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内容摘要:谢谢你Thankyou 我找到了一首歌♥在过去一段时间拯救了我Ifoundas

 谢谢你 Thank you. 我找到了一首歌♥在过去一段时间拯救了我 I found a song that saved me through a time. 你知道音乐是怎么拯救我的吗 You know how music does that? 那段时间我正深陷于迷失和痛苦之中 I was dealing with loss, with pain, 然后我听到了这首歌♥ and I heard this song, 它叩开了我的心灵 and it blew my soul wide open. 成为了我的圣歌♥

 它拯救了我 It became my anthem. It rescued me. 后来我就一直在想

 什么样的人才能写出来 And I just kept wondering, who could write this? 他们经历了什么 What did they have to go through 才能将这礼物带给我 to be able to give this gift to me? 这是希望

 纯洁的希望 This is hope, pure hope. 这首歌♥太棒了 It"s an amazing song. 很自然而然的发生了 Just kind of happened. 歌♥词大概就花了十分钟吧

 我猜 Lyrics took about ten minutes, I guess. 作曲花的时间也差不多 Music took about the same. 巴特

 你不是用十分钟写出的这首歌♥ Bart... you didn"t write this song in ten minutes. 你花了一辈子的时间 It took a lifetime. 你怎么做到的 How"d you do this? 超乎想象 德克萨斯州


 1985 年 巴特

 巴特 Bart? Bart?! 好吧

 可怜可怜我吧 Well, mercy me, 你已经在外面待了一整天了 you been out here all day!

 我做的怎么样 How"d I do? 你做得很好

 巴特 You done good, Bart. 你做的真的很好 You done real good. 我们明天再见

 拜拜 I"ll see you tomorrow! Bye! 因为


 你知道 "Cause, for me, you know, 没有音乐


 一切都与音乐相关 without the song... it"s... it"s all about the song. -对


 你知道 - Yeah. - Doesn"t matter what band, you know. 你可能会喜欢这个乐队 You might be interested in this band. 这是我看过最棒的音乐会之一 It was one of the greatest concerts I"ve ever seen. 它太棒了 It was amazing. 你好

 亲爱的 Hey, hon. 你有什么收获 What you got there? 这是我做战士头盔 It"s a fighter helmet that I made 星球大战里的 during a big battle in space. 你确实做得很用心

 对吧 You sure worked hard on that, didn"t you? 是的 Yeah. -这是什么


 就只是垃圾 - What"s this? - It"s just... it"s just junk. 你是个梦想家


 这是好事 You"re a dreamer, Bart. That"s good. 你有没有梦想过什么 Haven"t you ever imagined anything? 我要教你些东西

 巴特 I"m gonna teach you something, Bart. 梦想不能付账单

 它没什么好处 Dreams don"t pay the bills. Nothing good comes from it. 他所做的一切 All it does...

 就是帮你逃避这一切 is keep you from all this. 逃避对现实的了解 From knowing what"s real. 你明白吗 You understand that? -明白吗


 爸爸 - Huh?! - Yes, Daddy. 既然你说那是一块垃圾 Well, you say that"s a piece of junk, 为什么不直接把它扔了呢 why don"t you just go throw it away? 去


 他会拿走的 Go, just go. He"ll take it. 没事的

 没事的 It"s okay, it"s okay. 别管闲事 Stay out of it! 跟你没关系

 这是我跟他之间的事 It"s none of your business! It"s between him and me. 得有人确保他以正确的方式被养大 Someone"s gotta make sure that he is raised up right! 闭上你的嘴

 要不然我帮你闭上 Shut your mouth! Or I"ll shut it for you! 你还要吗

 你还要吗 You want some more? You want some more? 给你


 够了没有 Here, had enough yet? Had enough yet? 醒醒


 嘘 Hey. Bart? Shh. 没关系的 It"s okay. -妈妈

 -准备好冒险了吗 - Mom? - Ready for an adventure? -现在吗


 就现在 - Now? - Yes, right now. 那里叫格洛丽塔营地 It"s called Camp Glorieta. 街上的教堂带着孩子们去那里 Church down the street takes kids there. 那是一个有意思的营地 It"s a fun camp. 我打了个电♥话♥

 他们说你可以去 I called, and they said you could go.


 你会很开心的 Come on, you"re gonna have a great time. 你会交到一些朋友

 你会留下一些回忆 You"re gonna make some friends. You"ll make some memories. 我们能就这样吗 Can we just do this? 哪样 Do what? 一直开车 Just drive. 开车和听音乐 Drive and listen. 听这首歌♥

 我和你 Listen to this music. Me and you. 就听听歌♥词 Just listen to the words. 好了

 就是这里了 Okay. This is it. 你从没见过陌生人

 对吗 You ain"t never met a stranger? Hmm? -好吧


 -对啊 - All right, I can do this. - Yeah. -行吧

 -嘿 - Geronimo. - Hey. 你知道我爱你

 对吧 You know I love you, right? 好吧 Okay. 去吧

 出去吧 Go on. Get outta here. 拜拜

 妈妈 Bye, Mom. 天哪


 我可以的 Oh, gosh. I can do this. I can do this. 营地里不能带随身听

 他们会收走的 No Walkmans at camp. They"ll take it up. 你在开玩笑吗 Are you kidding? 你好


 我是巴特 Oh, um, hi. Uh, I"m... I"m Bart. 我的朋友


 他们叫我巴特 My friends, like, they call me Bart. 我知道

 我是香农 I know. I"m Shannon. Duh!

