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 全球人口花了十万年之久 It took the earth"s population a hundred thousand years 才增长到十亿 to reach a billion people. 仅仅一百年后

 就变成了二十亿 And then just, a hundred more to reach 2 billion. 短短五十年后就再次翻倍... And only 50 years to double again... 1970 年达到四十亿 double again to four billion in 1970. 现在已经几乎达到八十亿人

 八十亿人口 We"re nearly at eight billion now. Eight billion now. 我们正在摧毁生命延续的根本 We are destroying the very means by which life is substain. 全球范围内 Every single global ill 大面♥积♥爆发的所有流行病的源头 that plagues the Earth can be traced back... 都可追溯到人类人口过多

 人类人口过多 traced back to human overpopulation... human overpopulation. 我们为什么不采取行动 What didn"t we demand any action? 我们占据土地

 制♥造♥垃圾 We clear-cut, we dump, 消耗资源

 毁灭环境 we consume, we destroy. 过去四十年里

 地球上的其它动物种群 Half the animal species on earth have vanished 已经灭绝了一半

 灭绝了一半 vanished for the last 40 years... 40 years. 可我们仍然在继续侵蚀环境 And still we keep attacking our own environment! 难道非要大难临头才能吸取教训吗 It doesn"t take a catastrophe to learn our lesson... 大难临头才能让我们觉醒吗 A catastrophe to get our attention. 改变行为最有效的办法

 就是疼痛 Nothing changes behaviour like pain. 但丁密♥码♥ 但丁密♥码♥ 也许疼痛能够拯救我们 Maybe pain can save us. 有个开关 There is a switch,

 一旦连通 if you throw it, 全世界半数人都会死 half the people on earth will die. 但如果不连

 全人类 But if you don"t, the human race 会在一百年内灭绝 will be extinct in a hundred years. 你会怎么做 What would you do? 人类是寄生在自己体内的毒瘤 Mankind is the cancer in its own body. 你对人类的感情

 能否促使你拯救人类 Do you love humanity enough to save it? 以防他们找到我 In case, they find me, 我给你留了一条路 I left you a path. 史上最难的一条路 The hardest one yet. 路的尽头就是地狱 Inferno will be at the end 你是我的应急计划 You are my contingency plan. 你是人类的最终希望 You are humanity"s final hope. 一定要将地狱释放出来 Make sure Inferno is unleashed. 寻找

 寻见 Seek and find. 追了你好远 A long road. 但你已无路可逃 But here we are. 交给我

 总好过给那帮美国人 Better me, than the Americans. 你会告诉我东西在哪里的 You"re going to want to tell me where it is. 好

 布沙尔先生 Yes, Mr. Bouchard. 我会的 I know I will. 告诉他们 Tell them,


 地狱是解药" "Humanity is the disease, Inferno is the cure." 叛徒 Traitor! 煎熬吧


 为你的罪付出代价 Suffer, you sinners. Pay for your sins. 煎熬吧


 为你的罪付出代价 Suffer, you sinners. Pay for your sins. 为你的罪付出代价 Pay for your sins. 煎熬吧


 为你的罪付出代价 Suffer, you sinners. Pay for your sins. 迷失的亡魂... Ruined lost souls... -请稍等

 -怎么回事... - One moment, please. - What is going... -怎么回事

 -布鲁克斯医生 - What is happening? - Dr. Brooks. 放弃所有希望 Abandon all hope. 所有希望 All hope. 兰登先生

 我是布鲁克斯医生 Mr. Langdon, I"m Dr. Brooks. 我帮你做几项检查

 不必担心 I"m going to do a few checks, nothing to worry about. 我把这个扔掉吧 Let"s get rid of this, shall we? 你知道今天是周几吗 Do you know what day of the week it is? 周六 Saturday. 是周一

 6 月 28 日 It"s Monday, 28th of June. 周一

 6 月 28 日 Monday, 28th of June. 你知道这里是哪里吗 Do you know where we are? 波士顿 Boston. 这里是麻省总医院 I"m at Mass General. 你记得的最后一件事是什么 And what"s the last thing you can remember?


 在校园里 I uh... I was on campus. 一切都模糊了

 什么都记不清楚 Everything is blur. It"s out of focus. 我是遇到什么事故了吗 Was I in some kind of an accident? 待会再说 We"ll get to that. 你希望我们联♥系♥一下什么人吗 Is there someone we should call for you? 不用 No. 你妻子

 家人 Your Wife? Family? 不用

 我没结婚 No. No. I"m not married. 兰登教授

 你头部受了外伤 Professor Langdon, you"re suffering from a head trauma. 似乎出现了轻微的失忆症状 You appeared to have a mild retrograde amnesia 我们做了 CT 扫描 We"ve done a CT scan, 没有发现颅内出血的迹象 there"s no evidence of intracranial bleeding. 这是好事

 说明伤情不是永久性的 Which is very reassuring. Non-terminal. 放轻松 Just try to relax. 你的神经系统运作正常 Neurologically, you seem to be fine. 大概过几天就会恢复记忆 Your memory will return over the next several days. 所以

 我们观察几天看看 So we"ll... we"ll wait and watch. 能不能帮忙关一下灯 Could you turn off the lights please. 当然 Of course. 如果头部外伤严重 If the head trauma was bad 导致了脑挫伤

 那么... enough to cause a cerebral contusion, then... 能不能

 帮忙关下灯 Can you please- Can you please turn off the lights?



