃茨魔法学校呢 And I"ve been to Hogwarts. 不过如果你曾经偷猎过 Regardless, if you had any experience with poaching, 你就知道 you would know that it"s 在美女面前讲这种事是很不礼貌的 extremely rude to talk about it in front of a lady. 没关系

 我无所谓 Oh, it"s okay. I can handle it. 我知道你无所谓

 我说的是这些美女 Oh, I know you can. I"m talking about these ladies. 圣地亚哥野生动物保护区 虽然不应该有问题 There shouldn"t be any problems, 不过记住这里可不是学校教室 but remember you"re not in the classroom anymore. 这是野生动物

 它们的行为很难预测 These are wild animals. They"re very unpredictable. 记住训练的东西

 听我指挥 So remember your training, and do exactly as I say. 告诉我

 你们看到了什么 Tell me, what do you see? 那只年轻的雄猩猩 The, uh, the young male, 试图在雌猩猩面前建立存在感 is attempting to establish his presence with the female.


 有点激动 He"s posturing, agitated. 听起来像我们认识的人 Sounds like someone we know, right? 毕竟这是帕沃 Okay, let"s remember this 第一次和猩猩们接触 is Paavo"s first interaction with the troop. 我们慢慢来吧 So we"ll just take it nice and easy, 看他怎么响应我的命令 and we"ll see how well he responds to my commands. 我... I... 帕沃 Paavo. 帕沃


 好了 Paavo. Paavo, it"s okay. 费米


 回去吧 Femi, Enu, on station. 好姑娘 Good girls. 冷静点 Easy. 够远了

 帕沃 That"s far enough, Paavo. 好了


 冷静 It"s okay. Calm. Calm. 是我 It"s me. 冷静 Calm. 好样的 There you go. -很酷吧

 -没错 - It"s cool, right? - Yeah. 好小子 Good boy. 好小子 Good boy. 好小子 Good boy. 戴维斯 Uh... Davis.


 不要动 Everyone stay where you are. No one move. 你疯了吗 Are you crazy? 你动了我们会有大♥麻♥烦


 不要动 If you move, we"re gonna be in big trouble. Connor, do not move. 康纳尔

 照他说的做 Connor, do what he says. 帕沃 Paavo... 康纳尔

 不要动 Connor, don"t move! 帕沃 Paavo! 不


 该死 No! Paavo! Shit! 救命

 救命 Help! Help! 康纳尔

 康纳尔 Connor! Connor! 没事了 It"s okay. 乔治

 乔治 George! George! 乔治 George! 乔治



 淡定 George! Easy, buddy. Easy. 好了

 好了 Okay. Okay. 很好笑

 很好笑 Oh, very funny. Very funny. 我们都觉得很好笑

 没错 We"re all very impressed. Yes, yes. 你和我都笑了 You and I, laughing at your joke, okay? 新来的

 他没笑 New guy, he no laugh. 他哭了 He cry. 笑的反义词 Yeah. Yeah, opposite of laugh. -康纳尔


 -百分之百确定吗 - Connor, you can get up now. - Are you 100% on that?


 你可以起来了 100% sure. You can get up. 看看有没有尿裤子


 我们走 And check your diaper. Come on, let"s go. 他哭了 He cry. 没事了

 没事了 It"s okay, it"s okay. 他不是要伤害我吗 He"s not gonna kill me? 他不是要伤害你

 他的幽默感有点怪罢了 No, he"s not gonna kill you. He has a unique sense of humor. I... 不

 不 Uh, no, no. 乔治没有救戴维斯 George no save Davis. 我不要你救 I don"t need your saving. No. 乔治没有救戴维斯

 你没有救我 George no save Davis. You didn"t save me. 我没事的

 我很好 I was fine on my own. I"m fine. 别这样

 听着 Stop doing that. Listen, 这很重要

 你得对帕沃好一点 it"s important for you to be nice to Paavo. 他只是个孩子 He"s just a kid. 偷猎者杀光了他的家人 Poachers killed his entire family. 他现在跟你是一家人了 He"s in your troop now. 我希望你接纳他 I want you to welcome him. 接纳帕沃 Welcome Paavo. 乔治

 能答应我吗 George, you and I cool? 来吧 Come on. 别闹了 Wow, I can"t, Come on. 我不应该教你那个

 别这样 I should never have taught you that. Stop that.