 准备好营地生活了吗 Ready for camp? 这很安全的 It"s totally safe! 看见了吗

 很安全 See? Safe. 好吧

 除了对那个孩子来说 Well, except for that one kid. 你要来吗 You coming? 抱歉



 抱歉 Sorry, sorry. Squeeze in here. Sorry. 不好意思 Oh, sorry "bout that! 嘿


 这是肯特 Hey, Bart, this is Kent. 见到你很高兴 巴特 Nice to meet you, Bart. 你好


 这是杯子游戏 Hey, bro. This is the cup game. 我玩的不怎么好 I"m not very good at it. 营地成员们


 这里 Campers. Campers, up here! 所以对那些不认识我的人 So I"m Rusty. 我是鲁斯提 For those of you who don"t know me, 我是格林威尔巴布提斯的青年牧师 I"m the Youth Pastor at Greenville Baptist. 所以如果你没带日记本

 到这里来 So if you didn"t bring your journals, come up here. 我们为你准备了 We got one for you. 在今晚的会议中你会需要一本的 You"re gonna need it for your session tonight. 让我们共度美好的一周 Let"s have a great week. 兄弟


 我帮你拿 Bro, sit down. I got you. 所以那是本日记

 还是 So is that like a diary, or? 差不多

 但不仅仅是日记 Kinda, but there"s more to it.

 它帮我理清思路 Helps get my thoughts ordered. 祈祷


 梦想 Prayers, problems, dreams, 我脑海里的东西 stuff I imagine sometimes. 我能看看吗 can I see? 对不起


 我不知道 I"m sorry, I... I didn"t know. B-9


 我们走 B-9, you"re with me for kitchen duty, let"s do it. 好吧



 好吗 Well, that"s me. See you later, okay? 嘿


 我给你拿本子了 Hey, Bart, I got your journal. Kent Ooh! Kent! 给你

 我很抱歉 Here you go. I"m sorry. 那太完美了

 我不知道你会画画 That"s mint. I didn"t know you could draw. 你为什么穿成那样 Why"re you dressed like that? 要是你想活下去就跟我来 Come with me if you want to live! 我们溜出去 We"re sneaking out. 所以你长大后想做什么

 艺术家吗 So what do you wanna be when you grow up, an artist? 或者足球运动员

 我爸爸曾经就是 or a football player. That"s what my dad was. 事实上

 他原来很厉害 He was really good, actually. 在大学里有点出名 Kind of famous in college. 我们会为此惹上很多麻烦的 We"re gonna get in so much trouble for this. 我知道


 有一些很棒的东西 I know, right? Got some great stuff. 就像工业级

 今天一下午就都搞定了 Like industrial grade. Set it all up this afternoon. 所以你们要去那边 So you guys are gonna go over there


 明白了吗 and face in the north direction, got it? 还有

 你知道巴克会画画吗 And also, did you know Bart can draw? 所以你会画画吗 So you can draw? 可能吧

 会一点点 I guess so, a little bit. 巴特

 我很害怕你看到我日记里写的东西 Bart, I"m terrified you saw what was written in my journal. 你害怕吗

 不 Did you? No. -你


 -你在说谎 - Wh-what"re you talking about? - You"re lying. 你全都看见了

 不是吗 You saw every word, didn"t you? 可能吧 Maybe. 好吧


 你知道我在想什么吗 Well, then here goes. You know what I think? 我觉得我们有一天会相爱 I think that someday we"re gonna fall in love, 结婚

 那就是我们的命运 get married, and that"s our destiny. 现在我觉得羞愧了 And now I"m mortified. 我要下坡去帮肯特了 I"m gonna walk down this hill and help Kent. 等等等等


 留下吧 Wa-wa-wa-wait wait. Shannon, please stay. 为什么


 怕有怪兽吗 Why? Afraid of the dark? Afraid of monsters? 我只是不喜欢一个人 I just don"t like being alone. 好了


 孩子 All right, come on, kids. 巴特

 巴特 Bart, Bart! -给你


 -真贴心 - Here. It"s my favorite. - Sweet. 我想有一天成为像她一样的歌♥手 And I wanna be a singer just like her someday. 非常感谢你 Thank you so much.