 佛罗伦萨 What am I... doing... in Florence? 那是圣母百花大教堂吧

 还有维奇奥宫 That"s Il Duomo. That"s the Palazzo Vecchio, isn"t it? 是的 Yes. 我

 我怎么到这来了 How... How did I get here? 你三小时前被送进在急诊室

 头部受伤 You came to our emergency room 3 hours ago with a head wound. 是一个女人陪我来的吗 Was I... Was I with a woman? 不

 是出租车司机送你来的 No, a cab driver brought you in. 没有钱包

 没有手♥机♥或身份证件 No wallet. No phone. No ID. 那你怎么知道我的名字 How do you know my name? 我们见过 We"ve met. 在伦敦帝国理工学院 I saw your lecture at 我听过你的演讲

 后来还交谈过 Imperial College London, we spoke afterwards, 你当时对我很好 you were very nice to me. 我们见过吗 We"ve met? 抱歉

 是我疏忽了 Sorry, that"s not quite fair. 我当时九岁 I was nine at that time. 等等

 你是说九岁吗 Wait. Nine-nine years old? 当时我疯狂迷恋拼图 I was crazy about puzzles. 很喜欢你的书 And I like your books. 除了《表意文字语言的遗失》 Maybe not "Lost language of Ideograms", 但其他都很喜欢 but the others. 好吧 Okay.

 我都看过 I read them all. 你真是怪胎 A weird kid. 说对了 I was actually. 我刚才说出声了吗 Did I say that out loud? 是的 You did. 很抱歉 Very sorry. 国家宪兵队 国家宪兵队 兰登教授 Professor Langdon, 最初你会感受到剧烈的头痛 your headaches are going to be intense initially. 之后会出现恶心

 思维混沌和眩晕症状 And you can also expect nausea, confusion and dizziness. 前台刚才来的通知 That was the front desk. 警♥察♥来见你了 The police are here to see you. 见我

 为什么 Me, why? 兰登教授

 在你见他们之前 Before you talk to them, Professor Langdon, 我想告诉你一些事实 you should know the facts of your case. 你的头伤不是事故造成的 Your head wound was not caused by an accident. 而是枪伤 It was the result of a gunshot. 子弹擦过了你的头骨 A bullet grazed the top of your skull 你可能随后摔得很重 and you most likely took a bad fall 因此造成了脑震荡 which is what caused the concussion. 如果子弹偏离几厘米 If the bullet had been an inch to the side, 你可能已经死了 it could have killed you.


 快走 Come on. Come on. 这边走

 快点 This way. This way, come on. 出租车 Taxi. 快上车 Get in. 他是喝醉了吗[意语] Is he drunk or what? 什么情况[意语] What was that? 快开车[意语] Drive! 快

 继续开[意语] Drive! Drive! -发生什么事

 -不知道[意语] - What"s going on? - No idea. 会很疼 This is going to hurt. 没事的

 没事的 It"s okay. It"s okay. 罗伯特 Robert. 寻找

 寻见 Seek and find. 意大利

 佛罗伦萨 寻找

 寻见 Seek and find. 这里是我家 This is my apartment. 你还在佛罗伦萨 You"re still in Florence. 我要报♥警♥了 I"m going to call the police. 等等

 那个女警官差点杀了我们 Wait. That policewoman just tried to kill us. 好 Okay. 如果你希望的话

 可以打给美国领♥事♥馆♥ We"ll call the U.S. Consulate instead if you like. 等等


 让我缓一缓 Just... wait. Just give me... give me a minute. 让我想清楚怎么回事

 Get a hold on things. 为什么会有人冲你开枪 Why was someone shooting at you? 我不知道 I don"t know. 而且

 你进急诊室的时候 Also, when you came into ER, 嘴里一直喃喃地重复着一句话 you were mumbling something over and over. 对不起 Sorry 非

 非常对不起 Ve sorr... Ve sorry. "非常对不起" "Very sorry"? 你知道你为什么要说这句话吗 Do you have any idea why you would be saying this? -不知道

 -为什么会有人朝你开枪 - No. - Why was someone shooting at you? 你可以继续问个没完

 女士 You can keep asking me these questions, lady. 但我无法回答你 But I"m not going to know the answers! 我叫西耶娜 My name is Sienna. 真是抱歉 God, I"m so sorry. 你好 Hello. 你好 Hi. 你问了我很多问题 It"s just... you asked a lot of questions. 因为我现在觉得很不安全 Yeah, I"m feeling a tad vulnerable right now. 我跟一个可能会被人枪杀的人在一起 I"m with someone other people want to shoot at! 抱歉 I"m sorry. 问题很重要 Questions are important. 可以帮助你恢复 It will help you recover. 能不能给我来一杯...