 来吧 Now, come on. Give me, 拜托

 别这样 Come on! Don"t do that. 别这样


 听着 Stop that! Okay. All right, listen. 我要你保护帕沃 I need you to protect Paavo. 家人 Family. 我开始用新款植物除臭剂了 I started using this new vegan deodorant. -效果如何

 -我浑身都是牛油果酱的味道 - How"s that? - I smell like guacamole. 戴维斯 Hey! Davis. 你好 Hey. 你好

 我就想告诉你 Hi. Look, I just wanted to say, 今天真的太棒了 that was amazing out there. 谢谢 Ah, thank you. 我还想再学点驯服技巧 And I would love to learn more about those submission techniques. 有时间喝一杯吗 If you have time for a drink? 耶 Yes! 你又过敏了吗 Your allergies acting up again? 因为毛屑 It"s the dander. -毛屑

 -动物毛屑 - It"s the dander. - Animal dander. 谢谢你邀请我 Thank you, anyway. I appreciate it. 不过我今天已经有安排了 I already have plans tonight. 你今天表现特别棒 You did great out there today. Okay? 我什么也没做 Oh, I didn"t do anything.


 面对攻击性动物的首要原则 Exactly. The first rule of dealing with hostile animals is, 就是保持冷静 you wanna remain calm. 我今晚要烤甘蓝面包

 你想吃点吗 I was gonna bake some kale bread tonight, if you"re interested. 算了

 你不吃麦麸 No, I know you have a gluten thing. 好吧

 明早见 All right, see you in the morning. 她说了"驯服"这个词

 这是在暗示 She used the word "Submission." That"s a clue. 我该回去告诉她 Should I go back there and tell 你的安排只是遛狗吗 her your plans are to hang out with your dogs? 你懂我的


 我需要"私人"时间 Come on, you know me, Nelson. I need my "Me" time. 你的"私人"时间 Your "Me" time? 听着

 伙计 Okay. Listen, buddy, 大家都不敢跟你说

 还是我来说吧 since everyone else is afraid to tell you this, of course I will. 这该... It"s, um... 怎么说呢 Uh, what"s the terminology? 你更喜欢与动物相处

 这很奇怪 Weird you like hanging out with animals more than people. 他们懂我 They get me. 如果动物喜欢你

 他们会舔你 Animals like you, they lick you. 如果他们不喜欢你

 他们会吃了你 They don"t like you, they eat you. 你总能知道自己站在哪里 You always know where you stand. 或死在哪里 Or where you lie. All 被他们吃进肚子里

 chewed up in their belly "cause they ate you. 他们不过把你当成了食物 Yeah, that"s just some food for thought.


 你只是食物而已 And by the way, you"re the food. 好了


 傻大个 All right, get outta here, you big lug. 帮我跟狗狗们问好 Say hi to the dogs for me. 好的 I will. 姑娘们喜欢他 Girls love him. 我也该剃成光头 I should shave my head. 大沼泽国家公园 我收到你的信息了

 乔治还好吗 I got your message about George. He okay? -我不清楚

 -你不清楚是什么意思 - I don"t know. - What do you mean, you don"t know? 戴维斯

 戴维斯 Davis. Davis! 他在灰熊区 He"s in the grizzly enclosure. 什么 What? 天啊 Jesus. -放下枪

 -什么 - Put it down. - What? 他不喜欢枪

 放下枪 You know how he is around guns. Put it down. 你确定吗 Are you sure? 把枪放下

 我跟他谈谈 Put it down. I"m gonna go talk to him. 乔治 Hey, George? 没事了 It"s okay. 是我 It"s me. 是我 It"s me. 发生什么事了 What happened? 你很悲伤

 You"re sad. 没事了 It"s okay. 你伤了他吗 Did you hurt him? "抱歉" "Sorry"? 没事了 It"s okay. 他伤到你了吗 Did he hurt you? 他吓到你了 He made you scared. 没事了 It"s okay. 没事了... It"s... 乔治 George. 乔治 George. 被吓到没事的 It"s okay to be scared. 没事了

 冷静 It"s okay. Calm. 放松 Easy. 是我的错觉

 还是他变大了 Is it me or is he considerably bigger? 不

 他真的变大了 No, he"s definitely bigger. 我是康纳尔 It"s Connor. 伙计们

 你们快来猩猩区 Guys, you need to get over to the gorilla enclosure. 到底发生了什么 What the hell happened? 我们在早上巡逻的时候发现树木都烧焦了 We were doing our morning rounds when we saw the burnt foliage, 还有这个 and found this. 把装备包给我 All right, let me see the kit. 这是什么