 拜拜 My parents are here pick me up. Bye! 最后一站了

 该下车了 Last stop. This is you. 见到你很高兴

 巴特 It was good to meet you, Bart. 我们星期天会见面吗 Am I gonna see you on Sunday? 会

 会 Yeah. Yeah. 嘿 Hey. 妈妈

 妈妈 Momma? Momma... 妈妈呢 Where"s Momma? 她走了 She"s gone. 去哪了 Gone where? 她走了

 而且不会再回来了 She ran off. She ain"t coming back. 现在只有我们两个人了 Just you and me now. 她什么时候会回来 When will she be back? 我告诉你了

 她逃跑了 I told you, she run off. 她不要我了

 也不要你了 She don"t want me no more, and she don"t want you neither. 你做了什么 What did you do? 你在逼问我嘛

 孩子 Are you bowing up on me, boy? 你伤害了她

 对么 You hurt her, didn"t you?! 你像伤害我一样伤害了她 Hey! You hurt her like you hurt me! 什么都没有没有

 我什么也没做 Nothing! That"s what I did! 什么也没有 Nothing! 她不是因为我才离开的 She didn"t leave "cause of me.


 妈妈 I"m sorry, Mom! 我做错什么了么 What did I do?! 带上我吧


 求你了 Take me, Mom, please! 别走 Stop! 所以你再没有见过她么 So did you ever see her again? 她偶尔会跟我打电♥话♥ Uh, she"d call now and then. 我在初中的一个暑假试着跟她一起生活过 I tried to live with her once, one summer in junior high, 但是她已经陷入另一段糟糕的感情 but she was in another bad relationship. 事实上

 是更糟 Worse, actually. 我爸爸开车赶到 Um, my dad drove up 把那个家伙从楼梯扔到了他的车顶上 and threw the guy off a staircase onto the hood of his car 并且威胁他说如果他再伤害我妈妈 and threatened to kill him 就杀了他 if he ever hurt her again 然后攥住了我的手

 把我带回了家 and then grabbed me and took me home. 听起来有点儿讽刺 It"s kind of ironic. 但是就是那样 Um, that was about it. 所以你做了什么 So what did you do? 我努力去做好我爸唯一真正关心的事 I tried to get good at the only thing my dad really cared about. -你好


 亲爱的 - Hey, there.

 - Hey there, darlin". 土味情话 That"s so corny. 你让球场里的每个人都感到很别扭 You"re making everyone in the stadium feel real uncomfortable. 兄弟


 你的胡子让你看起来有 35 岁 Dude, seriously, that beard makes you look 35.



 -闭嘴 - Kent, shut up. - Shut up! 我喜欢它 I like it. 米兰达


 过来 Millard! Get over here, now. 我爱你 I love you. 我也是 I know. 天呐

 恋爱的酸臭味 It"s sour. Jeez. 必胜

 必胜 Break! Break! 再给我几秒钟 Hey. Just give me a second. 天呐

 它已经变质了 It"s sour. Jeez. 已经过期一个月了 It"s a month past its date. 我之后会做点夹心饼的 I"ll make Pop-Tarts, then. 最近我就让你做了这么点事情

 巴特 Just a few things I ask you to do around here, Bart, 就这么点事情 a few things. 我今天训练时在下场前拿到了球

 爸爸 I caught before I ran, Dad, at practice today. 马上就要得分了 Almost scored. -那发生了多少次

 -什么 - How many of them did it take? -

 What? 让你上场

 让你上了几次场 To get you down on the ground. How many"d it take? -一次


 -一次 - Just one. It"s just practice. - One? 没人能让我下场 Nobody could never bring me down. 带领整个橄榄球队

 是我存在的方式 Took the whole football team. It"s the way I live my life. 生活打击了我

 我就更狠地反击 Life hits me, I hit back harder. 我不下场


 从来都不 I don"t go down. Not then, not now, not never.

 你明白么 You understand? 得分 Break! 我从不下场 I don"t go down. 你很容易就下场了

 那是你的问题 You go down too easy. That"s your problem. 医生说什么了 What"d they say? 医生说你不能再打橄榄球了 They said you can"t play. 多长时间 For how long? 永远 Ever. 好令人失望 Well, that"s disappointing. 是啊

 令我失望 Yeah. Yeah, it is. 借过 Whoa! Hey. Sorry. 为什么是你推我

 我自己能推 Where are you driving? I should"ve drove. 这好愚蠢 This is stupid. 从高中毕业可不愚蠢 Graduating high school is not stupid. 你必须重新选一个选修来代替橄榄球 You just have to pick a new elective to replace football. -知道了

 -好 - Yeah. -

 Okay. 兄弟

 有志向成为一名女裁缝么 Oh, man, ever have aspirations of being a seamstress? 那个满员了

 它们好像都满员了 Well, that"s full, so. They"re, like, all full. 是啊

 除了 这个 Yeah. Except this one. -什么

 -合唱团 - What?

 - Glee Club. 唱得真不错 That"s really good. 亲爱的

 我想你走错教室了 Honey, I think you"ve got the wrong room.


 我无意冒犯您 I wish. No offense. 不接受

 你会唱歌♥吗 None taken. You sing? 不会 No. -表演

 -更别说了 - Act?