 Can I ask you for a... cup of a... 一杯... It"s... It"s... It"s... Um. 棕色的

 很热... What is brown and it"s hot and... 人们早上喝来提神的... People drink it in the morning for energy. Uh... -茶



 另一个 - Tea. - Tea. No. The other one. -咖啡

 -就是咖啡 - Coffee. - Coffee! 能不能给我来杯咖啡 Could I have a cup of coffee? 当然 Sure. 谢谢 Thank you. 你收拾得真利索啊 You are very organized. 我喜欢把东西摆放整齐 I like things tidy. 谢谢你在医院帮我逃命 Thank you for helping me at the hospital. 你非常勇敢 That was very courageous. 只是条件反射 It"s just reflexes. 非常对不起 Very sorry. 非常 Very... 对不起 sorry. 我好像出现幻觉了 I feel I"m having visions. 是因为头部受伤 It"s the head trauma. 这段时间内你可能会有许多奇怪的想法 You won"t be able to trust your own thoughts for a while. 我看到了瘟疫隔离面具 I saw a plague mask. 就是中世纪医生们戴着的那种 It"s the kind the medieval doctors wore in... 在黑死病流行时期

 during the Black death. 你提到过这个 You said something about that. 在出租车里你一直在说话

 大多都听不清 You were talking in the cab it was mostly incoherent but... 但我听到了面具一词 But I did hear the word mask. 还有其他的吗 Anything else? 很多尸体


 火焰... The bodies, the blood and fire and... 还有地狱 and hell. 还有一个女人 And there"s a woman. 对


 她似乎... Yeah, there"s a woman, and she seemed... 寻找

 寻见 Seek and find. 她似乎非常危险 Uh. Well, seemed so dangerous. 我们得联♥系♥一下你认识的人 No, you got to have somebody we should call. 是吗

 为什么 I do? Why? 我的表...

 我戴了... My wat... Was I wearing 我到医院的时候戴表了吗 my watch when I was brought to the hospital? 没有 No. 你没有戴表 You weren"t wearing a watch. 那块表对我很重要

 是我父母送我的 It"s important to me. It was a gift from my parents. 你先去洗洗吧 Look, you should go ahead and clean up. 你原来的衣服上都是血迹 Your clothes are covered in blood 不过这里应该有你能穿的衣服 but I think I got something that might fit you. 等你穿戴好了


 好吗 Once you get dressed, we"ll call the police, okay? 不


 No. No. The Consulate. 好

 打给领♥事♥馆♥ Right. The Consulate. 咖啡 Coffee. 神童 12 岁考入伦敦国王学院 下周电♥话♥会议 航♥班♥信息 教授请问一下 出版前确认 下周电♥话♥会议 航♥班♥信息 教授请问一下 出版前确认 下周电♥话♥会议 航♥班♥信息 教授请问一下 出版前确认 下周电♥话♥会议 航♥班♥信息 教授请问一下 出版前确认 教授请问一下 出版前确认 伊格纳齐奥·布索尼

  愿你一切安好 伊格纳齐奥·布索尼

  愿你一切安好 伊格纳齐奥·布索尼

  愿你一切安好 伊格纳齐奥 Ignazio? 偷的东西已经藏好


 天堂二十五 What we stole is safely hidden, as am I. Paradie Twenty-five. 他们也开始追杀我了 Now they"re after me too. 我们偷的东西 已经藏好

 我也是 is safely hidden, as am I. "我们偷的东西" "What we stole"? 天堂

 二十五 伊格纳齐奥 Ignazio. 我把你的旧衣服放在浴室了 I"ve left your things in the bathroom. 试试这些吧

 Try these. 这是谁的衣服 Whose are they? 一个朋友的 A friend"s. 他住这里吗 Does he live here? 有时候吧 Sometimes. 原来如此 Oh. Sometimes, huh. 你真没礼貌 You"re being rude. 对不起 I"m sorry. 抱歉

 我平时不这样 I"m sorry, I"m not like this. 没看出来 You kind of are. 我在外套里找到了这个 I found this in my old jacket. 这是生化储存管 It"s a biotube. 一般用来运输危险物品的 They"re used for transporting dangerous substances. 你怎么会有这个 What are you doing with it? 不知道 I have no idea. 这是高级产品 It"s a high end unit. 政♥府♥专用 Government issue. 这个是指纹识别 It"s called thumbprint recognition. 以防丢失或被盗 Security in case it"s lost or stolen. 这种储存管只有指定的人才能打开 Tubes like this can only be opened by a specified individual. 我肯定打不开 Well, it sure hell isn"t me. -那你为什么会随身携带