 What is it? 不知道

 我们得查清楚 I don"t know. But we gotta figure it out. 一群废物 Stupid piece of crap! 芝加哥 该死的太空站 Mini space station! 砸完了吗 Are you done? 我们亏了几十亿美金

 克莱尔 We just lost billions of dollars, Claire. 其实是几百亿 Tens of billions, actually. 算上你刚才砸烂的模型

 再加两万美金 Plus $20,000 for the models you just destroyed. 今天早上

 我们的股票大跌 Our stock got hammered this morning. 跌了 20% Down 20%. 那你怎么一点不难过

 因为... And you aren"t upset, because... 因为狂暴计划成功了 Because Project Rampage works. -你知道那个值多少钱吗

 -一文不值 - Do you know how much that"s worth? - Zero. 因为我们所有的研究成果都在那个太空站上 Because all of our research was on that space station. 其实 Actually, 阿特金斯把研究样本带进逃生舱了 Atkins got the research samples onto the escape pod. 虽然逃生舱炸了 Yes, the escape pod blew up. 但是我们设计的容器是能重新进入大气层的 But the canisters were engineered to withstand reentry. 美国流星协会刚刚报道有陨石 And the American Meteor Society just reported a meteor strike 坠落在怀俄明州南部 in southern Wyoming. 我们要做的就是去拿回来 All we have to do is go get it back. 那我们赶紧去吧 Well, let"s get out there!


 肯定会查到我们头上 Somebody finds that sample, it leads straight back to us. 你别太激动了 Please, enough with the overreacting. 我没有太激动

 克莱尔 I am not overreacting, Claire. 我们在太空研究这些是有原因的 There"s a reason we were doing these experiments in space. 不是为了人类的进步 And it wasn"t exactly for the betterment of humanity. 好了 Okay. 听着 Look, 你去对付媒体 you handle the press, 我让伯克去处理研究容器 and I"ll get Burke to take care of the canister. 伯克是谁 Who is Burke? 记得我们去年收♥购♥的那家私人军事公♥司♥吗 Remember that private military firm we acquired last year? 你说他们是"杀手" You called them "Killers "R" Us." 记得 Yeah? 他就是 Well, he"s the "Us." 科罗拉多

 格里利 老大 Boss. 收起起落架

 好样的 Wheels up! You boys are Oscar Mike. 行动 Let"s do it. 去哪里

 伯克 Where to, Burke? 怀俄明州 Wyoming. 没去过 Ah, never been. 很多山

 没什么人 Lots of mountains, not a lot of people. 动物喜欢那里


 Animals love it. You"ll fit right in. 洛杉矶 该死 Shit. 《基因学概念》

 《基因学分♥析♥和原理》 马克 Hey, Mark. 你在哪里

 你知道现在几点了吗 Where the hell are you? Do you have any idea what time it is? 知道了... Yes, yes. Um... 抱歉 Yeah, sorry. 我在路上了 I am on the freeway, 我知道我这周迟到两次了 I know I"ve already been late twice this week, 我不会再迟到了 but it will not happen again. 布雷特·怀登对此次事件做了简短声明 Brett Wyden addressed the situation with this brief statement. 我和我姐姐

 能量基因公♥司♥所有人 My sister and I and everyone 对雅典娜 1 号♥飞船全体成员的遇难 at Energyne are stunned and deeply saddened 都很震惊

 也很悲痛 by the loss of the Athena-1 crew. 他们都是勇敢又有才华的科学家 These were brave and brilliant men and women of science, 致力于帮助人类进步 who were committed to helping mankind, 我们会继续他们的工作 and we will continue that work in their honor. 好了

 谢谢 That"s enough. Thank you. 帮助人类进步

 鬼扯 Helping mankind, my ass. 之后

 华尔街 Since then, Wall Street has 一直密切关注能量基因公♥司♥的表现 kept a close eye on Energyne"s performance. 现在是政♥治♥新闻... Now to politics... 从这段录像中


 What you"re looking at is dramatic video of a fireball 坠落在圣地亚哥野生动物保护区附近 touching down near the San Diego Wildlife Sanctuary. 有人推测这是昨晚雅典娜 1 号♥飞船的残骸 It is thought to be debris from last night"s Athena-1 tragedy. 然而

 现在尚不清楚 However, it"s unclear if this is related 这与今天稍早前大猩猩逃出园区 to one of the park"s gorillas escaping the enclosure 是否有关联 at the sanctuary earlier this morning. 逃出去的大猩猩名叫乔治 The gorilla"s name is George... 等一下