 - Not at all. -你跳舞么


 我得坐轮椅 - Do you dance? -

 Ma"am, I"m in a wheelchair. 拜托了

 直接把我踢出这个课堂得了 Please, just kick me out of this class. 我从不拒绝任何人

 你叫什么名字 I don"t turn anyone away. Sugar, what is your name? Bart Millard Uh, Bart Millard. -巴特·米兰达

 -是的 - "Bart Millard." -

 Yeah. 你就是我们新的助理音响师 Our new assistant technical director. 好的 All right! 我根本不知道那是什么 I don"t know what that is. 终于有件我会做的了 Now this I can do. 祝贺你

 巴特 Hey, congrats, Bart. -什么


 米兰达 - What?

 - Way to go, Millard. 干得漂亮


 你听说了没 Nice job, Bart. You haven"t heard yet? 我必须得说

 我有点儿嫉妒了 I gotta say, I"m a little jealous. 你在

 你在说什么 What"re you t... what"re you talking about? -祝贺你


 好吧 - Congratulations!

 - No, no, no, no. Okay. 音乐剧的演员表:男主角:巴特·米兰达 激动么 How excited are you? 费彻尔女士 Miss Fincher! 不是吧


 Unh-unh. No. What"re you trying to do to me? 我做不了这个

 我根本没试过 I can"t do this. I didn"t even try out. 你可以

 而且你马上就要做了 You can. And you will. 而且这没得商量了 And there"ll be no further discussion about it. 不不


 我是米兰达家的 No, no, no, no, no. Look, I"m a Millard. 你可能不知道

 米兰达家是打橄榄球的 Okay, you don"t understand. Millards play football. -米兰达家不唱歌♥


 巴特 - Millards do not sing. -

 You have a gift, Bart. 而且在我的课堂里

 你被要求发挥它 And in my class, you will be required to use it. 或者挂科

 那是你的抉择了 Or fail. It"s your choice. 看


 我甚至不能走 Look, my leg is still in a cast. I can"t even walk. 离演出还有两个月 There"s two months until the production. 你有很长时间去疗养

 请停止找借口 You have plenty of time to heal. Please stop making excuses. 我不会那么唱歌♥

 百老汇那一套 Okay, I don"t sing like that. That Broadway stuff. 我会教你的 I"ll teach you. 听我说


 我很喜欢你 Look, Miss Fincher, I like you, okay? 你看起来是个好人 You seem like a real good person. 我尊敬你

 但是这绝不可能 I respect you, but there is no way, ever, 根本不可能

 你不可能让我上台的 at all, ever that you are gonna get me on that stage. 天呐

 这不可能是他的真实嗓音 Mercy me, that can"t be his real voice. 确实是他的声音

  妈妈 Yeah, it is, Mama. 打死我都不信 Well, punch a monkey"s uncle. 先生


 这是医院的规定 Sir, you need to understand. It"s hospital policy. 你不能把我留在这


 Well, you can"t keep me here. I"m free to go. 不

 你没有 No, you"re not. 我们发现你的血常规有些问题 We saw something in your blood work 我们有点担心

 所以给你做了几项检查 that concerned us, so we ran a few tests. 我想跟你讨论一下结果 And I"d like to discuss the results with you. 你有我的电♥话♥

 你可以给我打电♥话♥ You got my number. You can call me. 我们现在就需要谈一下 We need to have this conversation now. 好吧 Okay. 我为什么昏倒了 Why did I black out? 因为严重的低血糖 Because of extremely low blood sugar. 所以你想说什么

 我有糖尿病 So you"re saying, what? I"m diabetic? 不是 No. 在你的磁共振成像中

 我们发现了问题 On your MRI, we discovered a mass. 我们认为那是肿瘤 We believe it"s cancer. 不不不

 我不可能 No. No. No, I don"t... 我们想再做几项检查 We"d like to run a few more tests 再为你制定最合适的治疗方案 and then decide on the best treatment options for you. 我不需要

 不需要你的治疗 I don"t... I don"t need your treatment. 我要回家了 I"m gonna go home. 米兰达先生 如果你拒绝了治疗 Mr. Millard, if you refuse treatment, 那将大大减少你治愈的机会 it could drastically reduce your chances. 爸爸

 怎么样了 Dad. What happened? 我挺好的


 Oh, I"m fine. I"m just fine. 好吧

 我载你回家 Okay, well, let me drive you home. 我自己能开车 I-I can make it myself. 米兰达先生

 你还好么 Mr. Millard, are you okay? 我是香农

 巴特的女朋友 I"m Shannon, Bart"s girlfriend? 你好

 香农 Oh, hello, Shannon. 巴特怎么把你这么好看的姑娘哄到手的 How"d Bart wind up with someone as pretty as you? 过奖了 Thank you. 我没事

 我会没事的 I"m fine. I"m gonna be all right. 医生有说是什么病吗 But did they say what"s wrong? 一点小意外 Uh, I just had a little incident. 低血糖导致的 I had low blood sugar. 吃晚餐的时候