 -不知道 - Then why do you have it? - I don"t know. 我去查美国领♥事♥馆♥电♥话♥

 I"m getting the number for the Consulate. 不要

 等等 No, please. Wait. 我已经等过了

 这样不对 I have waited. This isn"t right. 你怎么会有这个

 你从哪里拿的 Why do you have it? Where did you get it? 想知道它是不是我的 Look, there is a simple way 有一个很简单的办法 to find out if this thing belongs to me. 就是看看我的拇指能否打开它 Then my thumb will open it or it won"t. 打开

 你疯了吗 Open it, are you insane? 如果里面是病毒

 我打开就会释放吗 If it"s a viral agent, will it be released if I opened it? 不会 No. 不会

 还会有一个甚至多个内管 No, there"ll be an inner sleeve maybe even two. 在我联♥系♥什么官方机构之前 Before I put myself in anyone"s hands 想知道这里面是什么东西 I want to know what this thing is. 我想知道自己惹上了什么事 Uh, and what I"m involved with. 你理解的

 对吗 That makes sense, doesn"t it? 对 Yes. 那就达成共识了 So, we agree. 我去打开它 We"re opening it. 看来这东西确实是我的 Well, that explains that it is mine. 这是象牙做的滚筒印♥章♥ This is a cylinder seal made of ivory. 不 No. 这是骨头 It"s bone. 人骨

 Human. 三首食人魔鬼 Three-headed, man eating Satan. 中世纪时期黑死病流行时 A common image from the Middle Ages 经常会出现这种图案 associated with the Black Plague. 三张血盆大口象征着 The 3 gnashing mouths are symbolic of 黑死病造成的高死亡率 how effectively the plague ate through the population. 这你都知道

 却不记得咖啡叫什么 Yet you can"t remember the word for coffee. 算是跟我看到的幻象有关吧 It explains my visions, sort of. 听到了吗 Do you hear that? 这可能是法拉第指示器 This could be a Faraday pointer. 为什么要带着这个 So why-why this, huh? 这是波提切利[意大利画家]的作品 It"s Botticelli. 是他画的《地狱之图》 It"s his Map of Hell. 作为但丁的《地狱》的图解 He painted it as an illustration of Dante"s Inferno. 我年轻的时候研究过但丁 I studied Dante when I was younger. 可能是在幼儿园里吧 Probably in kindergarden. 当时有点痴迷 I was a bit obsessed. 但丁定义了现代概念上的地狱 Dante defined our modern conception of hell. 自从七百年前他定义了之后 Our vision of it hasn"t changed 我们对地狱的认知就没有改变过 since he defined it 700 years ago. 虽是波提切利画的 Botticelli drew it but... 却是但丁创造了我们熟知的地狱 Dante created hell as we know it. 这就是一直浮现在我眼前的场景

 This is what I have been seeing. 刑罚 Torment. 罪人 Sinners. 打上字母烙印 Branding with letters.. 撒谎者

 全身都是疹子 Liars, covered with rashes. 预言者

 头全部被反拧过去 Soothsayers with their heads ripped backwards. -毒蛇

 -偷窃的惩罚 - Serpents. - The punishment for thievery. 煎熬吧


 为你的罪付出代价 Suffer, you sinners. Pay for your sins. 所以你不知道你为什么有这东西 So you have no idea why you have this? 我觉得我们应该联♥系♥领♥事♥馆♥了 I think maybe we call the consulate now. 好 Right. 兰登教授 Professor Langdon? 是的

 是我 Hello, yes. Speaking. 谢天谢地你还活着

 我们一直在找你 Thank heavens you"re alive. We"ve been looking for you. 是吗 You have? 东西还在你那吗 Are you still in possession? 兰登先生

 储存管还在你那吗 Mr. Langdon, do you have the tube? -是的

 -你具体在哪里 - Yes. - Where are you located? 教授

 我们找不到你就没法帮你 Professor, we can"t help you if we can"t find you. 如果是领♥事♥馆♥

 他们是怎么知道的 If that"s the consulate, how do they know? 因为他们本来就知道 Because they know. 来电 未知号♥码 我们该怎么办

 What do we do? 告诉他们你在那边 Tell them you"re over there. -喂


 电♥话♥被挂断了 - Hello. - Professor, we were cut off. 是的

 抱歉 Yes, sorry. 你在哪里 Where are you located? 我在一家酒店

 佛罗伦萨小旅馆 I"m at a hotel, Pensione la Fiorentina. 待在房♥间里

 我们这就派人过来 Stay in your room. We"re sending someone now. 我在这等着

 39 号♥房♥ I"ll wait here, Room 39. 好了

 我们等着看他们派什么人过来 Okay. We wait and see who they send. 兰登在佛罗伦萨的一处 Langdon accessed his email 世界卫生组织 移♥动♥指挥中心 未伪装 IP 地址登录了他的邮箱账户 account from an unmasked IP address here in Florence -什么时候