 我前面的车... Hold on a second, Mark. The car ahead of me... -爆♥炸♥了

 -什么 - It just exploded. - What? 目前无法合理解释它的行为 There is currently no explanation for the primate"s behavior, 园方还没有发表任何评论 and zoo officials are not commenting at this time. 我们的独家记者杰森·斯洛斯正在现场 Our very own Jason Sloss is at the scene. 杰森

 你有什么新消息 Jason, what have you heard? 好的


 玛利亚 That"s right, Chris and Maria. 我现在就在圣地亚哥野生动物保护区 I"m here at the San Diego Wildlife Sanctuary, 对大猩猩乔治的出逃 and the word everyone seems to be using 大家似乎都很惊讶 to describe the gorilla"s escape is "Surprising." 在那里

 降落 There. Set her down. 我们找到了容器

 但已经严重受损 We"ve secured the canister, but it was pretty badly damaged. 里面的东西都毁了 Whatever was in it was destroyed. 还有些情况 There"s something else. 这些狼都死了 These wolves were slaughtered. 从痕迹来看


 From the tracks, looks like another one killed the pack. 它肯定感染了病原体 It"s infected with the pathogen. 伯克


 不管死活 Burke, I need that wolf. Dead or alive. 收到 Copy that. 这是你之前说的 This is the list of the 鲜为人知的混种物清单 unrecognized hybrids you were talking about. 乔治的检查结果出来了 George"s lab results are in. 情况不太好 You"re not gonna like "em. 这不是真的吧 This can"t be right. 他的神经肌肉突触飙升 His neuromuscular synapse activity is through the roof, 血液里的生长激素水平已达到致命程度 his blood has lethal concentrations of growth hormone, 他会死的 he"d be dead. 再检查一遍 Run it again. 查过了 I did. 我查了三遍

 每次的数值都在增加 I ran it three times. His values went up each time. 我们不能瞒着这件事 We can"t keep this quiet. 动物反应小组一直在问问题 Animal Response is asking questions. 政♥府♥有人打电♥话♥给我

 我没接 I just dodged a call. It was someone from the government. 你想让我跟大家说什么 What do you want me to tell people? 什么都不要说 Tell them nothing. 这不是他干的

 尼尔森 He didn"t do it, Nelson. 你看他

 有人把他变成那样了 Look at him. Somebody did that to him. 戴维斯


 Davis, he killed a grizzly bear. 像折牙签一样折断了他的脖子 Okay? Snapped his neck like it was a toothpick. 听着

 规定是这样的 Listen, protocol says, 动物一旦出现攻击行为

 必须马上隔离 first sign of aggression mandates immediate isolation. 我们已经把他隔离了 It"s what we"re doing. 这已经在规定之外了 This is beyond protocol. 戴维斯

 看看他 Davis, look at him. -我在看

 -认真看 - I"m looking at him. - Really look at him! 他已经不是我们认识的乔治了 That is not the George we know. 如果我们上报这个情况

 他们肯定会杀了他 If we report this, they"re gonna put him down. 我不能让那种事发生 I can"t let that happen. 我会尽可能不让任何人打扰你 I"ll keep everyone off your back as long as I can. 好的 All right. 谢谢 Thank you. 我会搞定的

 乔治 I"m gonna figure this out, George. 我保证 I promise. 大家听着 All right, everybody, listen up. 我要找一个 I need to find someone who 知道这是什么东西的人 knows exactly what the hell this thing is. 找到了 I found her! 不



 是她找的我们 No, that"s a lie. Technically, she found us. 你就是戴维斯· 奥克耶吧

  You must be Davis Okoye. 非常感谢你的帮助

 Thank you so much for your help. 什么帮助 What help? 我是凯特·考德威尔

 能量基因公♥司♥的基因学家 I"m Kate Caldwell. I"m a geneticist with Energyne. 你发现了我的研究样本 Um, you recovered my research sample. 你是说这个吗 Yeah, you mean this? 你做过残渣检测了吧 Oh, please tell me you had that tested for residual particulates. 做过了


 我一直那样做 Yes, that"s exactly what I did. I always do that. 发现的新东西都要做检测 Anytime something new comes in. 艾米