 突然晕倒了 I was over at the diner, and... and I fell down. 话说我在一个演出海报上 And actually, I was looking at your name 看到你的名字了 on an advertisement for a play. 想着你不会去的 Didn"t think you"d wanna come. 你见过他唱歌♥吗

 因为我完全没有概念 Did he ever sing for you? "Cause I-I had no idea. 我完全无法想象 I had no idea at all. 他唱的很好

 真的很好 He was good. He was real good. 对不起


 我应该邀请你 I"m sorry, Dad. I should"ve invited you. 不用

 这个我们稍后再说 Oh, don"t... we"ll talk about it later, son. 我开车送你回去吧 Just let me drive you home. 不用了

 Oh, no. 陪你女朋友吧 You take care of your pretty girl there. 你要去哪儿 Where"re you going? 去剧组

 为这破事我都快迟到了 Going to the cast party. I"m not missing it for this. 打扰一下

 他得了什么病 Excuse me. I"m sorry. What"s wrong with him? 你是家属吗 Are you family? 不是 No. 那你得问他自己 Well, you need to ask him. 谢谢了 Thank you. 今天起的挺早 You"re up early. 给儿子你做了早点 Made my son breakfast. 穿这么整齐

 是要去参加葬礼吗 What"s with the getup? Going to a funeral? 不是

 去教堂 No. Just going to church, Dad. 教堂 Church. 坐下来吃点 Sit down and eat. 来


 要凉了 C"mon, sit down and eat. Getting cold. 看到这个了吗

 你看 Hey"d you see this? Did you see that? 你瞧瞧

 头版头条 Look at that. Front page. 你活像个匹诺曹牛仔 You look like a Pinocchio cowboy. 太滑稽了 It"s a good joke. 你觉得我就是个笑话

 对吗 So that"s what I am to you, a joke? 我可没说 I didn"t say that. 你自己说的

 You just said it. 不要和我吵架 Don"t put words in my mouth. 我就是想唱歌♥

 有那么好笑吗 What if I wanna sing? Why"s that so funny? 也许那是我的强项呢 I mean, maybe I"m good at it. 牧师让我今早去唱歌♥ The pastor of the church asked me to sing this morning. 这意味着什么 It"s gotta mean something. 他让你唱歌♥广播吗 He ask you to sing for a living? 这是我要说的 That"s what I"m saying. 你要找到你真正擅长的东西 You"re gonna need to find something you"re good at 你可以凭之生活 that you can actually earn a living at 因为将来的有一天你得依靠你自己 "cause you"re gonna have to support yourself on these days. 你又怎么知道了 How do you even know? 你从来没听过我唱歌♥ You"ve never even heard me sing. 那又不是我的错 Well, that"s not my fault. 我听到你的都是鬼哭狼嚎 All I hear out of you is whining and moaning. 我今早在教堂唱歌♥ Okay. I"m singing this morning at church. 10 点钟

 调幅 1080 波段 10:00 on radio AM 1080. 你来听一下吧 Why don"t you come watch me sing? 我不会去的 No, I can"t do that. 为什么不去 Why not? 那里里不适合我 No. I just don"t belong there. 为什么 Why? 我就是不想去


 I just don"t. I don"t! 不适合我 Don"t belong there. 那好 Okay. 我儿子巴特 My boy Bart"s, oh, 让我失望透顶 he"s nothin" but a big disappointment. 我就不该生他

 没他还过得更好 I wish he"d never been born. Everything"d been just fine. 一切都是因为巴特 All my problems are because of Bart. 嘿


 你继续胡扯 Hey, hey, you put words in my mouth. 我就揍你 I"m gonna put a fist in your face. 我可不小了 Yeah, I"m a little big for that, Dad. 你觉得你长大了 You think? 你以为还是小时候吗 I think those days are over. 你真想试试 Is that what you think? 来

 来嘛 Yeah! I do, yeah! 你说话放尊重点 Listen, you have to talk to me with respect. 是我给你吃给你喝 I"m the one that puts the food on the table. 是我在养家糊口

 是我没有离开 I earn the living around here, and I"m the one who stayed. 我在这可没看到你妈 I don"t see your Momma anywhere. 爸

 没人怪妈妈离开 Yeah, well, nobody blames her for leaving, Dad! 要是我

 我也会离开你 I would"ve left, too! 不说了

 吃饭 Just shut up. Just shut up and eat. -我不饿

 -把饭吃掉 - I"m not hungry. - Eat your food. 我没有胃口

 I"m not hungry! 很好 All right, then. 你还真打

 别过来 You kidding me?! Stay away from me! 我认真的

 你碰我试试 I"m serious! Don"t touch me! 我受够你了

 你这个疯子离我远点 I"m done with you! You"re crazy! Get away from me! 巴特

 你的头怎么了 Bart, what happened to your head? 都流血了 It"s bleeding. 没

 没事儿 Oh, it"s nothing, it"s fine. 你还好吗 Are you okay? -你确定

 -我没事 - Are you sure? - I"m fine 希望大家能为我的 I"m wondering if you guys could all 一个朋友祈祷 maybe pray for a friend of mine? 关于他的生活他一直在撒谎 This friend I think is lying to me about their life. 我不知道该怎么做