 -七分钟前 - When? - 7 minutes ago. 维亚多勒罗沙路

 12 号♥3C 公♥寓♥ Via Dolorosa, Number 12, Apartment 3C. 维亚多勒罗沙路

 要多久 Via Dolorosa, how long? 十二分钟 12 minutes. 快去

 把指示器和兰登一起带回来 Go! I want that pointer back and I want Langdon. 不惜一切代价

 把他抓来 Whatever it takes, let"s get him. 快快快 Go, go, go, go, now! 看这里

 很奇怪 Look at this. This is odd. 这片区域

 这里是但丁的第八层地狱 This area here, this is Dante"s 8th level of hell. 叫做邪恶之囊

 意思是邪恶集聚是的沟渠 It"s called the Malebolge, means evil ditches. 一共有十层地狱

 There"s ten of them. 这里的字母 R

 原画里并没有 This letter "R" here, is not in the original painting. 是后加上去的 It"s been added. 这里还有一处 There"s another one. -哪里

 -字母 E - Where? - An "E". 在被恶魔鞭打的引诱者上面 On seducers whipped by demons. -还有个 C 字母在脸颊上

 -贪婪者的脸颊 - There"s a "C" on the cheek of a... - A grafter. -贪婪者

 -一个被困在沸腾沥青中的骗子 - A grafter. - A conman trapped in a pool of boiling tar. -一个 V 一个 R

 -在那里 - A "V", "R". - Ah, there. -T

 -那边还有个 A - "T". - There, there, "A". 这都是什么 What is that. 是段话

 是英语的吗 That"s text. Is that in English? 真♥相♥只能透过死亡之眼得以瞥见 The truth can be glimpsed only through the eyes of death. 佐布里斯特 Zobrist. 伯特兰德·佐布里斯特 Bertrand Zobrist. 美国亿万富翁

 一定很爽 American billionaire, that must be nice. 生物工程学家 Bioengineer 因其思想激进恶名远播 Notorious for radical views. 这就是他 Here he is. 全球人口花了十万年之久 It took the earth"s population a hundred thousand years 才增长到十亿 to reach a billion people. 仅仅一百年后

 就变成了二十亿 And then just a hundred more to reach two billion. 短短五十年后

 And only fifty years to 就再次翻倍

 于 1970 年达到四十亿 double again to four billion people in 1970. 现在已经几乎达到八十亿人 We"re nearly at eight billion now. 巴特利特举了一个烧杯实验的例子 Bartlett used the example of a beaker. 里面只有一个细菌 With a single bacterium in it. 每分钟分♥裂♥复♥制♥一次 One that divides and doubles every minute. 你在十一点将第一个细菌放入烧杯 If you placed the first bacterium into the beaker at 11 o"clock. 到了十二点它就完全装满了 And it"s completely full by 12. 什么时候烧杯才装了一半呢 At what time is the beaker still only half full? 五十九分 59. 我们正处于这一时刻 That"s what time it is for us. 四十年后

 三百二十亿人将为了生存而战斗 In 40 years, 32 billion people... will fight to survive. 败者即死 No fail. 距离午夜

 我们仅剩一分钟 We"re a minute to midnight. 全球范围内大面♥积♥爆发的 Every single global ill that plagues 所有流行病的源头都可追溯到人类人口过多 the Earth can be traced back to human overpopulation. 但有效的计划生育措施却毫无容身之地 But serious birth control measures they don"t stand a chance. 太过分了

 侵犯了我的权利 Outrageous! Violation of my rights! 侵犯隐私

 不用你教我怎么做 Invasion of my privacy! Don"t tell me what to do! 可我们仍然在继续侵蚀环境 And still we keep attacking our own environment! 在地球的历史上已经有过五次大灭绝 They have been 5 major extinctions in the earth"s history. 除非我们立即采取果决的行动 Unless we take bold immediate action 第六次就将是人类自己的灭绝

 the sixth extinction will be our own. 距离午夜

 仅剩一分钟 We"re a minute to midnight. 看起来他有大批的追随者 Looks like he"s got a lot of followers. 人口过剩 遍布全世界 Yeah, from all over the world. 他很有说服力 He is compelling. 佐布里斯特消失了两年 The 2 year disappearance 当局某些部门担心 during which some authorities feared Zobrist 可能已经设计出一种机会性病毒病原体 may have designed an opportunistic viral pathogen. 他创造了一种瘟疫 He created a plague. 但是