 去做残渣检测 Amy, have this tested for residual particulates. 还给我 I need that back. 我要问你几个问题 Actually, I need some questions answered. 那东西到底对我朋友做了什么 Like what the hell is that thing doing to my friend? 我不能跟你讨论这个 Uh, well, I am not allowed to discuss that with you. 好吧 Oh. Okay, well, 那我们没法互相帮助了 I guess we can"t help each other then. 凯特·考德威尔



 送客 Kate Caldwell, it was good to meet you. Nelson, show her out. 他在长大

 是吧 He"s growing, isn"t he? 以前所未有的速度 At an unprecedented rate, right? 力量



 都增强了 Increased strength, speed, agility. 攻击性超出了这个物种的水平 Demonstrating levels of aggression you don"t see in his species. 跟我来 Come with me. 昨晚他还七英尺

 五百磅 Last night, he was seven feet, 500 pounds. 今天早上就长到了九英尺


 This morning, he was almost nine feet, pushing 1,000. 他的毛色 His hair? 他有白化病 Yeah, he"s an albino. 据我所知


 世上只有他这一只 As far as I know, he"s the only living gorilla of his kind. 他懂手语吗 He can sign? 他懂手语

 他饿了 Yeah, he can sign and he"s hungry. 伙计们

 给乔治弄点吃的 Guys, let"s get George something to eat. 没事

 他们去拿吃的了 It"s okay. There you go, buddy. 这就对了 It makes sense. 他肯定饿死了 He must be starving. 他长得太快了 He"s growing so rapidly. "这就对了" "Makes sense"? 昨晚

 他杀了一头灰熊 Last night, he killed a grizzly bear. 那可是这个星球上最厉害的陆地掠食者 The most powerful terrestrial predator on the planet. 凯特


 这怎么就对了 So you tell me right now, Kate, how any of this makes sense. 你知道 CRISPR 吗 Are you familiar with CRISPR? 基因工程 Yeah, genetic engineering. 更准确来说是基因编辑 It"s more like genetic editing. 我说的是极端的结果 I am talking about extremely specific results. 看这个 Check this out. 鲨鱼一直不停生长 Sharks are indeterminate growers, right? 从不停止 They never stop. 分离出那个基因


 Isolate that gene and combine it with, say, 蓝鲸的生长速率结合起来 the growth rate of a blue whale, 还有犀甲虫的力量 the strength of a rhinoceros beetle, 猎豹的速度 the speed of a cheetah, 就有了能杀死灰熊的大猩猩了 And you get one confused gorilla that could take down a grizzly. 我们开♥发♥了很多不同的基因组合 We developed a lot of different genetic combinations, 因此难以预测会出现什么样的变化 so changes will be incredibly unpredictable. 好了


 我知道了 Right. Okay, Kate, I get all that, 还是无法解释为什么他长大了一倍 but it still doesn"t explain to me how he doubled in size. 伙计们

 快拿食物来 Guys, we need to get that food in now. CRISPR 每次只允许 See, CRISPR only allows you to alter 改变一个细胞的 DNA the DNA of one cell at a time. 但是我开♥发♥了一个系统 But I developed a system 可以快速把变化传输到 which rapidly transmits changes 宿主身上的每一个 DNA 里 to every strand of DNA in the host"s body. 奥克耶先生

 听我说 Mr. Okoye, listen to me. 我是唯一能治好他的人 I am the only one who can cure him. 乔治 George! 乔治

 不要 George! No! 上面撑不住了 It"s not gonna hold. 凯特 Kate! 大家快闪开 Everybody back! 又来了


 Not again! Not again! 乔治 George! 乔治


 乔治 George! Stop, George! 戴维斯 Davis! 该死

 快报♥警♥ Shit. Call 911! 圣地亚哥野生动物保护区 快点 Come on! 当心 Look out! 乔治

 乔治 George! George! 乔治


 没事了 George, it"s okay. It"s okay. 没事了 It"s okay. 我知道你很害怕

 我会帮你的 Yes, I know you"re scared. I"m gonna help you. 不


 不 No, no, no. 没事了 No, it"s okay. 先生

 离开那只大猩猩 Sir, move away from the animal! 没事的


 真的 It"s okay, it"s okay. It"s okay. 我是这里的灵长类动物学家

 他是我负责的 I"m the primatologist here. I look after this animal. 我能处理这个情况 I can handle this situation. 请你们放下武器 I just need you to lower your weapons. 拜托了 Please. 没事的

 冷静 It"s okay. Calm. 很好 Good. 退下 Stand down.