 因为我想要帮忙 I don"t know what to do because I wanna help, 但是他们却把我拒之门外

 我一直觉得 and they just won"t let me, and I just feel like 我越努力

 情况却越糟糕 the more I try, it just kind of gets worse and worse. 而现在我看向他们

 我只能看到虚伪 And so now when I look at them, all I see is a mask. 为他们祈祷 Pray for them. 没有人能一辈子活在谎言中 No one can live a lie forever, okay? 谢谢 Okay, thanks. 大家都知道你说的是我 Course they know you"re talking about me. 我要尴尬死了 Do you know how embarrassing that is? 我只是想让你听我说

 I was just trying to get you to listen! 你到底是怎么了 What is going on with you?! -我很好

 -才不是 - I"m fine. - You"re not fine! 是因为你父亲吗

 让我来帮你 Is it your dad? I could help. -那就让我过去

 -我不想你来我家 - Just let me come over. - I don"t want you at my house. -为什么

 -就是别来 - Why? - "Cause I just don"t. 这是哪一出 Where is this coming from? 你说呢

 也许这就是我虚伪之下的本质 I don"t know, maybe from deep inside my mask. -不是这样的

 -就是这样 - That"s not funny. - It"s kinda funny. -不要这样

 -你把我看透了 - Please, don"t do this. - You got me all figured out. 你疏远谁都可以

 但你不能这样对我 You push everyone away! Don"t add me to that list. 我爱你

 我一直爱你 I love you. I"ve always loved you! 那好

 我不曾爱过你 Yeah, well, I"ve never really loved you. 我是说我们马上就要毕业了 I mean, we"re... we"re graduating soon. 你要离开去上大学了

 我要追逐愚蠢的梦想 You"re going off to college. I"m chasing some stupid dream. -对吧

 -我从来没说过你有愚蠢的梦想 - Right? - I never said your dream was stupid. 好聚好散

 对我而言没有遗憾 I mean, this has been fun. No regrets for me, all right? 人会变的

 你懂吗 But people change, you know what I mean? 明显我们不能再在一起了 We obviously can"t get along anymore. 香农

 我决定毕业后就离开 I"m leaving, Shannon. After graduation I"m... I"m gone. 新篇章

 新旅程 不要这样

 好吗 Please don"t. 怎样 What?

 不要离开 Go. 香农

 我在这儿呆不下去 I can"t stay here, Shannon. 麦克

 人们没钱赚 You know, Mike, it"s amazing how 的时候辞职的速度让我惊讶 people quit when they don"t get paid. 我也该向钱看齐 I should try that sometime. 别忘了我们要为青年论♥坛♥ All right, look, we are opening 开幕式演出开场 for the opening act at a youth conference. 简直天方夜谭

 这么多问题 It"s impossible, that"s the whole problem. 孔子说

 行与不行 "Whether you think you can or you think you can"t, 其实是福特汽车创始人亨利·福特说的 都在一念之间 you"re right"... that"s Confucius. 我根本不知道你在说什么 I don"t even know what that means. 你在为难我这样的艺术家 And it"s offensive to me as an artist. 什么艺术家

 九十块钱一场的艺术家 An artist? We"re making 90 bucks! -好吧

 -我们三个 - Right. - Between the three of us. 我们没有主唱了

 还怎么演 We have no vocals. We got no show. 不可能演了 It"s impossible. 真正的不可能是 Yeah, well, the only impossible things 不可能本身 are the things that we call impossible. 谁说的

 亚里士多德吗 What is that? Aristotle? 不是

 这句是签饼上说的[一种有纸条的饼] No, that one"s a fortune cookie. 内森

 你说这些有什么用 Nathan, nobody understands you, man! 伙计们

 Hey, guys. 从啥时候开始

 只会夸夸其谈 You"re always so cranky, man. -从得梅因开始


 得梅因 - Yeah, since Des Moines. - Oh, Des Moines. 突然又提得梅因干什么 Why bring up Des Moines again? 哥们


 我可以唱 Hey, guys, if you guys need a singer, I"ll sing. 我还能接线 I"m, uh... I also patch cables, 布置场地 and, you know, I can run the board, 调灯光

 我还自己写歌♥ and turn the lights on, and I write songs, too. 时不时的 Kind of. Sometimes. 你叫什么 Who are you? 我加入了乐队 I joined up with the band. 身无分文 All we had was the clothes on our backs. 但拼尽全力 Took every gig we could, 不放过每个演出机会 anywhere they"d let us play. 我们都无路可退 We were all technically homeless, I guess. 为麦克的吉他振臂欢呼吧 Give it up for Mike on the guitar! 真棒 Yeah! 贝斯手内森先生

 为内森鼓掌 Mr. Nathan on the bass! Give it up for Nathan! 键盘手吉姆 Jim on the keys! -真棒


 我是巴特 - Yeah! - Yeah, and I"m Bart. 我们是灵敏 And we are Mercy... 还有鼓手罗比 And Robbie on the drums! 他是新来的

 He"s new. 谢谢你们今晚来观看演出 Thank you all for being here tonight. 你们看得开心吗 Y"all have a good time? -开心

 -好了 - Yeah!