 为什么是但丁 But, why Dante? 为什么是这幅《地狱之图》 Why this map of hell? 这是什么谜题或者挑战吗 Is this supposed to be a puzzle or a challenge? 亦或是遗书 Or a suicide note. 他三天前自杀了 He killed himself 3 days ago. 地狱的层次 The levels. 地狱的层次被打乱了

 所以我才觉得不对劲 The levels are out of order, that"s what"s been bothering me. 地狱的层次被重新排列了 The circles of hell had been rearranged. 还是医院那女人 It"s the same woman from the hospital. 我们不能待在这

 我们也不能再相信领♥事♥馆♥ We can"t stay here. And we certainly can"t trust the Consulate. 阿谀奉承者被浸在粪坑中

 不对 Flatters are dipping in excrement, that"s not right. 如果那种瘟疫真的存在 If the plague exist, do 你知道有多少政♥府♥会想得到吗 you know how many governments would want it?


 不应该在那 Clerical profiteers, not there. -他们会不择手段

 -被打死的人也不对 - What they would do to get it. - Someone who discord dead, no. 生化武器 A biological weapon. 这些字母 The letters. 他给每种罪孽 He has assigned a letter 都标上了字母并打乱了它们的顺序 to each sin and then changed their order. 他造了个乱序字谜 He"s made an anagram. 没错

 字谜 Yes. Anagram! 我们走

 我知道另一条路 Let"s go. I know another way out. 如果你用过手♥机♥

 最好把它留在这里 If you have phoned, best leave it here. 他们可能会追踪 They might track it. 手♥机♥

 我连衣服都穿着别人的 The phone? I"m not even wearing my own clothes. 很好

 我们走 Good. Let"s go. 罗伯特·兰登

 世界卫生组织 Robert Langdon! World Health Organization! V


 O V, R, O. 我得重新排列这些字母


 密♥码♥ I got to rearrange these letters, OVER, CODE, 覆盖

 猫 Covered, Cat 天啊

 我以前很在行的 God. I used to be good at this. 寻找

 寻见 Cerca trova. 是意大利语

 意思是寻找与发现 It"s Italian. It means "Seek" and "Find". 寻找


 没错 Cerca trova. Yes! 我知道我为什么在佛罗伦萨了 I know why I am in Florence.


 待命 World Health Organization has landed, standby. 注意 Be advised. 巴黎办事处的布沙尔特工已经在现场了 Agent Bouchard, from the Paris office is already here. 世卫组织的

 汇报最新进展 W.H.O, bring me up to speed. 布沙尔现在正在上面 Bouchard is up there now. -我们去哪

 -维奇奥宫 - Where are we going? - The Palazzo Vecchio, 在波波里花♥园♥边上 near the Boboli Gardens. 没有发现他 There"s no sign of him. 布沙尔说兰登和指示器都不见了 Bouchard says Langdon is gone and so is the pointer. 我需要更好的结果 Well, I need better. 我需要你们每个人更努力一点 I need better from you, from you, from all of us. 做得更好 Better! 更有效率


 不要相信任何人 Work faster. Work smarter. Don"t trust anyone. 快去吧 Let"s do that. -还有更少的麻烦

 -没错 - Less trouble. - Yes. 消息看来过时了 The information seems to be obsolete. 跟秘♥书♥长♥一个字也别说 Do not say anything to the secretary general. -身份认证

 -瓦任莎 - Identification. - Vayentha. -继续

 -我要找教务长 - Go ahead. - I need to speak to the provost. 稍等 Hold on. 亚得里亚海 所以世卫组织比你先找到兰登先生

 瓦任莎 So, the WHO beat you to Mr. Langdon, Vayentha. 教务长会很不高兴的

 The provost isn"t going to like that. 我了解他

 他会需要现金的 I know him. He"s going to want to liquidate. 告诉他这不是柏林那次 Tell him this isn"t Berlin. 他敢轻举妄动

 我就会找到他 He tries anything and I will find him. 再次尝试

 一小时后联♥系♥ Try to reacquire and make contact in 60 minutes. 听见我说的了吗

 我不是可以随便抛弃的 Did you hear me? I am not disposable. 瓦任莎

 在政♥府♥得手之前拿到法拉第指示器 Vayentha, get the Faraday pointer before the government does. 该死 Shit. 西姆斯先生 Mr. Sims. 出了一点状况 There"s been a deviation. 真是遗憾 Sorry to hear that. -哪项行动

 -佛罗伦萨 - What operation? - Florence. 我们的新手下似乎不再听命行事 Our new players seemed to have gone off script. 太不专业了 How unprofessional. 现在世卫组织已经追上了我们的进度 And now the WHO has overtaken our position. 告诉瓦任莎

 如果她不想失去她的位置 Tell Vayentha, if she values her position 就除掉兰登 she will remove Langdon. 死不见尸 Body not found. 更好一点