 退下 Stand down. 别担心


 我会帮你的 Don"t worry, buddy. I"m gonna help you. 怎么回事 What the hell? 不 No! 乔治 George! 乔治 George! 乔治 George! 乔治 George! 我从没猎过狼

 大家伙儿怎么看 I"ve never hunted a wolf before. What do you think, fellas? 我该带上.50 子弹吗 Should I bring the .50 cal? 发现目标

 林木线 Got "em. Treeline. 你确定那是头狼

 那大家伙在移♥动♥ You sure that"s a wolf? Damn, that thing is moving. 动不了多久了 Not for long. 伯克呼叫总部 Burke to Base, 巨兽 1 号♥已制♥服♥ Rampage-1 is down. 有什么发现 What do you got? 暂时没有 Nothing yet. 慢着 Wait a second. 我们发现了足迹 We got tracks. 你看到了吗 Are you seeing this? 老天 Jesus. 这是一头狼留下的 A wolf made that?

 也许我是该带上.50 子弹 Maybe I should"ve brought the .50 cal. 老大 Boss... 战略是什么 How we playing this? 放松点

 慢慢的 Nice and easy. 它们在逃跑 They"re in a hurry. 你觉得是什么惊到了... What do you think spooked... 温尼


 设立环形防线 Vinny! Garrick! Set a perimeter! -快

 -开火 - Come on! - Open fire! 明白

 明白 Get it! Get it! 朝它开火 Light him up! 怎么回事 What the hell? 开火

 朝它开火 Hit "em! Hit "em! 快跑

 快跑 Run! Run! 加里克

 你在哪里 Garrick, where are you? -它朝我来了


 加里克 - It"s on me! - Run, Garrick! 快杀了它 Come on, get it! 泰勒

 起来 Taylor, get up! 他们不行 They won"t. 泰勒

 上 Taylor! Go! 病原体做的正是我们设计好的形态 The pathogen is doing what we designed it to. 不

 该死的 No! God damn it! 威尔逊

 回答 Wilson, check in.


 回答 Zammit, check in. 泰勒... Taylor... 加西亚

 带我离开这里 Garcia, get me outta here. 收到

 距离 10 公里 Copy that. Ten klicks out. 该死的

 我看见它了 Oh, shit! I see him! 朝它射击 Light him up! 朝你去了 Incoming! 拉高

 拉高 Pull up! Pull up! 不 Oh, no! 我失去控制了 I"m losing control! 先生

 请吧 Sir, let"s go. 请下车 Out of the van, please. 这人是谁 Who the hell is this? 奥克耶先生和考德威尔博士 Mr. Okoye and Dr. Caldwell. 我是哈维·罗素探员 I am Agent Harvey Russell. 今天可够呛

 是吧 Hell of a day, huh? 科学试验品从天而降 Science experiments falling from the sky. 巨型大猩猩逃出实验室 Giant gorilla on the loose. 正好都是我们政♥府♥ Just the kind of exciting 会关心的那些事 shit we here at the government tend to notice. 乔治在哪里

 我要见他 Where"s George? I need to see him. 还有

 如果你打算把他 And if you"re thinking about putting


 那你就大错特错了 him on that plane, it"s gonna be a big mistake. 我们会没事的 I think we"ll be all right. 好了


 然后... Okay, let"s all take a breath and... 我说了我要见乔治 I said I wanna see George. 或者就给对方点颜色瞧瞧看谁更厉害 Or we can get in each other"s faces and see who"s the toughest. 兄弟

 我跟你一对一比划 Brother, I"m gonna prance myself right out on a limb, 看看有谁 and guess that no one"s 会指责你不够友善 ever accused you of being a people person. 不如你解开我的手铐

 看看到底如何 How about you take these cuffs off and find out yourself? 兄弟 Brother. 我们飞机上见 I"ll see you on board. 把他们跟猩猩放到一起 Load "em up with the ape. 真奇怪

 他怎么没把你的手铐解开呢 So weird that he didn"t take your cuffs off. -状态良好

 -好 - He"s good. - All right. 记录到表格上 Just note it in the chart. 你看见了吗 You see that? 他从灵长类实验室逃出来时受的伤 Where he cut himself breaking out of the primate department. 几乎都看不见了 There"s barely a bruise now. 非洲刺毛鼠 African spiny mouse. 非洲刺毛鼠的 DNA 让他有了极强的再生能力 Its DNA makes it capable of extreme regeneration. "戴维斯·奥克耶

 灵长类专家" "Davis Okoye, Primate Specialist." 陆军特种部队 Army Special Forces.