 - Yeah 我希望你们能尽兴 I sure hope so 因为我们已经唱完了所有的歌♥ "cause that"s all the songs we got. 再唱一首 Encore! 这样吧 You know what? 结束前我给你们讲个故事吧 Let me tell you a story before we go. 那个

 因为我 Um... "cause when I was, uh... 大约十或十一岁时

 生活很艰难 ten, 11 years old, life was tough. 实际上

 是非常艰难 I mean, it... it was really tough, actually. 我需要某种慰藉

 我记得 I needed something, and I remember, I"ve... 我那时一直喜欢音乐 I"ve always loved music, you know? 我发现有些音乐

 我就是 And I found some songs that I just... 老天


 你们明白吗 man, I... I held onto, you know what I mean? 就像暴风雨中的锚

 他们帮我渡过难关 Like an anchor in a storm. And they got me through. 他们告诉我

 天父 And they told me about a Father in heaven that... 需要我 that wanted me. 天父对我的挚爱 You know, a Father that loves me so much 甚至牺牲了自己 that He died for me. 天父永远不会抛弃我 A Father that would never leave me. 我反复地听这些歌♥

 And I listened to these songs over and over 一遍又一遍

 他们给了我希望 and over and over again and... and they gave me hope. 因为我需要 "Cause I needed it. 也许今晚

 你们也需要 And maybe tonight, so do you. 跟我一起唱 Sing this with me. 《Oh Lord You"re Beautiful 》词曲作者

 Keith Green ♪ 上帝啊

 您如此美丽 ♪ ♪ Oh Lord, You"re beautiful ♪ ♪ 您的容颜是我全部所见 ♪ ♪ Your face is all I see ♪ ♪ 沐浴在您仁爱的目光中 ♪ ♪ For when your eyes are on this child ♪ ♪ 您的恩典包围着我 ♪ ♪ Your grace abounds to me ♪ ♪ 上帝啊

 请点燃那把火 ♪ ♪ Oh Lord, please light the fire ♪ ♪ 照亮世界

 一片清明 ♪ ♪ That once burned bright and clean ♪ ♪ 将最初的敬畏的微光 ♪ ♪ Replace the lamp of my first love ♪ ♪ 燃成我心中熊熊烈火♪ ♪ That burns with holy fear ♪ ♪ 上帝啊

 您如此美丽 ♪ ♪ Oh Lord, You"re beautiful ♪ ♪ 我的眼里只有您 ♪ ♪ Your face is all I see ♪ ♪ 沐浴在您仁爱的目光中 ♪ ♪ For when Your eyes are on this child ♪ ♪ 您的恩典包围着我 ♪ ♪ Your grace abounds to me ♪ 感谢你们能来


 巴特 Thanks for coming, guys. Appreciate it. Hey, Bart. -你去哪里

 -我得去见一个人 - Hey, where you headed, man? - Someone I gotta see, man. -谁

 -斯科特·布里科 - Who? - Scott Brickell. 他是肾上腺素之声乐队和其他一些乐队的经纪人 He manages Audio Adrenaline and a bunch of others.


 美国 90 年代最成功的福音摇滚乐队之一 好


 Yeah, well, why was he here? 因为过去的两年我每周给他写一封信 "Cause I wrote him a letter every week for the past two years. -我得走了

 -那个 - Gotta go. - Uh... -布里科先生

 -叫我布里克就好 - Mr. Brickell! - It"s just Brickell. 好


 行 Uh, yeah, uh-huh, okay. 我不知道你会来

 谢谢 Um, I didn"t know you were coming. Thank you. 对


 圣诞快乐 Yeah, well, I did. Merry Christmas. 我们基本上只开

 大型演唱会 Uh, you know, we mostly just play, uh, big shows, 但有时我们也会回到 you know, but sometimes we like to get back to, 这样的小场馆进行表演 you know, smaller venues like this one. -好



 -我叫巴特 - Yeah, look, Barth, uh... - Uh, it"s Bart. 对不起

 你们乐队叫什么来着 Sorry. And what"s the name of your band again? 叫怜悯我

 因为当我告诉我奶奶 It"s Mercy Me, you know, "cause when I told my memaw 我们想组建一支乐队时

 她说 that we were starting a band, she was, like, 找份正经工作吧" "Mercy me, get a real job." 然后我说"奶奶" And I was, like, "Aw, Memaw!" 然后那帮家伙问"她真的这样说吗" And then the guys were like, "Did she really say that?" 我说