 弄成抢劫意外致死 Or better yet, a mugging gone awry. 用刀


 钱包留下 A blade, I think. Cash gone, wallet remains. 迅速的鉴定一下身份然后就过去了 Let"s have a quick identification and move on. Move on, move on. 兰登教授他

 出位了 Professor Langdon is out of frame. -储存管也在他那里吗


 - And in possession of the tube? - Yes. 法拉第指示器在他身上 He has the Faraday pointer. 他是个多好的棋子啊 He was such a good frame. -瓦任莎状况如何

 -毫发无伤但是很焦急 - What is Vayentha"s condition? - Intact but anxious. 她是该急 She should be. 这位客户都把我们卷进了什么麻烦啊 What in god"s name has this client gotten us into? 不不不

 我只是设问而已 No, no, no. This is uh... rhetorical. 接收客户视频的最后期限是什么时候 When are we due to receive the client"s video? 才刚刚收到 It just arrived. 他的指示是 24 小时后上传 His instructions were to upload it in 24 hours. 我想现在就看 I want to look at it now. 但我们的客户

 佐布里斯特先生 But, the client, Mr. Zobrist. 这位客户已经死了

 我想看那个视频 The client, client, is dead. I want to see the video. 那样有违我们的规程 That"s a violation of our protocols. 我们不像政♥府♥

 我们办事不择手段 We"re not the government. We get things done. 阿博加斯特先生 Mr. Arbogast. 让我们的工作如此出色最重要的因素 Chief among the attributes that makes us so very good at our job 就是对全世界而言

 我们不存在 is that as far as the world is concerned, we don"t exist. 如果这个视频有以任何方式暗示甚至提到我们 If this video implicates or even mentions us in anyway, 为所有客户的利益着想

 我想阻止它的发布 I want to stop it"s release. For the benefit of all our clients. 只是你要求我避免违反章程办事而已 You asked me to avoid abnormalities in procedure, that"s all. 然而佐布里斯特先生与正常两字距离有多远呢 What about Mr. Zobrist has ever remotely resembled normal? -我...


 - Well, I... - Also rhetorical. 把视频拿来 Bring me the video. 马基亚维利大街 意大利


  在维奇奥宫的五百人♥大♥厅 In the Vecchio"s Hall of the Five Hundred, 有一幅著名的壁画 there"s a famous mural, 乔治奥·瓦萨里的《马西阿诺之战》 Giorgio Vasari"s Battle of Marciano. 靠近壁画的上端是一则加密消息 Near the top of the mural is a coded message 也是艺术界最有名的谜题之一 which is one the art world"s most famous puzzles. 是什么消息 And what"s the message? 寻找

 寻见 Cerca trova. 寻找与发现 Seek and find. 在医院的时候

 我一直说"对不起" At the hospital, I kept saying I was sorry. "非常对不起"

 一遍又一遍地说 Very sorry, over and over. 也许我并不是那个意思 Well, maybe that"s not what I meant. 是那个艺术家的名字

 瓦萨里 The name of the artist, Vasari. 我可能一直说的是瓦萨里[与英文"很抱歉"音近] I could have been saying Vasari. 挺好

 看来你清醒多了 That"s good. You seem clearer. -是的

 -你的中间名是什么 - I am. - What"s your middle name? 也没那么清醒 Well, I am. 是吗 Mm-hm. 佐布里斯特死了

 但如果他的瘟疫是真的 Zobrist is dead but if his plague is real... 那这幅地图就是他留下的让人找到病毒的线索 then this map is a trail he has left so someone can find it. 让谁

 Who? 与他有同样的信念的人 Well, someone who believes the same as he does. 所以才在你手上 And that"s why you have it. 我都不记得我见过佐布里斯特 Well, I don"t remember ever meeting Zobrist. 你很多事情都不记得了 There"s a lot you don"t remember. 也许是他们来找的你 Maybe they- Maybe they came to you. 想要你帮助解密 Wanted your help with the path. -就因为我教授有关但丁的课程吗

 -没错 - Because I lectured on Dante? - Exactly. 他们给你看了这支法拉第指示器 They showed you this Faraday pointer, 想要说服你认同他们的事业 tried to convince you of their cause. -大规模屠♥杀♥

 -你说你觉得他很有说服力 - Mass murder? - You said you found him compelling. 我是说他的论点 His argument! 他的慷慨陈词 His rhetoric. 而不是他的计划

 佐布里斯特是个疯子 Not his plan! Zobrist is a psychopath. 也许他们欺骗了你 Well, maybe they tricked you. 派了某个你认识的人 Sent... someone you knew. 距离午夜

 仅剩一分钟 It"s a minute to midnight. -他们是在找我们吗

 -看来是的 - Is that for us? - Logic would suggest. 该死 Damn it! 这边


 跟我来 Here, come on. Follow me. 我们穿过花♥园♥能到那儿 We could get there through the garden. 好