 你是执行了很多神秘的国际任务吗 What are you, some kind of international man of mystery? 我看到好多的"加密"


 "加密" I see a lot of "Redacted." "Redacted, redacted..." 关键的来了 Oh, here we go. 调职联♥合♥国♥反盗猎特别行动组 "Transferred to the United Nations" Special Anti-Poaching Task Force." 你得知道


 也是个动物爱好者 Well, I"ll have you know that I, myself, am also an animal lover. 别废话了

 罗素 Let"s cut the bullshit, Russell. 我说了

 把乔治送上飞机无异于自杀 I told you, having George on this airplane is suicidal. 我们给他用了非常强效的镇静剂 He"s on a very powerful sedative drip. 在我们叫醒他之前

 他都不会醒 He will not wake up until we wake him up. 先生


 以他现在的生长速率 Sir, with all due respect, at his rate of growth, 在我们落地之前 that sedative is gonna become 镇静剂就对他无效了 ineffective long before we"re back on the ground. 我们已经考虑了生长速率

 还有他的药物代谢率 We factored in his growth rate. Same as his elevated metabolism. -先生

 -还有他体内的血液的增长率 - Sir. - And the increased amount of blood in his system. 我们也许不是这个房♥间里最聪明的人 We may not be the brightest bulbs in the room, 但我们也不赖 but we"re doing all right. 更何况 Especially considering, 你还有另一个试验品 you got another one of your 正在外头兴风作浪呢 little science experiments running around out there. "另一个"是什么意思 What do you mean another one? 你不知道那头 9 米长的巨狼吗 Oh, you didn"t know about the 30-foot wolf? 先生 Oh, sir,

 你这体型庞大的大猩猩已经是旧闻了 your oversized monkey is old news. 老天 Jesus. 网上的肥宅都叫他"拉尔夫" Weirdos on the Internet are calling him "Ralph." 你为谁效忠 Who do you work for? 先生

 我为美国人♥民♥效忠 Sir, I work for the American people. 国土安♥全♥局♥

 中情局 Homeland? CIA? 正义联盟 Justice League? 我是 OGA 的 I"m OGA. 我听过这种扯淡


 对吧 I"ve heard that bullshit before. "Other Government Agency," Huh? 真聪明 It"s clever. 没错


 很聪明 Yes, sir, it is clever. 瞧

 当科学惹了麻烦 You see, when science shits the bed, 我就是在后面擦屁♥股♥的那个人 I"m the guy they call to change the sheets. 乔治会怎么样 What"s gonna happen to George? 这不是他的错 He didn"t ask for any of this. 他不该被这样对待 He sure as hell doesn"t deserve it. 不管是不是他的错

 他都很危险 Whether it is his fault or not, he is dangerous. 但有解药可以治好他 But there"s a cure for this. 她帮助研究了感染乔治的病原体 She helped engineer the pathogen that infected George. 她在能量基因公♥司♥工作 She works for Energyne. 你是说"工作过" You mean used to. "凯特·考德威尔博士"

 "Dr. Kate Caldwell.

 斯坦福大学生物化学博士 Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Stanford, 主攻保护遗传学 with a specialty in Conservation Genetics." 在 2010 年被能量基因公♥司♥聘请 Recruited by Energyne in 2010. 不到两年 Fired by Energyne, 被公♥司♥解职 a little less than two years ago. 更厉害的来了 It gets better. 原因是企图盗窃公♥司♥硬盘 Caught trying to steal company hard drives, 在格林维尔联邦惩教所 and did 13, what I"m sure were glorious months, 度过了非常愉快的 13 个月 in our beautiful Greenville Federal Correctional Institute. 从这位大个子脸上的表情判断 Well, I am guessing by the look on the big fella"s face 他是头一回知道这些 that this is all news to him. 旅途愉快 Enjoy your flight. 对了


 关于你的朋友 Oh. Mr. Okoye, about your friend. 无论如何 For what it"s worth, 我真心感到遗憾 I am truly sorry. 抱歉我骗了你 I"m sorry I lied to you. 你到底能不能治愈乔治 Can you cure George or not? 我知道能量基因公♥司♥ I know that Energyne was 当时正在研究针对病原体的抗体 working on a counter-measure to the pathogen, 能还是不能 Yes or no? 不能 No. 克莱尔

 我找到他了 Claire, I found him.