 我们乐队要叫灵敏" I was, like, "Yeah, we have to name the band Mercy..." 所以我们的乐队就叫这个名字了 So that"s what we called it. 孩子

 你说了 Son, the sheer volume of words 这么一大堆话

 让人听着都累 that comes outta your mouth is... exhausting. 我认为

 你们还没准备好 You"re not ready. That"s what I think. 你有天赋


 You got talent. You got potential. 你歌♥唱得不错 You can sing, 但我认为你没找到属于你的歌♥ but I don"t think you"ve found your song, 找到你的灵魂

 你明白我的意思吗 Found your soul, you know what I"m saying? 你唱得最后一首歌♥

 很特别 Look, that last thing you did, that was... that was special. 下场演出

 你整场演出都应该唱那样的歌♥ Next gig, you should do that the whole time, the entire show. 看看那样多么适合你 See how that works for you. 但那不是我们常唱的那类歌♥ That"s not the kind of music that we sing, though. 相信我


 你们不知道 Trust me, son, you have no idea 自己唱的是哪类歌♥ what kind of music you sing. 我们自己写歌♥

 我们不翻唱别人的歌♥ We write our own music. We don"t just do covers. 那么

 写一些像那样的歌♥ Well, then write something like that, -然后再给我打电♥话♥


 等等 - and then give me a call. - No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. 你得和我们一起 You gotta go with us. 我们在得克萨斯州还有两场演出 We got two more shows in Texas. 我们的巴士上还有好多位置

 好吗 We got plenty of room on the bus, all right? 你不能改变了我们整个表演风格 You know, you can"t just change up our whole act 然后再抛弃我们

 对吧 and then abandon us, right? 我知道

 你不是那样的人 You don"t seem like that kind of person, I can tell. 我乘坐经济舱的飞机

 还坐在中间位置 I flew coach in a middle seat 租了一辆小得我甚至都坐不进去的车 to rent a car that I can"t even fit in 开了三小时才到这么个偏僻地方 to drive three hours to the middle of nowhere 来让你告诉我


 to have you tell me you want me to travel on that... 和你们一起 with you? 对 Yeah. 真有趣 That"s funny. 我得换份工作 I need to get another job. 是谁 Hello? 喂

 是香农·斯特里特吗 Yes, is this Shannon Street? 是

 你是谁 Yes. Who is this? 女士


 我们需要和你谈谈 Uh, it"s the police, ma"am. Uh, we need to speak with you. 出于你的安全考虑

 你能下楼来吗 Can you come downstairs? It"s for your own safety. 搞定那个姑娘


 加油 Get the girl, Bart! Woo-woo! -香农

 -巴特 - Shannon! - Bart! 好久不见

 你看起来挺好的 Hey. Long time no see. You look great. 大半夜的


 你来这里干嘛 It"s midnight, Bart. What are you doing here? 我们刚在这里演出 We just played a gig here. 我不清楚你是不是已经知道了

 但我们 I don"t know if you know this yet, but we... 实际上我们现在出了一张 CD we actually have a CD now 上面有我们的一些歌♥ with actual songs on it. 那种真的 CD


 这是给你的 Like a real CD. Here, that"s for you. 我们还有三场演出 We have three more shows. 你愿意和我们一起吗 What if you came with us? 我们可以去旅行

 我们可以去找肯特 We could go on the road, we could grab Kent. 出发去旅行


 Hit the road. It"d be like before. -三剑客

 -我要睡了 - Three Musketeers. - I"m going to bed. 拜托


 来冒险吧 Aw, come on, Shannon. Go on an adventure! 会很好玩的 It"ll be fun! 冒险 Adventure? -你说真的

 -对 - Really? - Yeah. 你在想什么

 像这样到这里来 What"re you thinking, coming here like this? 我不知道

 我没想太多 I don"t know. I didn"t really think about it. 我只是觉得这会很好玩 I just thought it"d be fun, you know? -就是个想法


 就这原因 - Just an idea. - That"s it? Only reason? 对 Yep. 我再也不想和你一起去冒险了 I don"t want to go on any more adventures with you. 我想让你知道 You know, I want you to know 我一直在为你祈祷 that I pray for you all the time. 真的

 我真的一直在为你祈祷 I do. I really do. 我希望你找到 And I hope that you find 你一直在找的东西

 无论那是什么 whatever it is that you"re looking for out there. 谢谢你送我的 CD Thank you for the CD. 福瑞斯特·噶木普在那里呆了一阵子 Forrest Gump"s taking his time back there. 她不来和我们一起 She will not be joining us. 真令人吃惊 Shocker. 她不是很聪明吗 Well, ain"t she the smart one? 这很好



 It"s good. Nathan, it"s real good. 我们去做吧

 我们要让他大吃一惊 Let"s do it. Let"s blow him away. 《Beautiful》怜悯我乐队 ♪ 站在世界之巅我要唱歌♥ ♪ ♪ From the top of the world I will sing ♪ ♪ 荣耀之王带给我欢乐 ♪ ♪ Of the j...

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