 维奇奥宫在这边 Okay, the- the Palazzo Vecchio is this way. 我们刚刚找出了

 We just flagged the car 她过去一小时用信♥用♥卡♥租的那辆车 charged to her credit card within the past hour. 安托万

 你跟警方说过了吗 Antoine, did you talk to the police? 有人见过我 There are people who have seen me. 请正式申请与当地警方合作 Please cooperate with local police officially. 世卫组织将会负责 W.H.O. will take charge 航拍监控对波波里花♥园♥的搜查 overseeing the search at the Boboli Gardens. 呼叫搜查犬支援 Call in the search dogs. 警♥察♥局让我来支援你们 I got called out from the police station to support you. 我需要更多人手 I need more people. 波波里花♥园♥ 收到报告

 发现嫌犯 Radio in, suspects found. 该死

 D 组

 检查北部边界 Damn it! Delta, check the north perimeter. 这下面有一个小灰门 There"s a small gray door down here. 通到瓦萨里走廊 It will take us into the Vasari corridor. 在维奇奥桥对面

 穿过走廊就能进维奇奥宫 Right across the Ponte Vecchio, and into the Palazzo. -就是那扇门


 -看见了 - That"s the door, see. - Yeah. 就现在 Now! 花♥园♥围墙是合围的吗 Is the garden completely walled? 四面都有 On all sides. 仅有的出口是在皮蒂宫

 在北面 The only exits are through the Palazzo Pitti, on the north side, 以及东西侧的旅客大门 and through the visitors gates on the east and west sides. 没有别的出路吗 No other way out?

 如果你要算上瓦萨里门的话 I suppose if you count the Vasari gate. 但那是古迹了

 都没有人知道 But it"s ancient, no one knows about that. 兰登知道 Langdon does. 教授已经成了我们的负担

 瓦任莎 The Professor has become a liability, Vayentha. 教务长下达了格杀令

 消灭兰登 The provost has issued a kill order. Eliminate Langdon. 如果失败


 听明白了吗 Fail, and you will be held accountable. Am I making myself clear? 明白

 长官 Copy that, sir. 维奇奥宫 五百人♥大♥厅 那边 There. 那就是瓦萨里的壁画

 《马西阿诺之战》 That"s the Vasari fresco, The Battle of Marciano. 那里


 你看你看 There. There. Look. Look, look, look. 那两间农舍

 正中间往上 Okay, see the 2 farmhouses, dead center up high, 再看四点钟方向 come down to it"s 4 o"clock, 有一面小绿旗 and you"ll see a small green flag. -寻找


 -没错 - Cerca trova. - Yeah. 寻找

 然后发现 Seek and find. 寻找

 发现 Seek and find. 我们寻找了

 也发现了 We sought it and we found it. 接下来呢 So, now what? 佐布里斯特往那画上加的话 The words Zobrist added to the painting. 真♥相♥只能透过死亡之眼得以瞥见 The truth can be glimpsed only through the eyes of death. 死亡之眼 Eyes of death.

 谁的眼睛 Whose"s eyes? 我被注射过什么吗 Was I given an injection? 什么时候 When? -在医院的时候


 -没有 - At the hospital, with a hypertenol? - No. 你插管了

 所有药物都是通过静脉注射的 No, you were intubated. Anything you got came through the IV. 不是在医院 Not at the hospital. 我穿着正装

 在某辆车的后座 I was fully dress. I was in the back of some car... 在过去两天的某个时间点 at some point in the last 2 days. 我被注射了什么东西 And something was injected into my bloodstream. 而且现在我有疾病的症状了 And now I"m showing signs of an illness. 如果 What if...? 如果什么 What if what? 西耶娜

 如果我就是病毒携带者呢 Sienna, what if I"m the carrier? 听着 Look. 如果你感染了病毒

 我也一定感染了 If you"ve got it then I"ve got it too. 我们接触过的所有人也感染了 And everyone we"ve come into contact with has it 他们可能都会死 and will likely die. 但如果你没有 But if you don"t, 如果他们只是给你注射了迷幻药或是什么 if--if they gave you an anotic or a hallucinogen or anything else, 我们还有一线希望

 能拯救半个世界 then we still have a chance to save half the world. 值得一试

 不是吗 It"s worth a try, isn"t it? 教授 Professor.


 你怎么这么快又回来啦 Ah, it is you. Why are you back so soon? 我完全不知道这人是谁 I have no idea who this woman is. 你穿这身我差点认不出你了

 你去逛街了 I almost didn"t recognize you in that suit. You"ve been shopping? 教授

 你撞到头了 Professor, you bumped your head. 洗澡的时候

 摔得不轻呢 In the shower, yes. It"s quite a tumble. -得疼死了

 -是的 - Ayes. - Yeah. 抱歉


 我的侄女 I"m sorry. This is Sienna, my niece. 教授你可是在意大利呢

 不必说是"侄女" You"re in Italy, Professor, you don"t...

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