 一帮神秘部门的人昨晚 Some black ops-looking dudes loaded the gorilla, 用货机把大猩猩运走了 into a cargo plane late last night. 你知道谁和他们在一起吗 You know who that is with them? 不知道


 他没少去健身房♥ No. But clearly, he likes hitting the gym. 不

 我说的是那个女的 No. The woman. 是凯特·考德威尔 It"s Kate Caldwell. 考德威尔博士 Dr. Caldwell. 没错

 她在那干什么 Yeah. What"s she doing out there? 鉴于我们跟她之间的历史 Well, given our history with her, 她至今因为坐牢 her blaming us for putting 和她兄弟的死

 还在怪罪我们 her in prison and the death of her brother, 要我猜

 她在收集证据想扳倒我们 my best guess? Gathering evidence to screw us over. 我告诉过你

 两年前我们就该把她清理掉 I told you, we should"ve liquidated her two years ago. 克莱尔

 你没法把所有问题都清理掉 Claire, you can"t liquidate every problem you have. 我持保留意见 Agree to disagree. 克莱尔

 我说真的 Claire, I"m serious! Hey! 不敢相信我要说这话 I can"t believe I"m saying this, 但我已经根本不在乎钱了 but I don"t even care about the money anymore, okay? 我只是不想坐牢 I just don"t want to go to prison. 所以如果你有什么计划

 我非常想听听 So if you have a plan, I would love to hear it. 布雷特

 我向来有计划 Brett, I always have a plan. 如果你赋予了试验对象非凡的基因能力 If you"ve given a subject extraordinary genetic gifts,

 无限的身体潜能 and unlimited physical 加上难以想象的暴♥力♥ potential combined with unthinkable violent, 以及易发起攻击的性格

 你要怎么控制住它 and aggressive disposition, how do you control it? 我不知道

 给它镇定剂或者... I don"t know, you give it a chill pill or... 没错


 没那么难 Yes. See? That wasn"t so hard. 对 Yes! R-19


 小小一支就能停止 R-19, the chill pill. One small dose will stop 被感染的动物的生长和攻击 an infected creature"s growth and aggression. 为了将它们吸引到这里 And to draw them here, 我们还重新编译了病原体 the pathogen also genetically rewired the subject 让实验对象能响应低频无线电波 to respond to a low frequency radio wave. 我们很走运 Lucky for us, 这座建筑拥有 this building has some of 世界上最强大的无线电天线 the most powerful radio antennas in the world. 我昨晚让团队调试好了 I had our team modify this one last night. 现在我们只需要打开信♥号♥♥开关 Now, we just have to turn on the signal. 这些怪物会不顾一切地过来 And those creatures will do anything to get here 让它停下 and make it stop. 猜猜它要长成万米高会怎样 How do you think that will go over at 32,000 feet? 那猩猩会把整个世界都毁了的 That monkey will bring the whole plane down. 等巨狼到这儿

 我们先让军队对付它 And when the wolf gets here, we let the military kill it, 然后我们就收集武器化的 DNA and then we collect a sample of the weaponized DNA.

 然后我们就卖♥♥抗体赚得盆满钵满 Then we sell that shit for a mint! 南达科他州

 布莱克山 佛罗里达海岸

 墨西哥海湾 乔治

 你没事吧 George, you okay, buddy? 这下不妙 Oh, no. 快起来 Get up. Now! 警告


 警告 Caution. Caution. Caution. 对准他的身体 Aim for his body! 朝他开枪 Light him up! 后撤 Get back! 快

 到这来 Come on, come on! 系好安全带 Strap in. 612H


 求救 6-1-2-Heavy, mayday, mayday! 该死 Shit. Shit. 乔治 George. 该死 Oh, shit! 抓稳了 Hold on! 戴维斯 Davis! 快抓住 Hurry! 戴维斯 Davis! 把我甩过去 Swing me! 现在怎么办 Now what? 我们要离开这架飞机 We"re getting the hell off this plane!

 抓紧了 Hang on tight! 这简直疯了

 我们会死的 This is insane! We"re gonna die! 很有可能 Probably! 现在放手 Now go! 该死

 罗素 God damn it, Russell! 我的老天 Holy shit! 不用谢 You"re welcome! 我很抱歉

 乔治 I"m sorry, George. 尸体呢 Where"s the body? 没有尸体 There isn"t one. 他受伤了

 但他活了下来 He"s wounded but he survived. 脚印往东北方向去了 Tracks are headed northeast. 电♥话♥一点信♥号♥♥都没有 And I got zero signal. 我去找找有没有无线电可用 I"m gonna see if I can find a radi...

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